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Criteria for choosing my daddy

Hello, I'm Bell! (*´∀`*)♫

Today, I would like to write about my criteria for choosing a daddy.

I think everyone has different standards, so I hope I can be of some help (´∀`=)


To a certain extent, I think it is important to create a boundary line within yourself, saying "so far".

"I won't do it any more".


1. don't hold back

It depends on the person, but men's requests often escalate.

Most women endure it because they want to suck the sweet honey, or they endure it by making excuses to themselves that it is "only this time".

If you accept a request once, it will become a matter of course from a man's point of view, and it won't feel very good if you reject it in the middle.

There is a high possibility that you will be cut off if you do not continue.


For example, let's say you were asked to rent a room.Papa pays the rent, of course.

I think that the rent floating will be very helpful.

Isn't it the number 1 of living expenses?

But if you OK it

Of course, Papa will come and go as he pleases, and I think he will often stay over.


I would be suffocated, feel free, and it would be impossible.

But I'm sure there are people who are the opposite of me and are okay with it.

I think it would be nice if someone could turn the switch on and off and control their emotions well.

I don't mind because someone could enter my room or be wiretapped while I'm not at home.

Of course, if you have a boyfriend, you probably won't be able to invite him to your house, and you don't want to worry about when he'll find out.


Especially in that situation, if you don't pay the rent, you have to move out, so it's easy to see your feet.

I don't recommend that you be in a very difficult situation without that person (>人<;)

Before you know it, you'll endure it, and you'll get tired of being pressured to not get cut.

"Lucky if you have".This much is the best.

I am determined not to hold back.

It's not my job, so I've decided that I'll never endure it when I'm a dad.


Among them, there are some gentlemen who negotiate to reduce the transportation fee once fixed.

Don't be patient at times like that, let's lecture properly! !


XNUMX. Take the initiative

And don't let your opponent take the lead.

I'm tired today, so I don't feel like an adult, but I made a promise...

Women should be able to control the frequency of meeting and the frequency of adults.

To be honest, dads who don't understand that should think about it as a sub.

I used to have a dad who I used to be good friends with for about half a year, but the day we made promises as adults turned out to be girl's day.

When I told him that he could not reach adulthood, he became angry and deflated.

I can't control Girls' Day, and I can't help it, but I wonder what it's like as a person...

I thought.Even though it will cost money, I don't want to have an adult relationship with such a person,

cut from me

"If you've been in a relationship for a long time, this kind of thing will come again, because you can't control it.

It would be a pain if I got in a bad mood at that time. "

I ended up sending a message like this (laughs)


I understand that money comes first and adults come first, but I don't want people who don't have compassion as people, and I don't want to get involved ( ̄  ̄)

This is because when you are with such a person, your sense of values ​​will gradually apply to them and it will become normal.


3. Efforts to make the other person fall in love with you

It's very easy to control when the other person is addicted to you.

I don't do daddy activities with other people, and they spend a lot of time and money on me, so it's important how I can get them hooked (*´꒳`*)

It's similar to the above "initiative", but to make it easier to control, let's read what the other party wants.

"I thought it would be nice to have a casual relationship, but before I knew it, I was hooked."

If you let Papa feel this way, he won't be able to leave you.

There are many dads who want to communicate with their hearts.
First of all, let's convey what you want to communicate to some extent with words. (Even if you don't want to send them (laughs))

"I'm not a boyfriend or girlfriend because I'm not interested in romance, but I want to know you to some extent, I want to understand you, and I want to communicate with you."

How about saying something like that?
I don't think there is any gentleman who feels bad.


Words are free (lol) Let's use a lot of words that make you feel good! !
However, it is forbidden to abuse it to the point where you can't remember what you said (`・∀・´)


1. don't hold back

2. Take control

3. Is the other person addicted to you, or make an effort to be addicted


I pray that everyone will be able to have a wonderful dad (^_−)−☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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