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Contrary to the common sense so far!

It's sudden, but if you're going to be a daddy, you want to be liked by fat daddy, right?
The allowance will change completely even at the same date time. 

・I can't have a moderately fixed fat daddy
・ Fat dad doesn't like it

A must-see for those who are worried about this kind of thing.

Even if I do the same thing as everyone else, my father won't like me.
I will explain the fat dad strategy devised in 4 years of dad life!

What is Dad activity that does not lift

This is a method that was born as a result of research when I saw a friend who started daddy activities together, but he was not very motivated, but he was very fond of him.
not universally acceptedBut,Great effect for some fat dads.

Contrary to common sense

It is said that the most important thing in dad life is aegyo.
Sashisuse that law (S → as expected, shi → I didn't know, s → it's amazing, s → it's a good sense, th → is that so), exaggeratedly praising it and being liked by men works well It is said that you are going.
Actually, that's how I did it at first too.
However, it didn't go as I expected, and I thought about the dad life that I don't lift, referring to my friends who are earning money.
As the name suggests, they do not exaggerate praise or lift men in a way that makes them feel good.

why not pick it up

Fat dads are all people with a high social position.
That's why I'm used to being lifted.
Rather, I'm tired of all those people.
You can give a fresh and good impression by interacting naturally without lifting it.
It only works for thick daddy with M temperamentHowever, if he likes you, he won't pay attention to other girls and will only favor you!

How to live as a dad

I will show you how to do it in detail.

No exaggerated reactions

I said it before, but it's important, so I'll say it again.
There are a lot of daddy active girls who praise and rejoice exaggeratedly.
However, if you want such a reaction, you should go to a professional shop.
Fat dad has a lot of financial power for that.
Remember that the natural reactions of amateurs are good, so dads are active.
It is NG to listen to what the other person is saying!
Just don't exaggerate your reaction!

decline a date invitation

Of course not every time!That's why dad life doesn't work.
When your dad asks you out on a date, you try to adjust your schedule to meet him because you want an allowance, right?
Fat daddy is tired of being exhausted.
Say no once every few times.
I'm tired of dealing with only girls who sell flattery, and when I'm a little curt, I want to chase them.
A day that completely refuses to meet on that day, and a day that suggests that you want to meet, such as "I have plans from ◯ o'clock, so I'm free until then, but I'm sorry it's a short time, so let's do it on a different day." and more effective.

don't fit daddy

Don't try to match daddy's tastes and preferences, let him match you.
Rather than getting it to match.”Let me know and have fun together"is.
Opportunities to be taught by people will decrease as the social position increases.
However, many men who are active as dads are full of curiosity.
So if you take him to your hobby or to a spot for young people that he doesn't usually go to,This kid gives me new experiences” and they like it.
Papa will get tired if you do everything at your own pace, so sometimes you need to match him!

"I am spoiled" is × "I rely on" is ◎

It is NG to be spoiled by dad, such as "Take me to 〇〇", "I want 〇〇"!
Asking for an allowance is out of the question.
This is the number one reason why dads leave.
But men love to be relied upon.
I often asked them, "I want to buy a computer, so please give me a recommendation."
The key here is to communicate your budget.
If you just say, "I want to buy it," you're implicitly asking me to buy it, so I'm just telling you that I want advice.
Then, when I thought that I would be begged, I was depressed, but I was so excited that I was relying on it.
If you ask me to go see it with you, I can guarantee the next date, and I'm lucky if you buy it.
Only if invited by the other party.
If you invite yourself to go shopping, you will think that you are begging.
Fat daddy will usually buy it for you, but since it is assumed that you will buy it yourself, let's make sure it's something you really need.

politeness is important

Not only this method is important in dad activities, but the basic politeness is emphasized as much as you are curt in other ways.
Always use honorifics.
There are many people who think that they have become friends after only meeting a few times and break their language,Even if Papa talks badly, you use basic honorifics.
Unless my dad asks me to stop using honorifics, I use the basic honorifics no matter how friendly and long-term my dad is.
The reason why I use "basic" is that honorifics may be omitted in special cases such as adult relationships.

How to call is one choice of "lower name + Mr.".
Most single people and more than half of married people are not called by their first name.
If the name is long, it is more special and favorable to call the name as it is without abbreviating it.
It's outrageous to have a cute nickname!

挨 拶
Thanks are especially important.
Papa usually pays for meals, etc., but be sure to thank him properly every time.
It's a matter of course, but the more dates you have, the more likely you are to neglect it.
If you bring your car out on a date, you can show your gratitude by saying "thank you for driving", which is a matter of course.

Disadvantages of dad life that does not lift

It is a very effective method if successful, but there are also disadvantages.
Let's practice after convincing.

It only appeals to some dads

To be honest, there are few dads who can pass this method.
After all, the reality is that there are many men who like girls who are charming and can be spoiled well.
So even if you get to the place where you meet, most of the time it ends with just a face-to-face meeting.
I was rejected by dozens of people until I could have a fixed daddy.
The disadvantage is that it only works for some dads with M temperament.
However, the dads you get with this method are all fat dads, so if you keep going no matter how many people refuse you, you can meet a fat dad!


How was it?
I think that the usual common sense in dad life has collapsed (laughs)
I used to go on dates in pants style.
It's unlikely that you'll suddenly meet someone, but skinny jeans are surprisingly popular!
It's difficult to catch the eye of Fat Papa because the method that everyone is practicing is too competitive.
In that case, please focus on the dads who are tired of being lifted and try to do dad activities.

I have experienced various things such as dad life, water, and customs!I would like to introduce my own style of dad activities that are a little different because there is a blank, but I don't think it will change that much.

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