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Isn't there a lot of women who say their income has changed drastically before and after corona?

Especially these days when the topic of corona has decreased.

So, there are quite a few women who are thinking about changing jobs, and people around me started to say that they were worried about their lives in the future. (There are especially many virtual currencies)

I will never gamble like that.

In the first place, the basic principle is not to touch anything you don't know.

So, if you don't like your current workplace, try changing jobs or starting a business. (I still see it as more likely than stocks)

However, nowadays it is difficult to find a job. (In addition, even if you want to start a business, the bank side is quite reluctant to lend.)

In addition, utility bills and prices all soared.

On top of that, Prime Minister Kishida says that he is even considering a tax increase.

Will the Japanese disappear from this country soon?I think

In fact, the media reports that nearly 55 people have emigrated overseas recently.

A world where men say they are tough.

First of all, it is harder for women to find jobs than for men.

Women need wisdom to live well.

Honestly, no matter how many qualifications I get, I think it's meaningless in this day and age.

The reason is that in Japan, where the desire to buy is lost, there is no way to obtain qualifications and sell, and if there is no desire to buy, money cannot flow.

If that happens, will the economy deteriorate and any company will be able to sign a contract with favorable conditions just because that person has qualifications?The story of saying.

To be honest, nothing but doubts remain, and I can't wipe away my anxiety about the future that women have.

So, whether you start something yourself or learn a lot from now on, you can't do anything unless you have money in the bank.

Even an idiot like me can understand.

Depending on the woman, there are people who change jobs to the bar business (hostess bar, etc.).

So who can't drink alcohol?It's also a story to say.

If that happens, there will be many women who have no choice but to go to the sex industry.

Nowadays, I often hear that the customs are different from the past, and I often hear that they can't earn money, and there is also the risk of illness.

Recently, we often hear in the media that syphilis and HIV are prevalent.

What is it like to earn money side by side with such danger?That's what I think.

If you register with the dating club and do dad activities, all such worries will be blown away. (story from my experience)

If you're thinking about changing jobs, why don't you think about dad activities from the beginning?I want to say it out loud.

But isn't it hard being a dad?How good it is to be asked around.

Honestly, there are various ways to live as a dad.

Certainly, as an entrance, there is one flow of registering with a dating club and getting introduced to men.

From there, there are various ways of negotiating with each other.

How easy can you do it?

Taking me as an example, I do dad activities almost every week.

However, it's not like I meet my dad every day and have a date.

It was especially so during the corona period, but it was mostly made up of videophone interactions.

Depending on the woman, there are various reasons such as being busy or not being able to go see her because of her main job.

The dating club introduces men who understand dad activities, so basically I can move on my own. (This is a big plus for me.)


At work, the reality is that I could only find a high income mainly in the water business. (However, I have experience in the water business in the past, so it doesn't suit me.)

In papa activities, some papas may come to remind you that they want to see you every week. (In my opinion, this was often the case when Papa felt lonely.)

But in that case, you can refuse it for your convenience, and if you don't like it, you can cancel the contract with Papa. (Everything can be resolved through discussion)

Really, I think that this kind of part can be easily done as a dad.

That said, some dads may not give you good terms, so I think it's better to sign a contract only if you're personally satisfied.


However, sometimes depending on the papa, there are cases where the conditions are very favorable for us.

In that case, in my experience, it's better not to miss it.

No matter how much the dating club introduces a good dad, it doesn't mean that everyone will give you good conditions in everything. (That's why sometimes men who don't suit me continue.)

The reason is that the contract is concluded only after the other party also agrees on the content and price.

However, I don't know any job that is as selfish and selfish as Papa-katsu.

Therefore, there is a possibility that there will be a temperature difference in that sense.

So, my advice is to not say anything other than "people who are working as dads".

The reason for this is that money comes into women's side too easily, so there is a possibility that they will be jealous, and their sense of money will obviously change before and after becoming a dad.

Basically, it might be simpler if you think that dad activities should be satisfied with your dad. (Separately SEX is not an absolute condition)

That's why Papa will be happy just by video calling 2-3 times a week. (For example, when you want something or want some pocket money.)

From now on, in order to feel free to do dad activities, the most worrisome part is whether sex is necessary?I think that.

Certainly, some women don't want to be embraced by a man who is reasonably old.

I think there are a lot of people who say that, and there may be a lot of women who say that they can't feel free to do daddy activities because it's painful.

First of all, I would like to say that the dad who introduces me at the dating club is basically not that old. (Or you look young)

Do they all look young?When asked, I can't say "Yes !!!" so extreme.

However, all the dads I've contracted so far have been so youthful that I don't think they're appropriate for their age.

Maybe it's because there's plenty of room in your life?They look stylish, and there were many people who felt like the classy old men who often appear on TV.

Therefore, it might be better to get rid of the image of being embraced by a man who lives in Shinbashi, Tokyo.

It's not that kind of image.

However, I think that most women who are dads are having sex. (When I ask my female daddy friends, most of them answer YES)

However, if you don't like it, you can refuse it, and there are basically no rude men who will try to hold you by force, so don't worry.

I think it's fine only when you think it's okay to be hugged by developing into love in your dad's activities.

Basically, I live my life as a dad in that style.

Of course, in reality, do women who have sex earn more money?If you say so, I wonder if it's the same around me.

However, there are also women's weapons.

For example, an active model or an entertainment system.

Such children are actually registered in dating clubs, so I think it's natural that they earn more than ordinary people.

That's why it's not a world where you can make a lot of money just because you want to have a baby.

Just how much can you convince and entertain your dad?I think that is the point.

In my experience, there are actually some dads who have supported me even though I didn't have sex at all for the first two months. (On the other hand, I have a certain number of times to meet, and I have a memory that I exhausted.)

So, yes, there are many dads who only want sex, but that's not all.

Why don't you feel free to live as a dad?You can do it really easily, you can easily earn money, and you can easily make connections.

Depending on how you use it, papa katsu can help you get ahead in life, and there are many women all over the country who are doing well. (I think I'm already making good use of it.)

By the way, I've been registered with the Mistress Club for several years now.

Personally, I like this place the most.

If you want to live as a dad, I really recommend it.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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