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Dad life and economy

It's been too cold here in Tokyo lately.

The temperature does not rise to the extent that it can be said at all.

And the only thing that goes up is the daily utility bills and prices.

How much is your monthly electricity bill?I live alone, and the size is about 2LDK.

It's not a very large room, and I don't remember using that much electricity.

The main thing is to turn on the heating with the air conditioner at night, but I don't remember using it that much other than that.

That said, it costs extra electricity to turn it on and off, so I set the basic temperature to 20 degrees and keep it on.

Then, I was surprised to see the electricity bill for this month and last month.

The average for the past two months is less than 3 yen.

Also, it's not an all-electric house.

By the way, the electricity bill at this time is usually about 14000 yen even if you use it in the same way.

I was surprised to see the gas bill.

Normally, it's about 6 yen, but the average for the past two months has exceeded XNUMX.

If I'm not a daddy, I'm definitely starving to death.

How do normal OL girls live?I suddenly thought.

My house costs more than XNUMX yen for utilities alone, including water bills.

If you include mobile phone and Internet bills, it will be close to 8.

And once you pay the rent... you can't do it anymore.

If I live in an apartment that costs 8 yen, it would be 16 yen including utility bills, the internet, and a mobile phone, right?

Normally, you can't save money and you can't live?This amount does not include food and transportation expenses.

In particular, it is unexpectedly difficult to find a self-locking apartment for 8 or less in Tokyo.

If you move away from the city center, transportation costs will be high, and there are quite a few places where the full amount is not paid depending on the company.

It's impossible to go out drinking with your friends if you're a normal OL earner.

How do you really live?I want to ask

In particular, once you reach a certain age, you won't be able to say that you're buying something from someone, and on the day you say that, you won't be invited, and you're likely to get stabbed in the back.

Because the grudges and swearing between women are more than men.

Recently, is it because of the economic downturn that matching apps are popular?and I'm watching.

So-called women can't be independent, and they can't eat with their current workplace salary.

So I have to rely on someone.

That said, I can't talk to my friends who live nearby, even if my mouth is torn.

Because it will be recognized as a shame if you are reasonably old.

Besides, I don't want to bother my acquaintances and family around me, and I don't want them to worry strangely.

What about single women?Can I make a lover too?I wonder if it's a judgment?I think

On the other hand, I don't want my intentions to be known in my neighborhood, so I want to make a boyfriend in an area I don't know at all.

So it's a matching app.

If it's this flow, I'm strangely convinced.

If you ask me, I don't think there are almost any women who seriously love each other and want to get married on the dating app.

My guess is that you are running into a matching app because your current life is tough or you want to avoid it somehow.I can see it.

As an extension of that, I thought that I would get a boyfriend, become financially and mentally stable, feel comfortable, and be unable to get out of it, and that would be the goal. . .

In today's economic environment, I don't think it would be surprising.

Really, if there is love, the birth rate will increase even in Japan, and I don't think there will be a situation where the population decreases.

Of course, I think there are many other problems, such as wages not rising.

But what about watching overseas?Don't you feelIf you look at Africa, where there are many poor people, there are many children.

Really, if you marry with love, you should want to leave descendants ~. (Especially as a woman's opinion)

Today's generation Z is said to have no greed.

No, I don't think so.

In the first place, if a country expresses its greed, it is said to be a luxury, and if it does not express its greed, the media fills that gap.

Somehow, no matter which one you reply to, you'll get hit, right?Would you like toIn the first place, young children should be interested in various things.

However, since I don't have money, I have the impression that I'm cut off at the stage where I'm interested, even before my hobbies.

Too pathetic if you ask me.

I can only speak from a woman's point of view, and when I come up with ideas, I can only think of them for women on the women's side.

To be clear, it's a dad life, right?This almost solves it.

Honestly, I feel like the demand for dad life is increasing every year.

In particular, the impression that the ratio of women and men was not very proportional until now.

Depending on the period, there are many men, and women can't find good men.

However, I have a great balance now, so I can get a nice man introduced at the dating club right away, and if I want to increase the number of dads, that's possible.

A girl I know has a dad in both Tokyo and Osaka.

That's why I travel to rural areas from time to time.

Certainly, it might be convenient to make a daddy in the region.

In the city, there's no such thing as bumping into something, and if you live in a rural area, the chances of earning that amount are high.

Now, even if I have a daytime job, my life is getting tougher. (especially women)

With this, even if the number of suicides increases, is there nothing we can do about it?In fact, most of the suicides seem to be young women. (I saw it in some news)

I think most people think it's a money issue.

So, mentally shaved and own life...

Absolutely not?I would waste my life for that kind of money.

Papa katsu really solves money problems.

Mental, there are a lot of stable kids who are daddy.

I am one of them. (I used to have depression, too.)

From now on, I feel that the economy in Japan will get worse and worse.

For when that happens, why don't you try being a dad once?It will be too late to start after getting sick, and it will be even more difficult to start after making debts.

Don't believe the media that spreads negative daddy information.

That's because it's mostly lies.

Try it and you'll know.

However, if you are going to be a dad, be sure to go through the dating club, including safety.

You should be able to consult with me about various things.

And Papa Katsu should give you some hope.

Like I had hope.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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