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Let's decide our own value "Talk about allowance negotiation"

Basically, I don't regret having been a dad in the past.I believe that I am who I am today because of my hard work in the past.But I don't affirm.Daddy activity is one of the means to get closer to your goals, and it is not a way of life that applies to everyone.

Of course, it's an activity that can't be seen in the public eye, so if my parents or a lover finds out, I'd like to take it easy and jump overseas.I would like to go to a resort with low prices, so please let me know if you have any recommended lofty grounds.

Well, this time, I would like to talk about "price negotiation for allowance" that everyone seems to be nervous at first.
I have one thing to say.Go with a strong mentality.
According to Universe, my face is probably standard, but I am proud that my mentality is made of platinum.

Since this is my first time writing a column, I would like to introduce myself. I am currently a company employee living in a local city.On my days off, I enjoy going out to eat delicious food, drying persimmons on the veranda, and collecting strange masked souvenirs from foreign countries.I can't afford excessive luxury, but I live a very normal life where I can save money every month without any problems. I don't feel

Ever since I was a student, I've been an introverted woman who doesn't stand out, but at the same time I've been a gorigori daddy.I don't remember how it happened, but I don't have much fear of that kind of industry.
By my early 20s, I had registered on a dating site and had a variety of experiences, starting with dining, chat lady, and men's esthetics.Before I registered with Universe, I was mainly freelance using long-established dating sites for a long time. Along with Mr. Minamoto's name, the review said, "It seems that he is not a trader, but he is used to it. He must be a semi-professional." I burst out laughing.

From the heart of such a semi-professional old woman, I would like to tell you that it is good to be bullish when negotiating allowances.

In general, we sell the precious time of young girls by pieces, and we never let our guard down in front of our customers, straighten our backs, and when we eat or accompany them, we pay attention to our conversations so that they can enjoy themselves. Clean up your clothes and make-up.Papa-katsu is a fine customer service business.Since it is done for only 1-2 hours for one customer, it can be said that the unit price is naturally high and it is a good job.
Isn't it really rude for a man to complain about such a job that takes time and effort to prepare, "What's the market price around me?"

I can't even say that I have a good face, and I have a pear-shaped body with thick legs and I can't get rid of the potato-likeness of the countryside.However, I remember that at that time, I had a steady stream of regular customers and a steady income.
As a tip for negotiating allowances, I decided to say one rank higher than the amount that is considered the market price.Because I thought that there is no good guy who is reluctant to pay for entertainment.
In fact, I think the two main characteristics that I had in common with the people who met me regularly for two or three years were "I don't skimp on money" and "I don't do things that girls don't like". think.

The advantage of presenting a high unit price is that it acts as a poor person filter, so it is possible to screen out a certain amount of bad guys in the early stages of interacting on the Internet. Since it is only necessary to meet directly with customers who have passed the first screening, the encounter rate with dangerous monsters is extremely low at the time of face-to-face, and as a result, you can have a safe dad life.

I registered on various sites and apps for comparison purposes, but when I registered on sites such as UNIVERSE whose customers are high-income earners, the people I matched were actually of high quality and safe. I thought I could work onIf the male side is paid content, there are many people who are serious about looking for girls, and I have the impression that there are many people who understand the rules of the neighborhood properly.Of course, depending on the girl, the target audience is different, and I think that the site and myself are compatible, so in general, only Universe is good!I can't say.I think it's a good idea to look for a variety of activities that suit you.

On the other hand, I absolutely do not recommend using Twitter or Facebook to find a dad.My impression is that there are a lot of girls who are active on Twitter these days.However, the quality of men who are active in the app that can be registered for free is the worst.
A man who is stingy with money like registering on a dad activity site and wants to do it for a ridiculously low amount.He doesn't need to submit an ID card, and he can easily register and withdraw, so there is a high possibility that he will be involved in some kind of crime.
After entering the negotiations?do you take money?There are sad monsters who mumble in their sleep, and piles of corpses of young girls who are cheaply thrown away because of their ignorance.It's scary, so don't get too close.

As long as we are registered on SNS and papa-katsu sites, we tend to get the illusion that we girls are chosen by men, but we also have the right to choose (contract) after looking at the other party.
Was your past life a cockroach?There is no need to endure and continue to associate with low-quality customers and requests that make you think.Even if someone says something hurtful or sarcastic to you, you can't help it because you've just been reincarnated from a caterpillar, so watch it with warm eyes and block contact when you get home.

Rather than being swayed by a dangerous person and getting sick, it's more meaningful to change your mind and lie down and think about something fun.

I would appreciate it if I could be of some help to everyone who is reading this column.We support your future and dreams so that you can enjoy working toward your goals without unnecessary stress.

A company employee in his twenties who graduated from Papa Katsu a few years ago.I wanted a girl friend so much that I signed up for a female-only friend matching app.

Article by Juon

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