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New Year's Eve Daddy

Happy New Year everyone


Women who are doing daddy activities, women who are considering daddy activities from now on, how did you spend your time?I was living as a dad as usual. (This time of year is every year)

When women see me, some people might think I'm a lonely woman.

However, he doesn't feel lonely at all, and on the contrary, he feels happy to earn money.

Certainly, if you're a woman, it feels good to have your favorite boyfriend at this time, and all your friends around you are spending time with your favorite. (Spending time with family is also an ant)

I've been a dad for a long time

To be honest, even if I don't have a favorite, I'm pouring my love into my dad every day, so even if I have a favorite, I don't have the confidence to pour more love into it.

And I don't like being tied down.

If you go out with people of the same age, you will always have dissatisfaction and stress about bondage and interaction with your favorite.

However, I don't often feel that in my relationship with my dad.

I think it's because my dad is surely adjusting everything for me.

No matter what, my head is slow and my thinking is childish.

I really feel that a man who is too old suits me.

For the past few years, I haven't had any worries or consultations that I would always have when dating a man of my age.

Occasionally, in a conversation between friends, there are certainly times when I wish I could ask for love advice.

However, when I actually talk to my friends and listen to their stories, why do I worry about such things?I think about

However, there are many patterns such as "If you're older, everything will be resolved!!!"

I'm sure that since I started working as a dad, I've been thinking only about being spoiled by men, and I've become a selfish personality.

Is this bad?

i don't think so.

All the women of the world should have some admiration for being treated like Sana Kohime.

There must be many women in the world who have a desire to make it come true somewhere in their hearts.

After all, don't you think that's what weddings are all about?I think that event is more an event that appeals to women for women, rather than celebrating men and married couples.

Does that mean you'll be a princess that day?Is that what you really want every day?Do you ask only once in your life?I think it's the difference.

Furthermore, papa katsu is the same as the nightlife business, so you can't do it all the time.

What's wrong with women seeking older men for their youth and beauty?All women want to be treated specially.

But somewhere along the line, you give up on that, pay attention to men, and become obsolete with age.

So, before that, I'm just fulfilling what I wouldn't be able to achieve even if I lived a normal life.

I don't think it's a bad thing at all, and if there are women who think "Eh?" about that, please refute me.

Because many women who don't want them have already given up, so they don't even have the intention to sell themselves at a high price.

It's true that a person's appearance and age are only decorations.

But it is also true that the decoration makes the beginning of the encounter.

The ornaments that you have worked hard to polish yourself can save your life.

For example, suppose there is a plump woman.

It may be only the women I've met so far, but most of them have complexes.

But you know, there are so many men who accept such plump women when they're working as dads, right?There's no need to think complex, right?Even if he doesn't accept me as the same generation, my dad will accept me.

lack confidence in one's appearance

There are many women who have said that, and I really do.

However, Papa accepts me and treats me like a princess.

This is what daddy life is all about.

In the world, there is a scattering of "information that lacks important parts" in dad activities.

Certainly, dad life can get money.

However, although there is one side that said so, it is not the only one.

I think the media should definitely report on the one-sidedness of women, such as meeting an uncle who gently wraps up their complexes.

I think we should definitely introduce the part where Papa-katsu gives birth to a sense of happiness that we can't usually enjoy.

No matter how plump you are, there are many cases where daddy activities give you confidence. (The dating club should be able to give you advice.)

Daddy life that is important in such me.

I spent New Year's Eve with my dad.

I was really looking forward to New Year's gifts, and I served Ozoni at the beginning of the year.

This year's New Year's gift was 10 yen.

Somehow, rather than saying that I'm spoiled by being active as a dad, I have a part where I can interact with my dad as if I was back in elementary school, so I'm happy that I got the money, but more than that, I got a "New Year's gift" category. I was happy that I was able to do it, and it's also a pleasure at the beginning of every year.

In the first place, at my age, I think it's normal to have to give New Year's money, so I can't say that part to people of my age.

During the year-end and New Year holidays, I went to New Year's visit with my dad.

Something, Papa is alive.

I don't care about the age difference with my dad at all, and on the contrary, I want people around me to look at us.

There are many people who are considering whether to start dad activities from now on, surprisingly there are many people who are worried about the age difference with dads, right?When you're with me, do you mind what other people think about you?

Indeed, I had the same feeling at first.

However, this does not mean that my senses have been paralyzed, but that I feel special when I am with my dad normally. I wonder if it's fun to have a conversation together?I think about it.

Of course, conversations with people of the same generation aren't bad, and that's fun.

But don't you think humans need to learn every day?That's why I always feel that the amount of information I can get from people of the same generation is less than my dad.

That's why, even when I walk with my papa, I always feel that there are conversations and depth of content that probably wouldn't come up in normal people of the same generation, and there are quite a few parts that I'm learning from my papa.

Consultation is the best way to understand

For example, first I consult with my dad on trivial matters.

I get answers that I never thought of before.

In that case, you can learn, "Is it possible to clear with this way of thinking?"

It's surprisingly difficult to clear such trivial thoughts every day if you're young, and there are many cases where you run away.

However, if I consult with my dad, I can generally clear it, and if I get similar advice from people of my age, I will be able to give advice to them. , It has become a little relied on by people of the same age.

Don't you yearn to be an adult in your way of thinking and responding to others?I've longed for it.

Because that kind of person is always someone who can be needed by people. (Maybe it's just me, but that's my impression)

That's why I yearn for it.

That's how I felt like I spent the new year's holiday with a dad activity and learning.

I hope everyone has a good new year this year.

And the women who are worried about working as a dad.

Why don't you try talking to the dating club?I'm sure you'll be more attracted to it than you thought.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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