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Things women should not forget to do as a dad


Is there anything you've forgotten about being a daddy woman?

Recently, I've been getting a lot of criticism from people around me, so I'd like to be able to share information in a place like this where people who are active as dads can share information.

Do you know what kind of women in the world say about papa-katsu?I am not in the position of being unemployed.

Did you know that you are now in the position of a freelancer (individual business owner)?Surprisingly, there are many people who do not know this, and there are quite a lot of people who recognize that dad activities are not one of the occupations.

This is really bad if you don't pay attention to it.

do you know why?This is due to tax liability.

It may be said that this part is the most troublesome in dad life.

There are many women in the world who have normal daytime jobs and are living as fathers, and there are many women who are completely unemployed and live solely on fatherhood.

That's why I know many people who pursue their dreams, such as performing arts, and earn 10 to 20 yen a year, even though it's not a high income, and make a living by doing daddy activities on top of that. .

However, I learned that surprisingly many people were "lack of awareness" in it.

It is misunderstood that the money earned by Papa Katsu is "not taxable".

This is a very dangerous thing, and it's an important thing that everyone around you should know.

So what's the danger?

I think that the amount of money you get from being a dad will amount to a considerable amount even in a year.

If you're a dad, I think you'll understand, but I don't think it's 100 million a year.

Basically, I think the majority of people exceed at least that.

For example, if there is a person who works during the day on top of this, I think it will be more than 300 million. (Based on the minimum wage in Tokyo.)

Then, I leave everything to the company about my daytime occupation.

And I don't know because I get paid every month with tax and insurance deducted.

This is not true.

As I said earlier, dad activity is considered a profession, so it is calculated by adding it to the salary of the original daytime occupation.

So, if you earn 100 million a year as a dad and earn 300 million in a daytime occupation, you have to calculate your tax payment at 400 million.

Some women don't want to reveal that they are working as a dad during the daytime.

I'm sure there are many people like that, but it's all about Japanese law, so I can't avoid it.

Simply put, if you find out, you may be contacted by the National Tax Agency or suddenly rushed to your home.

Of course, additional taxation can be a sham.

Eh, is being a dad considered a job?Did you have to pay taxes?Isn't the allowance from Papa a waste?Many women probably didn't know that.

In fact, I think that the case where additional taxation is being collected this year is also in the news. (Don't underestimate the Japanese National Tax Agency)

In particular, those who work normally should be really careful.

There are many companies that prohibit having a separate job in the daytime occupation.

For that reason, when the National Tax Bureau enters, there is a possibility that he will be dismissed from his original occupation.

Certainly, as a company, even if you give up 100 steps to have another job and overlook it, you can't overlook tax evasion.

So, is there any way to do something well as a dad?

I want to tell you my theory or how to do it.

In my case, I file a separate tax return as a freelancer for Papa Katsu.

What is this?

For example, let's say you have a salary that you originally received.

I think it's a tax return at the company, so there's no problem.

The biggest problem is what to do with the money you get from dad life?The part.

It should be declared as a separate business.

To put it simply, let's say you earned 500 million a year as a dad.

So, all you have to do is go to the National Taxation Bureau (established in each municipality) with the exact amount you earned and file your tax return yourself.

Of course, if there is an amount of money earned elsewhere, there is a column on the form to fill in if you talk to the National Taxation Bureau on the spot.

However, it is hard to imagine that a woman who basically works as a dad will become a corporation. (In the case of a corporation, corporate tax etc. is also troublesome in its own way)

Therefore, it becomes a “frame without notification” as a sole proprietor rather than a corporation.

Separately, if you fill in the details exactly as instructed by the National Taxation Bureau staff, and pay your taxes properly, the National Taxation Bureau will never criticize you as described above.

In my case, I'm doing some freelance work that hasn't been submitted.

So, when filing a final tax return at the National Taxation Bureau, it is added to the annual income, and the tax amount is calculated from there.

Of course, in the entry column, how much do you pay for National Health Insurance every year?There is a column to write such as, so if you are paying insurance premiums at your company, you need to know the amount separately. (I think it's on your payslip.)

The more income you earn from being a dad, the higher your tax bill, the higher your national health insurance premiums, and if you live in Tokyo, your ward tax will change.

There are ways to save taxes if you are a freelancer

Although I do not recommend this, freelancers have various ways to reduce the tax amount.

That's the cost frame.

This is a good part to ask the National Taxation Bureau, but depending on the freelance industry, there is a frame for costume expenses, entertainment expenses, communication expenses, and transportation expenses.

This is so-called, depending on the job, you have to buy clothes and work (many are entertainment-related), you pay for meals at work, or you have to use the internet at work. There are many.

There is a separate column for these, and since they can be deducted as expenses, it is determined by national law that they can be deducted from income.

It is a good idea to calculate these in advance for the year before filing a firm tax return. (It can be a lot of money)

There are quite a few things that you need to know to some extent because of the position of the work you do as a business owner.

Here, it is better to know once before doing papa katsu.

Otherwise, one day the National Tax Agency may suddenly come and order you to collect additional tax on an amount you can't pay.

If you can't pay, you will be caught as a normal tax evasion.

If you want to enrich your life by doing dad activities, you shouldn't want anyone to get in the way.

Therefore, it is better to keep the knowledge around here firmly in mind.

Now I think that the basic bank account is managed by the country with my number card etc., so tax evasion will not be overlooked.

In particular, women who work during the day and who earn additional income by working as dads should be careful.

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