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For women who do not receive many offers.Part XNUMX ~Recommendation for re-shooting~

The weather will continue to be hot and cold and unstable.

Please be careful not to catch a cold!

hello everyone.This is Tsukishima.

Well, today I would like to give advice to women who are worried about the lack of offers.

"I didn't receive an offer even though I registered."

What a story, I hear from a female friend who often registers.


That should be it

I heard the male-female ratio Male: 2 Female: 8! ! !(Sorry if it's wrong, lol) 

There are so many women!So, it's been a month since I registered, but I haven't received an offer!More than half a year!It seems that there are some people.

It seems that some celebrities and models are registered with the general public in Universe Club.

The reason why offers are hard to come to ordinary women.This gender ratio makes sense.

Therefore, I would like to talk about this theme this time as one of the possibilities to increase the number of offers.

take a reshoot

I didn't take the photos myself, so there is a high possibility that the photos used may not be acceptable.

Women can only see one picture of themselves, but I think most women thought this when they saw the picture.

"Eh, this is not! 』

More ugly than you think!

No offer for this

Some people may think so.

Just accept the pictures because they are real.

I asked for a retake several times,

This is my personal impression.

Overwhelmingly, it is better to go to the daytime for shooting! ! ! !

I've also been there after work at night,

・In the daytime, the natural light makes your skin look beautiful!


・I don't even wear makeup

・The color development of lips and cheeks is reflected beautifully

・I am not exhausted


I think this will have a big impact on photography.

Not just casually, but definitely[It is better to go to the daytime shooting on a day off]※It is an individual impression to the last! (Second time)

But after all, the offer is an image that you can get again if you reshoot.

If you took pictures at night, how about going out during the day?


Also, as I wrote in a previous column, how about lowering the tone for women with bright hair?

Many of the men who are registered are presidents, chairmen, and managers.

Rather than walking with a blonde woman, I think that walking with a woman with a slightly calmer hair color will reduce the risk for men as well.

when you meet an acquaintance"I'm a child of the company"You can also make excuses.


About the clothes for the shoot

OK, please think about it.

There is a difference between male cuteness and female cuteness.

It's as different as bread and rice.The only thing that is the same is [carbohydrates].

Women wear pants style as cute.

If you think about overwhelming men in the world, it's a skirt. (One piece available)


It seems that men are psychologically vulnerable to women's swings.

ponytail hair.

Earrings that sway in the wind.

swinging skirt.

As a result of adding various things, the answer that Tsukishima came up with is straightforward

[Weather girl clothes]



A woman who wants to wear cute clothes.

A woman who wants to wear cool and sophisticated clothes.

Women who want to wear unique clothes,

There may be others.


Umako also has a costume! ! !When in town, follow the town! ! ! ! !

Please be patient.Papa-katsu is not a game between friends.

Not too flashy, not too plain, girly clothes that are popular with the general public are weather sisters!

If you don't have it, why don't you buy it? ?


What did you think?

Women who don't get offers or women who don't have many offers, please try it once!

This time, I wrote on the theme of reshoots, but next time I will write about different methods for women who have few offers or who do not come.

I would be happy if you could see it.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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