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How do you deal with daddy's urges that you can't take?


there are different dads

Recently, I often go drinking with my friends.

Such a friend of mine is working as a dad.

That's why we get along very well and exchange information quite often.

Even though we exchanged information, in the end, it was the usual flow to start with bragging about each other's dads.

Therefore, a common topic begins to appear is about services for dads.

I think that all women who are dads have experience, but there are dads who really have various personalities.

It's the same with the propensity, the tone of voice, and it varies from occupation to age.

Speaking of age alone, in the past, I have dated a 70-year-old man.

Well, I think that 70 years old is not that many even for dad activities.

Surprisingly, I have the impression that an overwhelming number of women are dating men in their 60s.

The reason for this is that the average number of dads my friends are dating is about the same.

I think it's rare to say that I've surpassed the 70-year-old barrier in some sense, and people around me asked me a lot at the time, "How do you feel?"

However, if you ask me, 60-year-olds and 70-year-olds don't change their relationship that much.

If you look at it as a man, it's not painful at all, and all my ex-boyfriends in the past were all older than me, so maybe that's why I have resistance in a sense.

However, it is completely different from going out with someone in their 50s.

For example, walking speed.

I don't mean to disparage men in their 60s, but their walking speed tends to drop all at once.

That's why I have to walk slowly here too.

Conversation is also misheard by the other party, and the repeat rate of this story is quite high.

So, to some extent, if women don't have an open mind, they might get irritated.

Depending on the woman, there are natural characters who speak slowly at their own pace, right?I have the impression that women who say that are suitable for men in their 60s and 70s in dad activities.

Anyway, talking slowly and loudly will also lead to sincerity for dads in their 60s and 70s.

And if you ask me, rather than strangely dating a man in his 50s, he's much gentler and sweeter. (You can expect a contract with a fairly good allowance.)

To be honest, she spoils me as much as I want, and although I hate to say it, she spoils me considerably.

I don't remember ever being turned down when I put out a request on the spot, including an allowance.

Always smiling, accepting, and above all, really kind.

Certainly, I think that it is impossible for women who have resistance there because they are considerably older.

But once I get used to it, I'm glad that there aren't any men who are that easy to live with as a dad.

One difficulty is night work.

Some dads don't get an erection.

So, even if we make an effort, this is just a natural phenomenon.

It is necessary to have a femininity that accepts it without making fun of it.

That said, there are really many different types of dads.

The story that happened the other day

I also told my friend who was drinking with me at the time.

Don't you have a dad whose personality suddenly changes when it comes to working at night?For example, the verbal attack was unusually violent, and even though I said I didn't like it without rubber, I asked for it.

That's why, depending on the dad, there are times when the allowance is raised.

How do you guys deal with this kind of thing?I simply refuse.

First of all, aren't you scared of a dad whose personality suddenly changes at night?Up until that point, he was a gentleman, so why did he suddenly become like that?When I think about it, I get cold myself.

Of course, dad life is a service business in me.

So I know how important it is to keep my dad happy.

But it's not customs, is it?To the last, I recognize it from the standing position of mistress.

As a reward, I receive an allowance.

That said, with a misunderstood selfish interpretation, allowanceDon't you think that a dad who quotes is the worst from a woman's point of view?In a part-time job, if you want to get paid, it's like being told to do work that's not in your contract.

In particular, I think that Papa Katsu is based on a contract between a woman and a man, and the relationship is established.

From the beginning, if you said that you would do anything with such an allowance, you wouldn't sign a contract, would you?Especially if it's a night job, I think everyone is working at a brothel.

Depending on the dad, there are people who blurt out in the consistency of play.

I understand that myself.

But, I think there are good things to say and bad things to say, and in dad life, I think that women should firmly refuse to do things that are disadvantageous.

In my past, the older the age group, the higher the percentage of people who were quite pushy. (It's just a story about working at night.)

Really, when you're eating normally, you're not that kind of character at all.

That really makes me wonder.

When I told my friend about such a story, she also experienced it.

The two of us ended up saying “desu ne” at the same time.

It's better to quit parrying daddy's impulses

This is my experience story.

Basically, let's say you go out with him just once on the spot, whether it's your words and actions or your nighttime play.

Of course, it's okay to parry it and get through the situation somehow.

After all, if you encounter such a place once and do not deal with it, the next time you will definitely visit the unpleasant thing for women.

Of course, it would be nice if we could talk.

From what I've experienced in the past, it's quite difficult to reach an agreement through discussion.

The reason is that most of the dads who say weird things are accepted by the woman they were dating before, so they take action here.

I can't resist the urge.

It's obvious, but if you're a woman who can easily accept that, that's fine.

But there are many women who don't like it.

So, in that case, if you say, "I want to end the contract with my daddy, I don't think I'm worthy of being a daddy," most of them will understand.

Depending on the man, there are people who say, "Don't say that," but just saying that on the spot will end up repeating the same thing, so mercy is unnecessary there.

Anyway, this is my way of dealing with it.

If there is a woman who is suffering from a similar feeling in Papa Katsu, please try it.

I feel refreshed and I think I'll meet a good dad next time.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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