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Don't go over the limit when it comes to being a dad

Are you all enjoying being a dad?


I am fulfilling thanks to my daily activities as a dad.

From now on, there should be a lot of people who want to be a dad.

I'm sure there are many women out there who have some wonderful information in the form of word of mouth.

For example, you can now buy things you like, your life has become richer, you can do what you want to do, or you have more hobbies.

However, it is almost always the case that many problems that I have not thought about until now, such as "money" or "I became a little selfish", are highlighted proportionally. You have to understand several parts at the same time.

That's what adults call dirty.

A simple story, a part that can't give a good impression even if you cut out only words and convey it to the other party.

This part is pretty much in papa life. (I am aware of this myself)

If something goes well, you lose something.

There are many things like this in the world, and it can be said that it is natural.

However, there must be a life that can be opened up by skillfully managing those parts on your own.

I think that the word "skillful in the world" is very important for dad activities.

A simple story, how to treat people and how to suppress yourself?Isn't this pretty important?

That is why, if you live as a dad, you may see money that you have never seen before, and you may be able to easily obtain branded items that have been a high-level flower until now.

Ordinarily, it can be said that the attractiveness of dad life is that there is a much higher probability that you can change into the appearance you want to be, compared to working as a company employee.

do not forget

It's a system that can only be established with Papa.

Of course, it wouldn't be possible without us women. (also true)

Exactly, daddy and we have to coexist in a pleasant relationship.

It's just that women are going to be a little bit off when they do dad activities.

First, the money part.

Honestly, the brake stops working from the middle.

I woke up with a desire that I never had before.

It's probably a part of me that I've been holding back for a long time. (I couldn't buy it even if I wanted to)

If this material desire is released through papa katsu, it will be really difficult.

I want this, I want that, and so on, every day.

Then, in the final stages, they start buying even things they don't want so much, and stop taking care of things. (This is also true for humans.)

Then, of course, the contract with Papa will start to be cut off on a one-off basis. (Because some dads won't give you things.)

If you want to make a steady income with dad life, it is important to have a long contract with one dad. (to persist)

why is this important?


The reason is that the father understands this.

If you spend a lot of time with one dad, they will come to understand your living situation to some extent, so even if you don't have to explain each and every one of them, the pattern of dads approaching you will increase.

Then, it will be easier to talk about money, and you won't have to worry about making your dad uncomfortable.

However, if the father does not understand us and only talks about money in a one-time contract, he will naturally feel uncomfortable and will be more likely to cancel the contract. (Sorry for being human)

However, if you are actually working as a dad, it is easy for that to happen. (I'm an experienced person, so I'm sure there's no mistake...)

All dads look like money and forget that the connection between people is the premise.

That's very rude.

But, surprisingly, there are a lot of women who are working as dads who are like this. (real problem)

Besides, it's easy for her personality as a woman to get really bad.

They become dependent on their papas, and there are many papas who will give them anything.

Meanwhile, when all my wishes come true, I stop and think about it once.

Then what does the other person think?Regardless of the relationship, when things don't go my way, I sometimes get into the habit of getting grumpy, and I've experienced that as well. (Now that I think about it, it's an unthinkable action, and I don't know what to do as a person.)

Through my dad activity, I realized how this kind of behavior is over as a person, but there must be a lot of people who still haven't realized it.

Of course, if you live your daily life with such a rude way of thinking, naturally people of your age will not be able to deal with you, and you will naturally develop a habit of running away from it.

Of course, I can't agree with you if the excuse is not older.

This is just an escape if you ask me.

If you want to grow into an adult woman, you should be able to handle any person regardless of age.

So, what I thought was that everything is limited, especially when it comes to dad activities, and I thought that "self-control" was important.

On the contrary, if you can't do this or you can't understand it, I want to say that you shouldn't be doing dad activities.

It's because it just annoys people.

No matter how much a woman insists that it is "a business", it does not mean that it is okay to cause trouble for others. (I also trouble the dating club)

First of all, dad life itself is to take care of the connection with people.


This is the top priority.

The reason is that most of the dads are looking for that, and what do women do if they can't fulfill such a basic part and receive a reward?That's what I think.

Of course, I think it's up to you how you spend the money you earn.

But first of all, don't forget to understand the distance and standing position with your daddy.

If material desires burn in my head, I need to step back and think, do I really need this?It's important to make sure.

That's why it's very important to think about and self-analyze if there are any changes in your life so far before and after being a dad.

By doing so, you will be able to blend in with your surroundings and maintain your common sense to some extent, and you will be able to look forward to being a dad.

that?Have I become so selfish?If you can realize it, it's good. (important to notice)

When you're really working as a dad, you often lose sight of everything.

Because Daddy is kind.

But it's a good place to be pamperedThe downside is that you have to draw the line yourself. (this as an adult)

By doing so, you will be recognized by your dad as a person with common sense, and even more so, you will be able to keep yourself as a person without wavering even if you are working as a dad.

So, just because dad activities can earn more money than general jobs, try to avoid “how to socialize beyond capacity”.

It also helps protect yourself as a person.

From now on, if you are going to start a dad life, please be careful.

And for those who are already working as a dad, if you have any thoughts, please think about it.

I am an experienced person who has exceeded the limit once and failed.

I hope that you will continue to have a wonderful life as a father.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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