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Facing society through papa katsu


A hot topic in Japan

Women who are active as dads are all basic women.

That's why I think that "I'm a woman and the man who's going to be a dad is a man" is a "value that I take for granted".

Right now, it is the sexual part that is becoming a problem in the Diet.

Is it really possible to distinguish between men and women in the world?When I look at the media, I have some questions.

Aren't we ignoring the fact that many men are born with a woman's heart?Isn't everyone pretending not to see such a reality?Are humans such simple creatures?There is a place where I feel amazing.

There is one child who is a childhood friend of mine who was originally a man and treated as a woman.

Originally, it was the same familiar from elementary school to junior high school.

I remember playing with a girl that we used to do normally, like putting on makeup and playing together.

However, after entering junior high school, the relationship that was normal in elementary school began to crumble.

Inevitably, I started to get caught up in the "common sense of the world" that I didn't realize when I was in elementary school, and I couldn't treat him as a woman in the past.

Maybe I'm starting to worry about the eyes around me.

After that, I began to distance myself from him, and by the time I graduated from junior high school, I stopped even contacting him. (Even though he was playing every day until elementary school)

Then, when I entered high school, we both went our separate ways.

However, one year later, I happened to run into it at the nearest station to my parents' house.

His appearance was the same, but he was dressed like a man and seemed to be suffocating.

From there, I started talking again, and by the time I graduated from high school, I started playing again.

When I played with her, she always dressed like a woman.

He was always contacting me, so now that I think about it, maybe he didn't make any friends in high school?Were you abused?And I understood in my own way.

What is common sense in the world?

Now he has become a woman.

Of course, I've also had breast augmentation surgery, and the younger one has also undergone surgery overseas and has completely changed sex.

I said, do you need to change your appearance just to be recognized?That's the part.

There must be a lot of men who want to change their sex, but have various worries such as not being able to do it because they don't have enough money.

No matter how you look at it, it's strange when the country isn't promoting policies right away.

The fact that there are so many people who have such concerns means that there must be many people who feel resentment towards Japan, where same-sex marriage itself is not recognized.

I have a friend with gender identity disorder close to me, so information naturally comes in through conversation.

It seems that Japan lags far behind the rest of the world, including the knowledge and recognition of the people.

Perhaps it is because there is no place for us to “learn” among all of us.

If there is a place close to you where you said that, wouldn't your understanding deepen more?I think

This includes women who say they want to be men.

Same-sex marriage is legal, including in Europe.

Speaking of Japan, it's all about the gaffes of the Diet, and on the contrary, they even make remarks that can be interpreted as "discrimination."

I can't talk to you.

I wonder if this problem can also be said to papa katsu?I think.

In the end, even though they are outside the mosquito net, they refute a problem that only they can understand, with a strange rationale, and crush it without seeing the essence.

I think many women who are working as dads have experienced such damage.

I, of course, have experience.

There are problems and relationships that only my dad and I understand.

A third party sees it, and it's wrong or insane.

It's really just a question and what do you know?I think.

However, when I say it out loud as my true intention, I refute it with a valid argument, and the conversation ends with a one-sided, self-satisfied interpretation of the person who said it.

I don't even listen to this counterargument.

I feel that this is very similar to the composition of politicians today who are not facing gender identity disorder.

In the early Showa era, the only places where people could get knowledge were libraries and schools, so it might have been possible to say, "I'm going to learn from now on."

However, in this day and age, it is possible to know quite frankly, from information about the world to familiar "information that was not visible", mainly through SNS.

Despite this, there are still people who continue to ignore such issues.

For me, it's just questionable.

Looking at SNS, there are still many people who deny dad activities.

I guess I can't figure out the essence~ I can catch it, but when it comes to gender identity disorder, it's a different story.

There are parts that can be hidden in dad activities, but there are parts that cannot be hidden in gender identity disorder.

If you say it, will it be recognized as a gender?can't you admit it?Because it's a very sensitive issue.

I often receive bashing around me while I am working as a dad.

"Prostitute", "Go to the sex industry", "You're selling yourself cheap", "Your parents are crying". (If you introduce it, there will be no end)

But whoever said that must be jealous, right?I think in place.

Do you envy me because I live a happy life?When I thought about it, I was surprisingly mentally strong.

Recently, I stopped doing SNS. (Just watching, almost no updates)

It's not that I ran away from the place, but I wonder if what I write there is out of touch with the essence?because he felt

It's good to get information, but I doubted the necessity of showing it with images to people who don't know the information.

I think it makes sense if someone who understands the essence looks at it to get something.

But isn't SNS the place to say that?I basically quit my post because I felt it.

Also, even if there was some significance in writing there, I could only write short sentences, and I felt that "I'm sure you haven't read the whole sentence," so I changed my way of using it.

There are many heartless people in the world, and I felt that people with gender identity disorder must be having a hard time in their lives. (That's exactly what I think when I look at my friends.)

I want to appeal more and more problems like this through dad life.

No matter how you look at it, it's ridiculous that same-sex marriage isn't allowed.

Don't you think that the idea that you are the only one who is decent and correct in everything is different, and that it's okay to have various forms?This is the same in your profession.

Then, regardless of gender dysphoria, isn't papa-katsu itself becoming more familiar with society?I think, and I hope that it will be so.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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