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My way to make sure to earn money through dad activities Vol.1


If you're going to be a dad, you should want to earn money.

When you're doing dad activities on a daily basis, your mind naturally switches modes, thinking, ``This week I'm going to meet this dad and go out for dinner.''

I think many women who are working as fathers feel the same way.

By switching between these modes, many children probably change their personalities and the way they respond to their fathers.

In fact, I also view dad-hunting as a service industry, so if there is an ideal character that a dad wants in me, I would naturally want to change.

However, when I actually analyzed myself, I wonder if I haven't changed that much? I think so. (Perhaps this is because the father who is currently under contract is not required to change his character that much.)

In the first place, women who are fully immersed in fatherhood and women who only have one foot in it are bound to have very different feelings about their fathers.

Honestly, fatherhood is a business, and the more immersed the woman is, the more her work ethic will show in her demeanor.If she's the type of woman who only has one foot in the door, she'll clearly tell her father that she's ``emotional.'' I'm sure there are many women who respond by saying, "I'm not into it at all."

In fact, I'm confident that all versions are familiar to me.

However, in either version, if you are going to receive an allowance from your dad, I think the important part is ``How much can you satisfy your dad?'' without showing it, and that's where the allowance comes from. Needless to say, ups and downs are involved. (I personally feel this.

However, I recently heard that some women can't make any money at all by being a dad. (If you're a dad around, you'll have a surprisingly large number of female friends.)

So, I would like to share with you my own method that will definitely help you earn money.

First of all, how long are you thinking about the contract period with a single father?

This is the most important part of my life as a father.

To be honest, not every dad is careless about money.

For this reason, I have a surprisingly severe image of allowances.

Of course, that's only natural.

I want women who are trying to become fathers to think calmly.

Don't believe anything the man says about not having fun at all. (In particular, men who meet at dating clubs are often clearly popular with women because they are rich and classy.)

It is surprisingly common for most dads to already have a contract with a woman other than themselves, and there is also a possibility that they have previously contracted with other women. (This is what I have actually experienced.)

So, I know the market price to a certain extent, and if someone asks for more than that amount, how much should I pay for one woman (if the father has contracts with multiple women)? ``Will the child be able to make ends meet if I give him/her a monthly allowance?'' Many of them already know this.

But the man who becomes a father is an adult.

Naturally, when you first meet a man, he will approach you with a sense of ignorance, and in the business of being a father, you must not forget that the negotiations with the woman have already begun on the spot.

Of course, when I use the word ``bargain'' with my dad, we both feel a little disappointed.

But this is the reality, and women need to accept it.

After all, most women do father-hunting to earn the money they need to make a living or something.

Of course, there are actually cases like mine where "money + networking" is the answer.

Getting back to the topic, I am a man who wants to become a father because he is ``knowledgeable about fatherhood'' to a certain extent.

In the first place, unless the father-to-be has ``special feelings'' toward him, he will not be able to break out of the ``firm frame'' of the father's ``market price.''

If you don't clear this framework, you won't be able to live that well as a dad, and some women are likely to end up feeling unsatisfied.

Of course, the end result of dissatisfaction is the cancellation of the contract with Dad.

So how can we break that frame?

In my experience, you should look at it as if you were raising a father.

From my father's point of view, I think it feels like he's taking care of a young woman when he's a dad. (Women tend to be spoiled, so it's easy for this to happen in the sense that men love them.)

However, if you think to yourself that you are ``nurturing a man,'' the way you view fathers will naturally change.

For example, if you think of your father's small gestures and unpleasant things as ``nurturing'', you will be able to tolerate more things.

Then, as the contract period gets longer, the man who has become a father naturally begins to forget that he is working as a father, and begins to show things he doesn't usually show to women who are working as fathers, and talk about things he doesn't usually talk about. I'll start it.

If that happens, and speaking from my experience, the father will become possessive towards you, and he will become even more possessive.The desire tends to become stronger. (I guess you could say it gets more intense as the days go by.)

If the father's possessiveness becomes strong, it is natural that he will start wishing for her to be his only woman.

Then, you will naturally feel that you don't want him to get along with other men, and you will even have a strong desire to want him to look at you more.

That's where I would compete for the first time.

This is so-called negotiation for increased allowances.

Of course, since I am a father, I would like the man to be his own woman, but I also understand that this may not come true. (There are some who don't understand, but in my experience they are a minority. Most of the men I meet while working as a father are very mature.)

I'm sure you understand to some extent by now, but if you're going to receive a certain amount of allowance from your father, it would be better to set a certain contract period.

Of course, I have heard that some women are not ordinary people like me, but have some kind of backbone (such as active celebrities), and that they ``aggressively negotiate'' the contract they sign when they first meet.

However, I think this is a very rare case, and I personally do not recommend it.

The reason for this is that long-term contracts are often more profitable when considered in total.

In my case, I only calculate how much I will earn in a year, so it may be a little different from someone who thinks about it in a single way.

If you are just starting out as a father, I would appreciate it if you could think of this and think, ``Is there another way?''

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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