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The exchange of LINE with dad is open to the public!

What is essential for dad activities is LINE exchanges with dad!

However, it is surprisingly difficult for men and women of completely different generations and backgrounds to get excited on LINE.

I wasn't good at communicating on LINE either.

That's how I am, but the longer I've been a dad, the more I've come to enjoy LINE!

I would like to introduce what kind of LINE exchanges I have had.

The LINE exchanges between me and my dad are now open to the public!

I myself have the experience of being helped by a daddy, and I decided to publish the LINE exchanges between me and my dad this time, hoping to convey this charm to as many people as possible who want to be a daddy. !

… However, if it is an actual LINE image, it will be a problem due to adult circumstances (privacy, etc.), so I would like to transcribe it in writing.

Gentle but peculiar Daddy A edition

*Contents of LINE

I:Good evening!It's sudden, but would you be free tomorrow night?

Daddy:Good evening.I'll check your schedule.

I:Thank you (^ ^)

Daddy:I was able to adjust my schedule.It's a shop, but is it okay for me to choose?

I:thank you!fine!

Daddy:I was able to hold the store.The wine at this restaurant is delicious, so I would like you to start with the wine.I thought that the course would be easy to cook, but I will pick up the menu with my choice.As for clothes, don't look too young!It's an adult restaurant, so please?

I:Yes, I understand (^^♪ Thank you very much!

Mr. A is usually a busy dad, so he often made appointments just before.

When I meet him, he's a gentle and kind daddy, but I have very strong rules and if I act against them, I get irritated... (laughs)

Daddy always tells us his own rules on LINE when he makes a promise.

The relationship with this papa ended after three...

The reason was that I broke my dad's rules.

The content of the violation isI wore heels that made me taller than my daddy".

Hmmm, difficult! (smile)

Distorted love! ? Edited by Mr. B

*Contents of LINE

Papa: What are you doing now? ?

me: nowis on her way home, what happened?

Daddy:Just now, I saw a woman who looks like Sumire-chan.Because she was walking with a man... (attached photo)

I:Haha!That's not me~ (laughs)

Daddy:No laughing matter!You and I are in a relationship and no other man can interfere.I thought you broke your promise, so I contacted you...

I:Thank you for your concern.I'm really alone

Daddy:I'm relieved. ! (Dad's selfie photo attached)

Actually, this dad is the first person I had a physical relationship with when I started my dad activity. (This story will be discussed at a later date♪)

Perhaps because my body felt good, the more I met, the tighter I became.

And regularly sent "you're walking with a man"Confirmation LINE and photo mail.

At first, I had a hard time responding when I received a photo of a well-dressed face, but I remember that as I gradually got used to it, it started to look cute.

I was really annoyed because if I replied to this LINE late, I would lose my temper.

The owner of a distorted affection that suddenly changes to a spoiled LINE when relieved.

I've also been in a relationship, so I'm a bit codependent...

Now that I think about it, maybe I was surprisingly enjoying my relationship with this dad.

"I like it!" "I'll leave it to you" Daddy C edition

*LINE communication

I:Daddy, I think I'd like to go to ○○ next time, what do you think?

Daddy:How nice!

I:Good~♪ What does daddy want to do?

Daddy:It's good that Sumire-chan likes it!Leave it to me!

I:Well then, I might want to eat pancakes with you!

Daddy:How nice!

I:What do dads enjoy most?

Daddy:I wonder if I can meet Sumire-chan! (^_-)-☆

To be honest, Mr. C, who I introduced, was boring.

The aura of a good person came out so much, but I wasn't excited not only when I responded to LINE but also when I actually met him... I felt like my mentality was being scraped away.

He's not a bad person at all, so I was worried about what to do with him, but I said, "It doesn't make sense if you can't enjoy dad life!I thought, and let it fade out.

I think there are many girls who would be more than happy to have their opinions conveyed to them, even if they are not good at speaking.

It's a great daddy activity, so you want to enjoy all kinds of things about daddy!

Surprisingly deep! ?LINE exchanges with dad

What we introduced this time is the LINE of dads who felt that there was a habit.

In terms of percentage, I felt that there were slightly more peculiar dads (laughs)

But conversely, I think that it is precisely because people have more peculiarities than others that they have a social status and are successful in business.

Accepting and controlling the characteristics of dads well seems to be an important technique for daddy girls!

Please take this opportunity to look back on the LINE exchanges with your dad and analyze them in your own way.

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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