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Talk about your relationship with your dad.

It's getting warmer lately.

Pollen seems to be a big deal, but according to one theory, bifidus is related to the improvement.If you are interested, please check it out (laughs)

Well, hello.This is Tsukishima.

Even if you say one word [papa katsu], there are ten different ways to capture it.I feel painful because I have met many dads until now.

・ A person who seeks healing from a woman

・ People who want to share free time even in busy days

・ A person who treats like a prostitute

・People who don't even want to remember their names


However, I would like to briefly mention the things that Tsukishima is careful about, regardless of how the other person treats him.

Don't lie

Daddy life is a human relationship after all.

It may be necessary to wear a cat to some extent.

However, I believe that long-term relationships will continue with those who have been able to build trust and credibility.

Trust, trust does not lie first.I think it starts with that.

Humanity, I think that attachment to people comes from that personality.

as natural as possible

I always get tired of pretending, so I try to meet my dad with a personality that is as unpretentious as possible.

If you try too hard, the meeting itself will gradually become painful.

(I was so stressed that I felt heavy until just before we met.)

I have to meet

It depends on the other party, but I try not to create a relationship where is an obligation, or a relationship that is only superficial.

Of course, the appearance is neat, but for example, instead of paying attention to the use of words only at that time,

I always try to use beautiful words as much as possible.

Instead of working hard, the trick is to make it a habit to do what you think is necessary.

When the age exceeds the mid-20s, women inevitably need elegance.

I think a woman who speaks beautifully is classy and very nice.

Tsukishima was originally the type of person who used foul language, so I try to be careful on a daily basis.

Think of things that make you happy, and don't do things that you don't like.

Consider how the other person feels.

Like me, most of the creatures called women have a strong FOR ME spirit and are selfish.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the spirit of FOR YOU?


I think it's especially difficult to think about the other person's feelings.

It's just too wide.

The way you dress when you walk together, the way you talk, even the way you talk to the staff!

It's different.

I'm a person who cares about various things from the beginning, so I wonder what kind of woman would be happy if the other person walked with me?And

How to focus on what the other person is interested in in conversation,

'Cause I didn't know

Don't you want to talk about what you like when the other person is interested in it and listens to it? ?

I became able to do things that make me happy with other people,

It may be a good idea to think about the other person's position and try to move.


These are the three main things to keep in mind.

strange relationship

Daddy life is a strange relationship, isn't it?

not even friendsLovers are a little different.The one who has her partner is also rough, but it crosses the line of a physical relationship.

Forbidden opponent.

Tsukishima thinks that it is necessary to have a proper human relationship because it is the person who shares such a secret.


women side too

have a boyfriend, have a fiancée, have a partner

I think there are various things.Sometimes lies may be necessary.

As much as possible, it doesn't matter to the extent that you don't overdo it.

It would be nice if you could build a relationship where you don't put too much stress on yourself and don't overdo it!


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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