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The offer is determined by one photo! ?

Passed the interview and successfully registered with the dating club!

The staff will create your page to start a dad activity that will change your future.

By the way, what do you think is the most important part of your page?

dating type?

wrong.This is a photo.

At Universe Club, out of thousands of men registered women,

Click on that woman's page
→Check profile
→ offer
This is the flow.

Therefore, nothing will start unless a man clicks on his page first.

Then, what is the judgment material that makes you say "Ah! This child is good"?

That's right, it's a photo.

"How to charm" taught by staff who have stood on stage as dancers

Before I started working at the Universe Club, I had many years of experience as a dancer.

Dance fascinates people with its balance of stillness and movement.

With the knowledge of the "quiet" part, I will write the secret to taking photos that attract men.

And before that, let me just say one thing.

Trust the photographer! !


Photographers are not limited to female staff.

Male staff may also be in charge.

I think it's normal to think, "Oh, that's embarrassing...".

However, the staff will do their best to take pictures that bring out your charm to the fullest.

In order to take a photo that is unique to you and a miraculous photo, you may give difficult posing instructions or make strange requests.

"I don't like this pose", "Why are you doing this?"

Posture is the basis

The first thing to consider is your posture.

Just being stooped gives a dark and slovenly impression.

Be conscious of your good posture even when you're filming!

how to have good posture

  1. Rotate your shoulders backward halfway
  2. Bring your shoulder blades together and keep them conscious of being pulled diagonally by a string.
  3. chin pull
  4. Exhale and pull your belly in
  5. Apply force with the image of shrinking the hole in the buttocks.

Be aware of the S-shaped line

Draw a feminine S shape when photographed from the side.Her chest is in the front and her butt is in the back.In order to show this line, you should shoot with clothes that fit your body.

Leave a gap between your arms and hips

Don't let your arms touch your upper body!This alone makes the constriction stand out.

Be aware of the parts you want to appeal

This varies from person to person, but for example, if you have long legs, cross your legs and stand, if you have a large bust, casually bring your legs closer together or lean forward, if you have a large buttocks, be aware of the upward movement. Like sticking out your butt.

don't forget to smile

Photos of natural smiles attract people.

(The theme and direction of the photo will change depending on the character, but basically a smile is important!)

It's natural that you can't smile well or smile when you're unfamiliar with shooting.

At times like that, the photographer will talk to you to make you feel relaxed, so if you forget the camera and start talking normally, you will be able to take pictures with a natural smile.

If you've read this far, you're thinking, "No, I finished the photo shoot at the time of the interview, so it's too late!"

fine!At Universe Club, we do reshoots once every six months.

If you have already finished shooting, at the next shooting.

If you are going to be interviewed from now on, do image training when the camera is pointed at you.

Please try it!

One photo may open up your future.

Saki Imai

Joined in 2017 and works as a coordinator for the Tokyo store. I will be on maternity leave in 2022. Returned in 2023 and assigned to the PATOLO business department.We are striving to provide everyone in the world with a matching platform packed with the best parts of dating clubs and daddy apps!

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