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For women before registration.About Tsukishima's Dating Club Part XNUMX

hello everyone.This is Tsukishima.


This time, what I thought before registering for the dating club, what I thought after registering.I would like to write about the advantages and disadvantages.

Trigger for registration

First of all, my reason for registering was a referral from a friend.

A good friend approached me when I was lamenting that I had no money for a long time.

"Do you want to live as a dad? 』

Without particularly investigating or listening to the story in detail,

(Because I thought it would be useless if I didn't hear the story in detail at the company)

I went for an interview.

I had experience with cabaret clubs and snacks, so I was frank about that.

Listening to the story and understanding the thing called Papa Katsu, what is your pure impression?

・It's a lot more throwing than I thought

・Anxiety about whether an offer will come

・If you get an offer at the same time, you can have a lot of luxury, right?a sense of anticipation

・Be hungry


It's really athletic.Tsukishima.

A woman who doesn't listen to the story and can't get enough of her should stop.

(The dating club is also a company, so I'm not doing it for fun)

And if I can purely make a lot of money, I want to save money!Or buy a bag or go to a salon.I was already full of expectations.

impression of the interview

What was your impression of the interview?

・He explains without hiding anything.

・Since the female staff was in charge, she listened carefully. (It seems that there is also a male staff)

・If you have any questions, I will answer them.

Anyway, polite.You should ask the staff anything.


And after registering and meeting several people, what I felt was

・ Whether you can afford luxury, whether there is something special (appearance, special skills)

・Offers are more sparse than expected. (some people don't come)

・Severer than I thought


The ideal was shattered.

Oh, rich people are stingy, but it's a pure impression.

It is said that some women receive a considerable amount of money, but it is rare.

A normal woman like Tsukishima has a normal forehead.

Benefits of registering

And as expected, I can't do it unless I'm hungry.

please imagine.

You don't usually have a relationship with someone 20 or 30 years older than you.

I didn't

There is also a generation gap, and there is also a gap in having physical relationships.

It's better to tie up your stomach.


What are the benefits of registering

・You can get to know rich people who you don't usually get to know.

・The food they bring is all delicious

・It is safe unlike the one where you complete everything by yourself on SNS.

(If you don't understand the fear of SNS [Please read the article about throwing away spears])

・It is more or less promised that the other party will come and receive money←Important


Disadvantages of registering

Now for the disadvantages

・ Anxiety that acquaintances will find out depending on the meeting place

(In rare cases, the meeting place may be changed.)

・Presence or absence of sexual ailments (depending on the rubber) when the father has relationships with multiple women

・Honestly, it's tough when you're not with someone you like.

・Sometimes sex is hard

Or something.

This is sometimes the hardest thing for Tsukishima because he isn't a lover or a person he really likes.

I hope there's something I can like even just a little,

Strong aging odor,

From above to the clerk

I only think about SEX.

I don't like people like that.It's a pain.Tsukishima.


After that, there is no dandy handsome man who I imagined before registration.

Most of them looked like their father's friends, like the old man in the neighborhood.

(There are also exceptions.)

And you can't choose from here, waiting to be chosen.


I wouldn't call it a stable income.

If you really want money, I think you should get a part-time job at a cabaret club.

What are the benefits of dating clubs in that regard?

Time constraints are short, you can dress freely, and you can eat delicious food, right?



Next time, I will write an article for women who have few offers.



Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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