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How do you relieve stress from being a father? Vol.1


How to deal with stress

When you're a dad for a long time, there are always things you can't resolve.

That's the stress I've accumulated from being a dad.

I'm sure that the stress created by this dad-hunting experience will become a reason for wanting to quit dad-hunting, or an obstacle to continuing to do dad-hunting in the future.I think it will definitely be in the top 3 chosen by women.

In fact, when it comes to this ``stress,'' when I am asked, ``Are you sure you want to be a father from now on?'', one of the reasons why I answer to others is, ``If this can be easily alleviated, then... It is ranked #1 in the list of ``It's easy to be a dad.''

After all, stress occurs when you do something, and it also occurs when you do nothing.

Meanwhile, father-hunting is a business that depends on relationships with men.

That's why there may be many people who are enjoying themselves and making money by putting one foot in the daddy life.

However, people like me, who are immersed in fatherhood and whose main business is the foundation of our lives, can easily experience stress. (Actually, I'm experiencing it in real time.)

However, if you don't know how to relieve stress and let it accumulate, I feel that in many cases, as I have seen, it develops into other illnesses such as depression.

No, that's not all.

Women who are stressed out basically have no leeway.

As a result, there are stories of people hitting on other people, saying things they don't really mean, and being rude to men when they're working as dads, resulting in their contracts being canceled. be.

I have experience with this as well.

I get irritated every day and get impatient because I don't have time for my dad, who always takes care of me.

And when something doesn't go as planned, he takes a chance and acts rude to his father.

When I was under stress and acted like that, my dad at the time told me this.

"○○-chan, do you always have wrinkles between your eyebrows? When you look like that, Daddy makes me feel lonely."

To be honest, I didn't even realize he had that look on his face.

Now that I think about it, it's quite rude.

Of course, I canceled my contract with that dad. (This is a natural result, and no matter how you look at it, it's my fault.)

However, if I had had the time, I would have handled things completely differently, and now I think I could have handled things better with that father.

If you can get rid of that kind of stress, you can even have some leeway.

Different people have completely different ways of relieving stress, such as playing sports.

Don't you think it would be better if you could relieve stress together while being a father? So, I would like to share with you how I relieve stress while working as a father, albeit in my own way.

No matter what my dad says, I'll ignore it

When it comes to being a dad, the most stressful thing is what the dad says to you.

Basically, all men are attentive to young women when it comes to being a father.

However, the longer the contract period with one man, the more relaxed they become.

For this reason, there are surprisingly many dads who never mentioned their style when they first met, but end up saying things that women care about, such as "Can't you lose weight a little more?" (I have had this experience in the past as well. ○○-chan, I was asked if I could go to the gym to make my butt a little bigger. )

Is that really a negative thing? Some people may think so.


Indeed, from the looks of it, it can be said that this statement comes from the fact that men are more attentive to women in daddy activities.

However, for women with little time to spare, who accumulate stress every day, this is a no-no, and it can also be a moment of overwhelming fatigue.

How about pretending to listen to the stress and ignore it? Sure, it might be rude to ignore what daddy is saying.

But I think it's even more serious for women to get sick from stress.

When I got into the habit of pretending to listen to men's stories from right to left during my father's activities, I really felt at ease.

However, is it really okay to overhear such random conversations between men? Many women may have doubts about this.

Certainly, you have to first touch on the part of ``Where do you want to ignore the story and listen to it?''

First of all, in my case, when I seriously talk about my dad, I mainly ask questions.

For example, check your dad's schedule and ask him what he likes to say. When thinking about father-related activities as a business, I asked myself, ``How can I provide a wonderful service to fathers so that they can leave home feeling comfortable?'' I'm listening without skipping anything.

Honestly, I probably just ignore everything else and just listen to what they say...

I think one of the reasons for my habit is that I have contracts with multiple dads.

As a result, it is impossible to manage each person's information in detail in my head, and it is tiring, and I have also experienced that this impossibility leads to further impossibility, which turns into heavy stress.

So, I tried to get into the habit of ignoring things that I thought were unnecessary in conversations that didn't have that important element.

Then, I realized that the stress I had felt during the conversation with my dad had faded to the point that I had forgotten most of it by the next day, and I didn't even remember the content.

I've always been the type of person who cares a lot, and because of that I tend to get stressed out easily.

I am able to relieve stress, so if you find yourself stressed out about being a father, why not get into the habit of ignoring unnecessary talk?

As for the method, I guess it's like listening to the story in a daze.

Then, the story naturally flows from right to left.

However, when it comes to the information you want to hear from us, you have to take notes and listen carefully.

Please don't forget to maintain balance.

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