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Surprisingly active woman with daddy


Papa life doesn't need to be set up so much

Recently, the number of women who say they want to work as a dad has increased.

Originally, many of my good friends are doing daddy activities, but lately, I've been getting a lot of inquiries about "I want to start now."

To be honest, I am neither a Papa-Katsu critic nor a Papa-Katsu producer.

So the advice I give my kids to always want to start fresh is fixed.

"Basically, anyone can do it?"

Is this answer wrong?My theory is that if I can do it, anyone can.

I've always had a personality where the same thing doesn't last long.

That's why there were many times when I immediately found something I didn't like at work and left the company because of that.

Also, I didn't have the attitude of "learning something" at work.

That's how many years I've been working as a dad.

So, if you ask me, I'm thinking, "Anyone can do it?"

Even for someone like me, who is suitable and doesn't last long, he unexpectedly comes to talk to me about dad activities.

So, recently a lot of people ask me, can I still be a dad?That's the consultation.

If you ask me, I think you're too prepared before you start, but it can't be helped if it's your first time.

Certainly, I think there are unknown places for women who don't know dad activities.

After all, I know the information that comes out on the net, and most of it is just my imagination.

Many times I have seen articles that are very different from the actual site, and from the point of view of people who are actually doing it, I sometimes wonder, "Is it reliable?"

Of course, there are many articles written in a very real way.

However, it is difficult for a woman who has never been a daddy to make a judgment.

Therefore, although it is my personal feeling, I would like to touch on the topic of "Surprisingly, such a child is suitable for dad life".

A quiet child is unexpectedly a point of daddy

Papa katsu seems to have a flashy image even from the perspective of women.

Flashy is about appearance and behavior.

To put it plainly, gals go to clubs, right?You seem to use Gal language very well, don't you?A nuance.

Judgment based only on appearance and atmosphere.

However, when I actually talk to gyaru, some of them have never been to a club, and when I talk to them, they speak amazing standard Japanese.

It's called a gap.

It's the same with dad life, and it's easy to have an image that certainly shines.

Would you like to wear nice clothes and have a fancy meal around Minato Ward?Certainly there are women like that.

However, it is a great misinformation to say that it is the majority.

Daddy-life woman who seems to be shiny is quite a country person if you ask us.

Daddy active girls in the city are pretty plain.

The reason is because I know that if I act and dress like that, I won't be able to meet a nice dad.

As far as I have seen, basic dads tend to prefer "modest women".

That's why I'm not so serious about women who don't feel even a shred of humility.

I think that women who are active as dads will probably understand, but I think that most women who are active as dads who are showing off with branded items are not accompanied by dads who are likely to last very long.

In general, I think you feel a sense of distance between you and your dad.

Occasionally, I witness it in the hotel lobby, but I feel that way when I see it in the outfield, so I feel like women who don't know daddy activities feel it more.

Of course, I am not saying that all the women who are dads and dress up flashy.

However, as far as I've seen, I don't see many women with long-lasting dads.

People around me said the same thing, so it might be credible.

So what about women who aren't shiny?

So-called plain child.

Of course, it doesn't mean that you're sober like a hikikomori who doesn't wear makeup.

For example, I have a plain personality, I like fashion, I wear makeup, but I'm not good at communicating with people, or I like watching TV alone at home on weekends.

That's what it means.

Somehow, the child who interacts with men does not look like a "professional".

I have the impression that this kind of child is quite popular with dad.

For example, a child who can't say what he wants to say clearly and gets a little teary-eyed.

That's why there are people around me who go out of their way to act because they know that kind of girl is popular.

If there is a child with a plain personality, it is better to immediately act as a dad.

That's how good dad life is.

Are you okay with not being able to come up with a lot of topics in conversation?

I think it's a so-called listener.

Certainly, some dads are good at listening.

There are a lot of dads like this, and my contracted dads have a lot of patterns of listeners to be honest.

That's why even if you can make a contract with your dad, are you worried that there will be a "silent space" and "a strange atmosphere will flow?"I imagined.

In my mind, I think that papa katsu is a service industry.

So, why don't you take care of your opponent in the service industry?That's what I think.

However, isn't the poor talker suitable for dad activities?I can't answer "YES" clearly when asked.

The reason is that there are a lot of dads who don't like flirtatious women.

When I'm with a woman, some dads want to take it easy and enjoy themselves.

That's why there are a lot of dads who like the old-fashioned feminine image (a style where women follow behind).

I'm a great talker, so I'm the complete opposite of women who are bad at talking.

Therefore, it is difficult to understand it.

But my dad used to tell me that.

"Get in the habit of listening to people once in a while."

At that time, I had an idea.

Ah, service is more than just talking and entertaining.

I have a past where I made my opponent feel bad by making selfish judgments without looking closely at them.

Therefore, if I had chosen not to speak, it is possible that I would have gotten along with that man.

The contract with the man was canceled after about two months.

That's why it's too early to give up on being a dad just because you're bad at talking or plain.

It's good to start in the sense of trying yourself once, isn't it?If you want to try being a dad.

i think so.

There is a possibility that I will wake up and think, "Is there a job that needs me so much?"

By the way, that's me.

It is a good idea to contact the dating club once.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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