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This Halloween, I will also earn money through dad activities.


All events benefit women who are active fathers.

To all the women who are working as fathers, how do you spend your time with your wonderful fathers?

As usual, I am wondering how to respond to my dad and how can he enjoy it as a service in my father's life. I am struggling every day.

Now, in Japan, there are several events that have become annual events.

Among them, Halloween is the one where some kind of problem occurs every year.

In particular, Shibuya in Tokyo is in an uproar every year.

For that reason, I was visiting Shibuya this year under a very strict schedule.

Actually, like last year's Halloween, I cosplay and visit Shibuya every year with my dad who is under contract at that time. (When it comes to daddy activities, it doesn't matter if it's Halloween or not, my style is to make money by capitalizing on the events at that time.)

Every year, the news uses the word ``young people'', but that's not the case at all, and my father, who has a contract with me, is also of a certain age, but I feel like he's enjoying himself somehow.

Of course, places with too many people can be dangerous, so I avoid those places. (Don't forget to be considerate of your father)

However, in the end, there was nothing for Halloween in Shibuya this year, so I moved to Ikebukuro with my dad. (Shibuya was covered in close-up on the news, so I avoided it in case it made me feel bad.)

It wasn't as bad as Shibuya every year, but there were no crowds of people mingling in the middle of the street, and I saw a lot of people cosplaying and adhering to the rules. (It was kind of like watching a parade at Disneyland.)

By the way, I didn't do any outdoor cosplay this year.

However, I did bring it with me just in case. (Zombie cosplay)

Why did you bring it?

This is an annual event, but surprisingly, my contracted father loves cosplay.

That's why when I do some kind of cosplay at events like this, people get really happy, and they have the same motivation to have fun.

And it's not just one dad.

Almost all of the dads I contract with say they like events. (I wonder what it is? Is it okay to say that people like you bring friends?)

So every year, if the timing is right, I can enjoy spending time with whichever dad I have a contract with.

But since I'm the only one, I decided to plan my schedule about two weeks in advance and decide which dad I'd like to have fun with this year. I'll decide though.

Since I lived overseas when I was a child, I may have naturally signed a contract with a father who allows me to enjoy these kinds of events together. (I also have the ability to entertain others.)

So, what kind of Halloween was this year with Dad?

First, I met up with my dad in front of Shinagawa station, and then, assuming the cars would be crowded, I took the train to Ikebukuro with my dad.

After having fun for about 2 hours, we moved on to Tsukiji. (I took a taxi from Ikebukuro to Tsukiji)

After that, we had some sushi at Tsukiji and then headed straight to Odaiba.

At a secret spot in Odaiba, I briefly talked with my dad while looking out at the sea, then moved to a hotel in Ginza. (Still, it was quite cold, so be careful if you go to Odaiba at night during this time, as you might catch a cold.)

When I arrived at the hotel in Ginza with my dad, it was time for my actual performance.

That's right.

I started doing my zombie makeup to have fun with my dad. (It's really fun to play Halloween in a space just the two of you and your dad, and it creates a space where you can't stop laughing.)

Daddy was taking a shower while I was putting on my makeup.

And the makeup was done in about an hour. (Surprisingly, I do my makeup seriously, so I'm confident that it looks pretty realistic.)

Generally speaking, every dad is surprised when they see my costume and reacts accordingly.

Also, for some reason, every dad always starts drinking while looking at my costume.

After enjoying the Halloween atmosphere with her dad, she gets into a naughty mode with her dad while still wearing a costume.

It may look a bit abnormal, but my dad is surprisingly happy about it, and I get pretty excited even when I'm wearing a costume.

I forgot to tell you one thing here.

Actually, in addition to zombie-type cosplay, I also had wizard cosplay.

For that reason, I had fun dressing up as a zombie for the first round, and dressed up as a wizard for the second round.

Daddy isn't young, so once he's finished having sex, he has to wait quite a while before having a second round.

Honestly, I have a lot of free time during that time, and it would be rude to my dad if I didn't do anything.

So I took a shower and changed into a different cosplay. (Last year, I remember having about four types of cosplay in my suitcase.)

Daddy also seems to get horny when I change into a different costume, and I feel like the time between changing into a different costume and coming back for the second round was surprisingly quick.

It is very important to change the atmosphere somehow. (I feel like this is especially true when it comes to sex.)

The day ended with the second round.

The next day, I had another round of sex with my dad in the morning, and I think I was able to satisfy my dad comfortably during this year's Halloween in dad activity.

Why did you think so?

When I go to events like this with my dad, I usually spend the night with him.

And even though I haven't expressed any requests to my dad, when I check out of the hotel the next day, he hands me some pocket money in addition to the allowance I usually get.

I would say something like, ``Thank you so much for the wonderful time, ○○-chan.I know this is just a feeling, but please go buy anything you want.''

The dad I contract with isn't the type to flatter me on the spot, so I wonder if he really enjoys it. I can feel it. (Especially when daddy gives me pocket money even though I haven't asked for it, it's usually like that, and it's mostly when daddy is in a good mood and satisfied.)

Also, since I consider my father's activities to be a business, I think it's great to be able to make them happy.

To all the women who are active fathers who are not taking advantage of these events.

Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy an event with your dad once? You may get a surprisingly good response, and you may even be able to earn more than your usual allowance.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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