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What if I hate my dad after signing the contract? Vol.2


In recent years, the number of women who are active fathers has increased considerably.

And since the number of women who are becoming fathers has increased that much, isn't the number of fathers also increasing at the same time?Many people may think so.

But from what I've seen, I can see women vying for nice men.

I personally think that with the declining birthrate, there are fewer competitors.

However, the reality is that this is not the case.

After all, in Japan, the wealthy class is extremely limited, and it is surprisingly difficult to find a generous and pampering man who will be your father.

Even if you're like me, you can feel it even if you're registered in a dating club, so if you're a woman who hasn't registered in a dating club, it's probably even more difficult.

I had imagined that the more mainstream daddy activities become, the more difficult it will be.

Is this okay, including the service for my dad who recently said it was amazing?I often feel pressured.

After all, if she gets transferred to another girl, I won't have any use for her.

I think it's important to be a woman that daddy doesn't get tired of.

But, when it comes to being a dad, you shouldn't forget that you are in a position where your dad chooses you.

Inevitably, after signing a contract with a father, you may end up feeling that ``a different father would be better.''

I know that this is a ``pretty selfish opinion'' in the highly competitive world of fatherhood.

But there are times when there's nothing you can do.

I'm sure every woman who is a father has experienced this.

Would you like to stop contacting everyone?Or does it just fade out nicely?Or will you be patient and face it?Recently, after thinking about it a lot, I found a way to deal with it.

I would like to share this with you here.

digest with money

To me, being a father is a business no matter how far you go.

Since it's a business, I try to make a clean cut.

If he's a dad he likes, he might lower the dividing line a little.

However, if the father is uncomfortable, he will raise the barrier and make requests that he would not normally tell the father he liked.

To put it simply, I would say that she plays the role of a disgusting woman.

Of course, this assumes that the minimum manners are followed.

It's not like I'm late or change my schedule because I don't like it that much.

What I am saying here is that I will not do any unprofitable service.

For example, if I had a dad I liked, I would make him a lunch box or give him a gift, regardless of profit or loss, and in private, if I were in her position, I would do the same thing.Be willing to take action on your own.

However, if my dad doesn't like me that much, I wouldn't do these things at all.

That said, birthdays and other things are celebrated equally.

But I wouldn't do anything like a girlfriend myself to my dad, who doesn't really like me that much. (I think this part is thorough.)

That's why, if I like a dad, I'll talk about private topics with him, and if there's anything I need outside of daddy life, I'll talk to him about it.

However, I never talk to my dad who doesn't like me.

If you were to answer simply, it might be easier to understand by comparing it to a ``mistress without emotions.''

Why do we do that?

I have my own reasons for this.

First of all, as I have said many times, being a dad is a business to me.

For that reason, wouldn't the thought of something so brazen as choosing a father from you be causing the gears of this business to go out of whack?That's what I think.

Because you should be grateful just for being a father.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that the fate of these father-active women who forget their gratitude goes without saying that, as far as I can see, none of them are in business, and I have the impression that they are not able to earn stable money.

In such a situation, I think that the correct order is for the father to request cancellation of the contract first.

From the woman's side, how about canceling the contract based on whether she likes it or not?That's what I think.

Of course, there are times when a woman has no choice but to cancel the contract due to various reasons.

Actually, I've said that too.

However, the topic this time is simply, ``What will you do if you start hating your father after signing the contract?''

Speaking only about that, since the father himself likes her and signs the contract with her and pays her allowance, isn't it reasonable for a woman to continue dating him to some extent until he hates her?That's what I think.

However, men who become fathers also look closely at women.

If you take things seriously, you'll feel like, ``Huh? This woman is quite honest with me, isn't she?''

I've been thinking about something since I've been a dad for a long time.

I feel like many dads value being comfortable with women.

That's why I get the impression that women like me, who play the role of cold, business-minded mistresses, are easy to get bored with. (Sometimes there are exceptions, including my dad, who says he feels more comfortable when it's cold.)

Then, my dad made the move to leave, and we were able to say goodbye without any fault on my part.

Also, I think there are many women who are fathers and cannot express things clearly to their fathers who they don't really like.

I would highly recommend this way of saying farewell to such women as well.That's what I think.

The simple answer is that men must feel bad if it fades out.

However, if I get bored with a woman and cancel the contract, is it okay to say that I don't feel that bad and things don't move forward?

The reason is that men are in control.

Of course, if you don't feel like it and want to get it right away, you can talk about canceling the contract on LINE.

However, since I believe that being a father is a service industry, I want to be as close to the man as possible when we say goodbye.

As I've said many times before, this is just my way of dealing with a dad I didn't like, and my way of dealing with a dad I fell in love with is the complete opposite.

Please take a look at your father's complexion and try the above method if you are active as a father.

Surprisingly, the man will easily and pleasantly suggest canceling the contract.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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