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A story about being consulted by a male business partner about dad activities ~Part XNUMX~

This is the second part of the story of a man (Mr. A), who is a business partner of the author, consulted about dad life.

About a month after the last meeting, I received a personal contact.

"Sumire-chan, I'm a dad, but..."It looks like the clouds are going badly...

I was curious, so I met directly and listened to the story!

Mr. A suffered a crushing defeat with the Papa Katsu app!

Last time, Mr. A was a member of the Papa Katsu app.

It looks like he's complaining about that...

"Sumire-chan said it was good, so I registered for it, but it wasn't a hit at all!'

It's true that it was a dad activity app run by a major company, so I recommended it, but I felt like I was pushing hard with this way of saying it, and I had mixed feelings... (laughs)

"The exchange of messages continues, but it's not good enough.'

"And I'm not that lazy myself.Did you feel that it was troublesome to adjust the schedule over and over again?'

"I tried using it for a month, but I only logged in at the beginning.I have already resigned.'

"I didn't meet any of them (laughs), but it was a good experience.'

Mr. A, who is quick to give up, is like this at work.

Tendency of girls to use the Papa-katsu app

My conversation with Mr. A shifted to the tendency of girls to use the Papa-katsu app.

We each had different opinions, but the two of us said, "That may very well be right!I would like to pick up only the features that I thought.

rushing to expand

Due to the influence of the dad activity boom, the girl side "I want to own a good dad as soon as possible!I felt like I was thinking.

In fact, it is difficult to find a good father, and many girls are often negotiated with lower terms than the market price.

With that background, girls take a fierce approach to dads who feel even a little rich.

However, from the father's side, it was transmitted as if the development was in a hurry.I just want my allowanceOnly the part such as " will be transmitted strongly.

Then the mood drops sharply no matter what kind of dad!

As a result, it will cause a vicious cycle in the dad life industry.

Emphasis on "meals only"

Mr. A said that he didn't mind if he was a dad who only eats, but he leaked this kind of thing.

"If your profile information says, "I'd like to ask you only for meals!"'

"I also have the right to choose who to have sex with, and I have no intention of doing dad activities on that premise.I want to give as many girls as I can if it's fun to be with them.'

"But well, I wonder if I can't expect a girl who puts up a lot of protective lines at the beginning.'

As a writer, I can understand the feelings of girls who want to be a daddy regardless of their physical relationship, so I can understand why they put in such words.

However, from the father's side, it is also convinced that it is one of the withering words.

To negotiate conditions, meet directly and negotiateIs it sex ants depending on the atmosphere?I felt that the scent talk such as " is also important.

I have the impression that a girl who is good at this part is getting a good dad.

Photo editing is amazing!

With the recent evolution of photo-editing apps, I lamented that my profile pictures were over-processed.

I totally understand your desire to look cute!

But surprisingly, I felt like my dad didn't care that much.

If you want to pinpoint a good-looking girl, the more high-status the dad, the more you can meet in high-end lounges and business partners.

If a girl using the Papa-katsu app says,Too much photo processing maybe...?If you're thinking that, it might be a good idea to take this opportunity to review it!

“Is there a recommended way to live as a dad?”

Mr. A, who thought he had learned his lesson from the Papa-katsu app, asked me this question.

"Do you have a recommended way to live as a dad?How did Sumire-chan live as a dad?'

I have a good relationship with Mr. A, so I decided to come out about my father's life circumstances.

Mr. A said,Yeah, that's interesting~"He asked me.

After coming out of my situation as a dad, I introduced three recommended ways to live as a dad.

・Dating club (universe club, etc.)

・Cabaret club and luxury lounge


These three are the encounters that I myself have succeeded in papa katsu.

Mr. A heard this method and said, "I have a meeting in such a place ~.I was impressed.

After telling this storyLet's go to a cabaret club and register for a dating club and talk to a nice girl at a business partner~ (laughs)I was saying.

As expected, men who are good at their work are quick to take action!

Maybe Mr. A is registered in the Universe Club.

If Mr. A, who is positive about dad activities, has any progress, I would like to report it here.

How to start dad life

Taking this opportunity to talk with Mr. A about dad activities, I was able to realize various things such as the way I think about dad activities and the perspective of dads.

Maybe "There are many dads for sex purposes in dad activities!""If you're not beautiful, dad life won't succeed!There may be some girls who think like this.

But Mr. A's story didn't mention anything like that.

Content that specializes in dad activities is fine, and I think it's okay if you notice that dad activities have started.

Maybe it's not zero that me and Mr. A have started dad activities (laughs)

Find a dad activity field where you can compete and start a wonderful dad activity.

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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