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Is it safe to use SNS and apps as a dad?

Nice to meet you!
My name is Yurina Maruyama, and I'm a newcomer to the production department of Universe Club.

26 years old, working for XNUMX years.
I knew there was a matching app to find lovers and friends of the opposite sex.
I first learned about the existence of the dating club at an interview.
Even though I have a long career as a member of society, there are still things I don't know about the world.

That's why, besides work, I'm studying daily about dating clubs and dad activities.
While studying, without registering in a dating club,
I found out that there are women who are doing daddy activities on Twitter and daddy apps.

Dad activity on Twitter, safe?

"I wonder what kind of feeling they're doing..."

And when I looked up Papa Katsu Joshi on Twitter,
Is it your own photo?A lot of women have come out looking for dads with cute face photos as icons.

Even if it's an account dedicated to dad activities, what would you do if a friend found you...
I was a little worried about other people.

Is it safe to delete the account immediately if my friend identifies that the account dedicated to papa activities is my own?

What if a friend took a screenshot...?
The image spreads on the Internet and becomes something that cannot be erased for the rest of your life.

It is dangerous to publish information and photos that will reveal your identity on SNS before you start your dad activities!

Dad activity fraud is occurring

And one more thing to worry about.
I found the word "papa katsu fraud".
There was also an account that collectively reported fraud damage.

What the scam is about...

'Don't pay me'
"No Cancel"
"After threatening me, I will take you to the hotel by force."

I see, it's too bad.

How can you keep your spirits down when this happens to you?
Can you get back on your feet quickly?

But... I'm sure this is the result of the Universe Club calling the name "Papa-katsu" being used too casually.

This is because most of the women who are active as dads on SNS are
It's like using words that are used in compensated dating.

This is the tag attached to the daddy recruiting tweet of the daddy girl that I actually saw on Twitter.

Enkou... It's about compensated dating, isn't it?

When papa-katsu is used together with such words, men who do not know the true meaning of papa-katsu may"Papa activity = something like compensation dating"That's what I think.

A man who is not a gentleman meets a woman without understanding the purpose of papa katsu.

And the fact that more and more men are trying to make good use of papa-katsu girls is probably connected to papa-katsu scams.

To you who are doing dad activities on SNS

I'm not saying that dad activities on SNS and dad activities on apps are bad things.

Do you know the identity of the man you are going to meet?
Can you smile and say goodbye to a guy after a date?
Are you confident that you won't get hurt?

“Dad activity at Universe Club” is different from “Dad activity at SNS”

All men enrolled in Universe Club are interviewed by Universe Club staff.

Of course, the identity is clear.
He is a man who understands the purpose of papa katsu.
We will take a picture of you, but it will be published only on a secure site.

If you want to continue your dad activities as safely as possible, please consider registering for the Universe Club once.
If you suddenly feel uneasy about registering, ask all your questions.

Actually, I was doing dad activities on Twitter, but I was afraid to meet a man whose face and identity I didn't know,
If so, there are also women who have registered with Universe.

When you hit the wrong dad and write a man's complaint on SNS,
A woman who is enrolled in the Universe Club has a nice meal with a gentleman and sees him off with a smile.

We are waiting for your registration if you want to reduce the risk of dad life even a little!

Universe Club Production Department
Yurina Maruyama



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