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[Real experience] Topics raised in conversations with dad

"I was able to get a good daddy, but I'm having trouble with the conversation...'

Are there any daddy girls who have such troubles?

This time, I would like to introduce a topic that the author, who has experienced working as a dad, had a lot of fun with.

Please use it as a reference for your dad life.

There are surprisingly many people who are worried about conversations with their dads!

They're different ages, and they don't seem to have much in common.

Moreover, as long as you get an allowance, you can't have a bad conversation, and as a girl, the hurdles are high.

Therefore, it is said that there are surprisingly few girls who are continuously earning money as a dad.

Overcoming this hurdle of conversation is an important part of starting dad activities.

Topics raised in conversations with dad

In this section, I would like to introduce a topic that was actually raised in conversation with my dad.

If you are a girl who is having a hard time talking to her dad, please use this as a reference.

XNUMX. Popularity among young children

Papas are surprisingly interested in what is popular among young children.

Usually all the dads who are in contact with people of high age and social status!

There is no way of knowing what is popular among young children.

Many successful dads tend to be curious and willing to try new things.

The girl who gives me that opportunity seems to be a valuable presence for my dad.

・ Sweets popular on SNS

・ Topics of celebrities

・Popular words

It's okay with a little thing, let's teach daddy a lot of things.

XNUMX. Social situation and economy

There are many dads who check the social situation and the economy because of their work.

But from the girl's side, "Such a difficult conversation, no interest, no knowledge...” You might think so.

In such a case "Papa, tell me!Please let me speak with ".

A knowledgeable dad should be able to make difficult stories easy to understand.

You may have some resistance at first, but as you gradually get used to it, you will be able to enjoy difficult stories.

It's worth talking to as a dad, and I'm sure you'll be rich in knowledge too!

XNUMX. Health matters

Health is a concern not only for dads, but also for older people.

However, dads don't really know what to do to be healthy.

"A fitness club called 〇〇 seems to be popular!""It seems that eating △△ is good for your diet!"Try having that kind of conversation.

It will also show that you are concerned about your father's health, and it will definitely improve your impression.

XNUMX. About fashion

Papas secretlyDandy fashion that appeals to girls” is being explored.

Sometimes I meet girls through papa activities, and I am sensitive to fashion.

If you have a conversation to support such a dad, you will definitely get excited!

"Dad, you look good in this fashion!""Would you like to go to a new fashion building called 〇〇 together?' and so on.

I recommend it because you can casually talk about fashion.

You might even get a chance to get yours while you're at Dad's clothes! ?

XNUMX. Topics to avoid in conversations with dad

Here are some topics you should avoid talking to your dad about.

Pick up topics that are especially easy for beginners who are not used to dad activities!

Let's aim for a dad life that doesn't create an awkward atmosphere.

XNUMX. Home and work

Many dads tend to have a lot of life experience.

Married and divorced repeatedly, have many children, work with many secrets...

The circumstances are beyond our imagination.

Some dads don't want to be asked about complex family and work issues.

You can understand the feeling of withering when you have a realistic conversation.

It's best to avoid these conversations unless Dad is talking to you.

Papa activities are extraordinary moments for dads.

XNUMX. Papa activities

"Do you support other girls?""How much are the other girls paid?condition is?Don't even talk about dad activities such as ".

I'm curious about other girls' daddy circumstances, but to be honest, there's nothing I can do to pry into them, and there's only an awkward atmosphere.

Also, it's best not to tell you about your dad's life.

"○○ is my first dad~!'

Even if it's a lie, I recommend telling them like this.

If it becomes known that you are spreading your hands to various dads, there is a fear that even if you have built a good relationship, they will fade away!

Enliven the conversation and lead to a long-term contract ♪

Daddy active girls who were at a dead end in conversation with daddy, did you find it helpful?

It's a high hurdle to provide an exciting conversation, not just for dads.

Let's use the topics introduced this time as a reference to shorten the distance between you and your dad.

And look for long-term relationships.

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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