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Shocking morning ~in the city~

Hello!It's a leaf.

Officially, she is a high-income Arafo girl who sprinkles negative ions and is full of erotic things in her head every day.

I can only talk romantically.

There are days when I can't help but get mad at a good girl.

With a smile in my heart, I look down on my friends who are married to Damens and are living a life that I would never envy.

I have a bad temper.

I'm like this these days, but for some reason my dad's activities are going well.

This time, I'm going on a public date with my dad from the outdoor date I wrote before.

It's in the city edition!

daddy is a doctor

Dr. Arafif's dad, who started dating two or three times a month.

Every date is a simple and easy-to-understand date, such as sex-meal, or meal-sex.

I usually go to my room after having tea in the lobby of the hotel where I made the reservation, but lately I've been hooked on the new way of enjoying the cake my dad buys for me in my room.

Hats off to the select who has a good taste and knows my tastes.

I recently noticed that I often feel that daddy's clothes and shoes are fashionable because they are casual brands that are highly favored.

Because he is a relatively famous practitioner, I usually try not to wander around the city because I am worried about the eyes of the staff and patients, but one day something was different.

Imposed Promise

On this day's date, there are two rules imposed on me in advance.

・Coming in gorgeous fashion

・Bring an overnight set

Designate a place that is different from usual and daringly noticeable from the meeting.

I can't help but wonder.

Dare to stand out!I wonder if it feels like

I usually value dignity in my appearance, and the accessories I wear are one point of luxury.

Basically, there are more cool-type fashions than cute-type fashions, and I think that I tend to stand out because I do my hair and make-up properly.

Party fashion for a sleepover set on this day.

I can't help but stand out.It's already hard.

It was a secret where he was going, but I wonder if he'll be attending a party with people who interact with Papa.And somehow I had an imagination.

I was nervous all the time and broke into a strange sweat.

Unlike the nervous feeling of giving a presentation in front of hundreds of people, I was really excited.

Predictable hit!

My guess was right, and I ended up attending the party that Papa was attending.

Daddy in a suit that is different from usual is really cool and makes my heart beat.

Since he usually participates in sports, he is a bit muscular, has a good figure, and has a cool face that makes him popular.

This appearance is cunning for a doctor!I honestly think.

To match my dad, I seldom wear a crisp silk FOXY black dress.

My favorite shoes are Manolo Blahnik.

I wasn't sure if I should go for a pitapita knee-length dress with an erotic feel that my dad would like, but the A-line below-the-knee dress with a feminine silhouette is the perfect answer!

The luster of the silk makes the lines of the chest, waist, and buttocks clearly appear in the imprint, making it surprisingly erotic.

My dad complimented me on how cute I was.

I could have imagined it, but apparently one of my fellow practitioners was opening a new clinic, and my mission that day was to attend that opening party.

my title today"Secretary".

Barebare is also a good place.

Surprisingly, Papa has created my business card for this day.

I put it in my business card holder with Sassa and hid my original business card.

secretary or...A secretary is somehow erotic and exciting.

What kind of eyes will everyone see?

"You're definitely not a secretary!"


“Teacher, you used to be such a secretary.”


I imagined a lot of things, but when Papa showed up at the party and went around the venue, I was out of tune.

"Come on, let's go!"

He tapped me on the shoulder and started walking briskly ahead.

I walk a little faster behind Papa.

I usually wear 10cm heels and walk fast, so I don't mind.

The hotel is carpeted, so you won't get tired even if you walk a lot.

"You can pretend that you came to that party because you came."


Oh, then you didn't need this business card...

I wanted to give one to someone.

It's a pseudonym with a beautiful name that seems like a lie.

The number of items to keep in memory with Papa has increased by one more.

in a five star hotel

From the hotel at the party venue, I took Papa's car and moved to another hotel.

A 5-star hotel with a slightly higher rank than the hotel you usually use for day use.

The night view is also beautiful, and it is a hotel where you can fully enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of adults.

"I wanted to stay here~!"

As soon as I entered the room, my mouth was covered with a kiss.

"When I saw you standing at the meeting place, I couldn't stand the party. I couldn't stand it. I wanted to come here as soon as possible."

Papa's lower body, which is always full of energy, is twice as hard as usual.

The way he speaks and breathes is rough and animalistic.

The moment when Papa, who is usually cute, becomes wild.

This is the best source of excitement for me.

"I want you to keep wearing this dress until the end and keep your shoes on."

Swallow the hope of dad who says.

I took off only one leg of the stockings I was wearing, and remained in a lewd figure, and THE END was within the time to see if two songs would finish.

It was the second time since the outdoor date that I started without taking a shower.

I couldn't do anything about my hot body, so I expected the second time, but I fell asleep that day.

morning of shock

The next morning.

Fairly sunny.

It was the first morning that I stayed with Papa until morning.

In the morning, my face is swollen and my hair is a mess... It's something women don't want men to see.

I didn't want my dad to see me in the morning, and I wanted to avoid a sleepover date that would bring me back to reality.

However, on this day, I didn't have the tension that I had worried about for some reason.

I was worried about my dad's phone ringing from the morning, but it's not work if I don't answer.

“Family… maybe.”

Dad's trends that are worrisome while wearing makeup.

Dad took his phone and left.

I listen carefully.

Papa talking to someone on the other side of the door.

I don't know if the door is thin for a 5-star hotel, or if it's because daddy's voice is too loud, or if it's because the hotel is too quiet, but I can hear all the conversations.

"Good morning~ What are you doing today? Please wait patiently until I get home~"

. . .

. . . ?

After that, the conversation was silent and silent, and it felt like a ringing sound was ringing in my head all the time, and nothing came into it.


picture! !

Eeeee! !


I've lost my voice…

I hardened.

Even my fingers, which were applying makeup, trembled a little.

Even though my face turned pale at the papa who spoke in baby language, I calmly imagined the person on the phone in my head.





This one.

In my head, I rewind the conversation from earlier.

"Until I get home"

said Papa.

I have two children who are in elementary school, but I never say “Boku-chan” to them, and I never use baby language when talking to elementary school students.

How many homes does Papa have to go back to?

Or baby talk to your wife?

don't know,,,

Either way, I feel sick.

The tone of voice was also abnormal.

Anyway, I wanted to know, and after that, I saw the history of the Garake, even though I knew it was wrong while Papa was in the bath.

Of course, my conscience condemned me.

A shock ran through me.

The person on the phone is his wife.

What should I do…

why ma'am?

Is it possible that you have the same last name as Papa, but are you actually a mistress?

I hope so.

But no.

Papa's surname is a bit unusual, and when we were talking about the origin of his name before, his wife with a strange name came up.

Certainly, the other party on the phone is his wife.

My head is a mess.

Even though I'm a dad who has normal sex...

Wife is a baby word...

For some reason I don't understand my position.

Cool, cool, and just the right amount of cuteness.

When I met him on a day when he was having surgery at work, his exhausted atmosphere was indescribably sexy, and he had an aura that made me want to heal him from the bottom of my heart.

Such a papa had a good friend's wife who could speak in baby language.

Moreover, I'm sure she has the power to heal many times more than I do, and the strongest wife who has various abilities many times higher than me.

It was a shocking morning when I didn't even have the strength to dry my hair and was just dumbfounded.

I decided to use the allowance for both hands and one hand that I received that day to open Dom Perignon and champagne at the restaurant I always go with my friends.

From now on, you may not have the confidence to meet this daddy.

Even I was surprised to receive such a shock, but I would like to think carefully about the future with this daddy.

Married couples come in many different forms.

Even couples who pamper each other with baby talk seem to cheat.

It was a new discovery.

When will someone heal my shock?

It's been a long time again this time, but thank you for reading.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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