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What you get from being a dad Vol.3


How to tell people

When you're working as a dad, it's hard to get along with people of your own generation.

When I first started working as a dad, I had very lighthearted interactions with my dad, and I thought that was the way to go.

This is still the case today, but all fathers basically care about women.

I'm sure the father thinks it's easier for the woman to open up to him and be pampered.

In particular, my father, who has a generous heart, has an unusual way of pampering me.

Therefore, I think it will be an environment where any woman can basically open up and talk about anything.

However, what we must not forget here is the position of women.

We are in a position to receive allowances from our father.

In other words, if I don't repay my father in some way, it's no longer a business.

I've experienced this before as well.

Dad is basically a kind older man.

And he will take care of you and pamper you.

Now comes the important part.

This is a problem that surprisingly many women fall into.

Maybe it's because I'm more relaxed, but I tend to feel the same way when I'm on a date with someone my age in private.

Of course, my dad is generous and kind, so that's fine, right?That's what they say.

But, from my experience, it's only after we've been dating for about 3 to 6 months that my dad accepts me so well.

Dad is also human.

So, of course, there are times when I'm in a bad mood.

And there are times when I want to be pampered by women, and times when I want them to take care of me.

If you've been together for a long time, it's only natural.

In such a situation, what do you think if you say something to a much older man using dirty or dirty language? Don't you think, ``There's no reason for you to talk to me like that''?I'm sure this word may never actually be said directly from a man to a woman in a dad-hunt.

But deep down, I think that's what I think.

Actually, I've done this many times in the past.

The person in question had noticed that his father was in a bad mood from time to time, but what was the cause?I didn't understand it at all, and I didn't even try to understand it.

So, I just kept looking at my dad and thinking, ``Today is a bad day.''

But a problem arose here.

One day, when I went on a sleepover date with my dad, he told me this.

"Do you always talk to older people like that? I thought it was about time you said something. At first, I didn't really care. I thought you were nervous. , I think it's good to have the same age sense to say that as an opening to open things up.However, things have escalated gradually and recently, even when I tell him something, he sometimes uses a lot of rude words, which makes my dad a little worried. Yo?” was what he said.

I answered my dad like this.

I said, ``I'm sorry. I thought we were opening up and talked about it in a private way.When I use ``Tame'', it's when I feel at ease.'' I made a pretty lame excuse.

Honestly, I thought about it a lot.

What am I doing?

I'm sure he may have gotten tired of being a dad at some point, and I don't think it felt like work.

But I felt lucky in a way.

Because that dad said it out loud.

The other dads I dated never said anything like that, and it never even came up.

Thinking about it now, I think that the average contract period was quite short, so I guess they didn't like my words and actions.

From there, I started to be more careful about how I communicated with my father, or even older people.

If I hadn't been active as a dad, I probably wouldn't have had this thought process, and I feel like the act of being considerate itself was an opportunity for me to reevaluate myself.

Later, I talked to my dad again, apologizing for the warning, but the rift was deeper than I expected.

We made up on the spot, but when we met a week later, we both felt strange, and the contract was canceled from there.

I informed them that the contract would be cancelled.

There was a part where I apologized because I felt it would be difficult for my dad to tell me.

I shudder to think that if I hadn't been active as a father, I would have always been the person who speaks to everyone in Japanese.

listen to the other person first

When you are working as a father, you will have the opportunity to have conversations about various topics with your father.

So, I think this depends on each woman's personality, but are there any types of people who say what they want to say without pause?Then, when I finish speaking, I end the conversation with a sense of forced termination.

Actually, I used to be that type too. (embarrassing)

So, even when I'm having a conversation with my dad, I only say what I want to say, and when he starts talking, I don't listen at all, and I feel like the conversation is over when I'm done. I didn't care what my dad said.

That's really rude.

However, some of the women who are active as fathers are probably the same type as me in the past. (Even now, she sometimes hears stories like that from her dad.)

That really didn't work, and it all started when my dad said to me, ``You're not interested in my stories at all, are you?'' while I was working as a dad.

After that, Dad stopped talking about himself.

I feel like that would happen to anyone.

Somehow, a switch must have been turned on somewhere.

So I think the conversation was one-sided.

Certainly, I have memories of people of my generation saying things like that to me from a long time ago.

But I think it was because I didn't really listen to what my peers said to me, or I didn't really care.

However, through working as a dad, I have now been able to overcome this problem, and I have learned to listen carefully to what others have to say first.

Communication skills that cannot be learned at school.

I was able to master this skill through my dad activities, and now no dad has ever pointed out the same mistake I made in the past (not listening to others).

By the way, I've been working with my dad for about two years since then, and he was the one who made me realize this, and when he saw me listening to my story afterwards, he complimented me and said, ``You've become more attractive as a woman.''

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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