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The Story of a Daddy Who Forgave My Body for Date Main ~Part XNUMX~

This is the second half of the story of the only dad who has a physical relationship with me, who is the main date daddy.

In the second part, we will introduce the hotel secret story with dad and after that.

Daddy and first hotel

Although I decided by myself, I was quite nervous about my first hotel with my dad.

"The room is …When I asked, Papa chose the most expensive room with an open-air bath, which left an impression on me.

When choosing a room for people of the same generation, I tend to choose a reasonable price... (laughs)

Finally to the room!

When I entered the room and took a break, my dad handed me 10 yen.

"I trust you, so I'll give it to you first.', but I honestly couldn't accept it.

When it receives the allowance, "bought with money” became too strong, and there was a reason that there was resistance to having a physical relationship.

"Feelings are enough!For the next date, get excited!I told him so and returned the 10 yen.

Papa said "You're a funny kid.thank you.’ and hugged my body.

After the act with Papa was over, I spent it leisurely until the last minute of break time.

Unlike the atmosphere of LINE and dating so far, Papa has an impression that he is quite relaxed.

Because of that, I was able to listen to my dad talk about his childhood and complain about his work (laughs).

It's kind of strange to be able to see the human side of a high-status man.

A slow adult relationship unlike a young man.

Because of that comfort, there is also a secret episode where I ask for my dad in the second round (laughs)

It was a strange thing that I had never felt before, which gave me the impression that it was closer to "a relationship less than a lover" rather than "papa activity".

dating after that

I got the impression that they became open to each other because they had a physical relationship.

I feel like I was able to continue my dad activities without stress because I had a relationship where I could say what I wanted to say.

It's not like there's a physical relationship every time we go on a date.Let's go today!I went to the hotel several times with such a flow.

The feeling of not being forced was also good for me.

My dad tried to give me an allowance every time I went to the hotel, but I couldn't bring myself to accept it, so I gave it back.

However, it seems that my father was really interested in it, and one day he gave me a luxury brand watch as a gift.

"If you use it carefully, it will last a lifetime!I still love the watch that was handed to me.


As I wrote in another article before, my dad has a very restrictive and jealous personality!

Although I had a physical relationship with him, I honestly felt it was tough because he wasn't my boyfriend.

I ignored my dad for a while, but every time I did, I felt depressed, so I said, "sorry….I apologize for some reason.

In the beginning, my maternal instinct was working and I looked cute, but it was at a level where it was encroaching on my private life, so I said, "Papa, if this continues, I can't!'' I said with a bang.

Then Papa said,How come you don't know how I feel! !' hysterically.

It was a force that I had never seen before, so I pulled back.

I thought that being a daddy would be a burden to me, so I decided to end my relationship with my dad.

Until now "Thank you for everything, goodbye!I should have been able to type a farewell line smoothly, but this time my dad didn't go that way.

After all, I had a physical relationship, and while I thought it was annoying, I realized that daddy's presence is important.

"Apologize to Daddy and make peaceI tried LINE with that in mind, but I haven't heard back.

It didn't come even after waiting for a few days, and it didn't even show that it had been read.

I haven't looked into it, but I guess my dad blocked me on LINE.

It was a while ago, but I still don't see it as read, so I think the LINE block is still ongoing.

The relationship with my dad ended abruptly.

At that time"I wish I could have endured...I thought, but it can't be helped if my dad refuses.

Personally, I think it would have been better if the ending was a little more beautiful.

Try Daddy Activities with a Physical Relationship

"Only lovers are allowed to have physical relationships!”, but I think it was a good experience as a result.

It may be strange to compare, but I feel that older men have better sex techniques than younger men, and that the overall physical relationship was more satisfying.

Now it's "Maybe I should have been more tolerant of dad activities that have a physical relationship?"I think.

I declined, but if you have a physical relationship, you can get a solid allowance, and if you're a girl with a high amount of money, I wonder if it's an ant to consider it as one way.I changed my mind.

Of course, there are quite a few girls like me who are resistant to it, so I do not strongly recommend it.

But at least once, I think it's an ant to try to have a physical relationship with your dad!

For girls who are going to work hard as dads, please use this as a reference (?).

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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