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Requests and Respects from Daddy Live Girls to Daddy

Hello everyone.

I said to the troubled daddy girl, "Even an idiot like this can live a life as a dadI am writing this column in the hope that it will give me even a little courage.

However, I found out that men can also read this clumsy column.

So this time, I wrote a request to the dad active man! !Sweat

Actually, I should tell my dad directly, but I can't because I'm a coward.

If you say that, you'll probably get a bad face.

"You're a foolish woman to ask for something when you're being paid!There may be some men who are looking at me from the top saying ….

But dating clubs are different from sex shops, and I don't think girls think their dads are completely "a job that they have to do well".

You can even get some pocket money and be in close contact with them.

It's a fragile relationship that can easily be cut off if you don't like it.

However, if I get a setting and meet them, I would like to build a good relationship.

What I wrote here is just a request that I can't usually say to a single daddy girl.

It's okay as long as there are guys like that.

Also, it's not at all like I took it for my dad who read my request, lol

I would like to write to my dad what I respect every day!smile

Thank you very much ♪

Believe that you will reach someone.

It's hard to find a hotel immediately

It's sad to go to the hotel as soon as we meet.

I can't help but think of her as a sexual processing target, not as a woman.

I am crying in my heart.

Even if you think it's the same as a man, it may actually be the same, but even if you do the same thing, could you talk a little bit and try to calm down?tears

However, when I also rubbed before,Eating is troublesome.let's do it quickly” I sometimes thought.

Perhaps this is related to whether or not both men and women have room in their hearts.

I think that people who can enjoy meals and dates have a lot of room in their hearts.

On the contrary, what happened to the person who wanted the hotel immediately?I wonder if it's really piling up, I'm busy, but do you want to have sex?I think.

In the past, there was a child in the question box who said, "I don't need to eat because I have no appetite."

There are XNUMX different colors, and men are also in trouble.

At least for now, I want to have fun with meals and dates, and then try adult dating. (Do you think this because I'm not good at dating adults?)

So, Boon to the hotel by car!It would be great if you could ask a woman before! !

By the way, if you are more kind, I would like you to read the ◎ mark from here.

◎ If possible, I would like you to spend time with me on meals only.

I know they are meeting for sex.

However, would it be possible to take advantage of the goodness of the dating club and create a meal-only day to deepen friendships?

If you have a meal only day, I feel that you will cherish it.

Is it a request that you do not know yourself?Talk about your pocket money♪

◎I want to go to a wonderful place

It's not like I want to go to a brand store and shop.

Even though I'm still a girl, I want to go to a nice place.

Would you be kind enough to give a girl a flutter?

If you can't come up with any ideas, I would be happy if girls could visit their favorite places.

I like museums.

Especially for a child who has no sexual desire, dating inevitably leads to favor with that person.

just! ! !Was it a question box for Mr. Universe Club?

"There is a woman who wants to go to the hotel right away, maybe because she doesn't want to be seen walking with an uncle." I have seen the sentence.

I thought that daddy girls sometimes hurt men without knowing it.

And if it leads to men's actions, I feel very sorry.

don't speak ill of me

It's honestly hard to be rude.

Please don't blame me for what I can't do...

Dad suddenly feels like a devil and wants to go home!

Many of the dads I met had been dating daddy girls for a long time.

Maybe it's because of that, or maybe I did something pretty amazing with them, but it's hard for beginners to ask for high hurdles from the beginning.

Please refrain from speaking ill of me... .

◎ Unexpectedly painful words No, 1

"try a little harder'

It hurts me that I'm doing my best, just like this word is taboo for people with depression.

It's a painful word because it doesn't make you enjoy it and it becomes self-loathing.

◎ happy words

"Thank you'

Even though I know I shouldn't expect it, sometimes I expect someone to say this.

I am more than happy to say that.

◎ Words that make me cry personally

"I can live a good life as a dad'

A child in an adult relationship is in a complicated state of mind.

When I was told how great it was, I felt like I was pulled back to reality, and I cried.

Please be careful because you will cry so much that you do not know what is sad.

Places I respect ①

Thank you for reading this far!

That's all for my request.

From here, I would like to introduce you to my respect for my father.

The first is that the soles of the feet are beautiful! !smile

I was moved by this!There are a lot of slippery people!I'm rustling!

It seems that the motto of a certain chairman I met at a dating club is to "beautiful even where you can't see it."

It seems that I go to exfoliation care every month.

It's something you can't do if you can't afford it, it's wonderful! !

I don't have the odor of aging, I don't have nose hair, and I think I'm definitely better than the young people of today because I'm the most beautiful in a suit! !

I think I have to be careful too.

Places I respect ②  

Daddy is fast anyway! !

I usually drive a car, but when I walk or when I'm in a hurry, my legs are incredibly fast! !

Even though I was running, my dad felt a tight gap!

More than 9% of the dads I met went to the gym.

It's nice to see you taking care of your health! !

Places I respect ③

I love that they don't force you to drink!

Daddy doesn't seem to get drunk even if he drinks alcohol.

And I like it, so it seems like I'm going to drink it.

I don't like alcohol, and I thought I was forced to drink to get myself excited.

I love college student nori and dads who don't say beer for the time being.

Places I respect ④

Dad is sensitive to new things such as cars, ties, alcohol, and cooking, and is different from the image of an uncle!

You also have something that incorporates an elegant playfulness, and it's wonderful that you have a lot of knowledge!

He also knows about the latest topics, and I'm thrilled to see him having a difficult conversation with the store clerk!

in conclusion

This time, I wrote a request.

I'm sorry if I wrote it in a way that blamed my dad.

The worst thing is me who can't tell my dad directly.

I'm not asking you to buy a luxury bag or increase your pocket money.

There are XNUMX different types of Papa-katsu-joshi, but I would be happy if you could take care of me, even if it's just a little!

Instead, I send you my heartfelt love...

I can only do this, but thank you for your continued support of Papa Katsu Joshi!

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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