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Daddy activity fashion ~Recommendation for spring coordination~

How to make a good impression on dad

It is already spring.If you walk around town, spring clothes are everywhere.

In such a case, what kind of clothes should I wear for a date with my dad? 
I think there are a lot of women who are worried about it.

If you go on a date with your boyfriend, jeans and a T-shirt might be fine, but
Daddy's favorite clothes make a difference.

In order to make a good impression on dad, it starts with choosing clothes.

I think the ideal clothes for a date at Papa Katsu are neat, neat, not too flashy, and feminine.

You have to choose clothes that match the date meeting and TPO.

In such a case, I think that clothes that do not stand out from the outside are desired.

For spring, use colors that suit you.So I would like to introduce a little bit of dad live date coordination.

Referenced magazine
CanCam, Beauty Momoka

Feminine and girly for people in their twenties...A magazine for female college students

Beautiful flower 
Late XNUMX's to early XNUMX's adult girly, feminine ... magazine for office workers

Items that can be worn well on a date after work

Spring is synonymous with trench coats.A long trench coat is a classic classic.
I can direct elegance.
This item is easy to match with a dress or a long skirt.
It is an item that can be worn well even on a date after work.
If you take off your trench coat, you can show your skin even if it's a little cold.

RD (Rouge Diamant)
A feminine floral dress, a long trench coat, and a spring-like elegant floral pink dress.Adults are cute.

Femininity comes out with spring-like colors.Lavender color seems to be trendy this year.
No matter which store you go to, you will often see lavender colored clothes displayed at the entrance of the store.
The lavender color is an elegant piece.
The shirt dress is elegant and easy to use, so you can definitely go with this one for any date.

Floral skirts are lined up everywhere you go in spring.
The skirt isn't too short, so pair it with a pale colored floral skirt and a brightly colored cardigan or knitwear.
It is a coordinate that goes very well with a light colored floral skirt.


NOLLEY'S & goodman Ginza Main Store


Even though it's spring, tights with rich details!
Clothes that give off a heavy atmosphere with dark colors that are different from mode-type clothes.
It's hard to tell your body shape because it's too fluffy even in an out-of-season coat. .
Pills and dust are out of the question!

Produce a woman you want to stay next to you with a smile and gorgeous clothes

lastly. . .

This time, we introduced various brands for dad fashion.

Why don't you take a look at the homepage of the brand I used as a reference and go shopping?

Choose clothes that show off your upper arms, waist, hips, and bust lines that you want to hide.

About first impressions.
Create a woman you want to be next to you forever with a smile and gorgeous clothes!

This is the Papauke Appeal Point!

Finally, let's put on spring-colored lip gloss and head to the meeting place.

Let's get daddy's heart by being conscious of the silhouette like a spring flower ♪

I would be happy if you could refer to fashion selection.

When interviewing, dress well for a date
If you come properly prepared, you can take beautiful pictures,
I think the number of offers will increase as well.

Spring is still cold, but you can wear a coat or cardigan.
Let's adjust the temperature well.

Asa Yamaga


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