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Is maintenance necessary for dad life?Or do you need it? Vol.2


Women are difficult in many ways.

Women always want to be beautiful and want to be seen as nice by men.

And that sometimes creates jealousy from men, and it's also a business.

I think that all women in the world recognize that there are various aspects of a woman's beauty, so how can we face each other?I don't think there are many women who think of it as an eternal theme.

In particular, the business dad activity we are doing is such a beautiful thing, how can men see it?That should be pretty important.

I think there are a lot of women out there who are making an effort that men can't even think of, and are squeezing out their ideas every day.

Furthermore, it is difficult for women who do not have money to invest in themselves.

So how can I make myself look cheap and beautiful?In particular, I think that all young women's paintings have had the experience of struggling.

I am one of them, and when I was young, I was not in an environment where my parents bought me anything.

That's why I couldn't buy cosmetics easily, and even if I did buy it, I would buy it after hearing about it from people around me and researching magazines and other things about how cheap it was, and the makeup itself was good value for money and lasted as long as possible.

By the way, in such a situation, the problem of self-maintenance in dad life should come up endlessly among women when the topic is brought up.

That's it, that's necessary, this is necessary.

I think every woman has their own ideas.

So, with my own personal feeling, I actually need advice from men and this is necessary?And so on, I'm thinking of telling you here.

First of all, the first thing that comes out is the problem of teeth.

The so-called alignment of teeth.

Don't you think that the number of double teeth has decreased as much as in the past?Around me it's gone down a lot.

That's why I remember that when I was a student, there was a good chance that there was a double tooth girl.

But what about now?Do you see many around you?Around me, I almost never see women who cured me when I was a student.

I feel like it's not just around me.

For the past two years, wearing a mask has been almost mandatory due to the influence of Corona.

That's why there were many women who hid their mouths, but don't you think that the population of double teeth has clearly decreased even before that?I have a habit of looking closely at people's mouths, but even when I see women eating at restaurants with their masks off, I get the impression that they don't look at people because their teeth are badly aligned, even before double teeth. .

Is it because Japan was also influenced by foreign countries?I wonder if the awareness of each and every citizen that the alignment of the teeth is important has increased?That's what I think.

A long time ago, wasn't it said that "double teeth are cute" or "personality"?Especially on TV, I have seen a program called "Girls with cute double teeth". (Ryoko Hirosue is famous.)

But maybe times have changed?I can see the impression that the program that touches the teeth that said so has completely disappeared recently.

It's true that from the perspective of foreigners, double teeth can only give a bad impression.I think.

Mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom, basically all women have the impression that their teeth are beautiful, and no matter what movies or programs I watch, I have almost never seen a person with crooked teeth.

Maybe we have different values? It doesn't seem to take "bad teeth = individuality".

Certainly, when I'm a daddy and talk to men, I'm always complimented on my teeth alignment, and I'm sometimes asked, "Did you do any corrections when you were young?"

I am grateful to my parents, but I have never had such correction, and it feels like my teeth are naturally beautiful.

It could be genetic too. (All parents have beautiful teeth.)

So I can't sympathize with the feelings of those who have bad teeth.

But, "What if my teeth are crooked?"

Because I don't think it's a personality and it just looks bad.

Since I have lived abroad, I may have a different way of thinking about such things than a pure Japanese person.

Overseas, double teeth are associated with vampires and do not give a good impression to others.

That's why if your teeth are badly aligned, you will grow up and affect your employment.

Isn't that discrimination?There are quite a few voices saying.

However, foreigners look at their teeth in the same way that Japanese people go to job interviews without cutting their hair.

If you don't cut your hair and go unkempt, especially in corporate interviews, you're likely to give the impression that you're sloppy or that you don't feel clean.

The impression of the alignment of teeth given to foreigners is exactly the same.

Has Japan recently come a little closer to that?So I wonder if the number of double teeth has decreased?That's what I'm thinking.

It's good if having bad teeth is a positive life for that person.

But I think that dad life will definitely move negatively.

In the first place, when a woman talks or laughs, she has to give her dad a nice impression.

Isn't that also the work of papa katsu?How many men do you know who like women with crooked teeth?I see almost none.

Also, if you say "I don't like it because my teeth are bad", "Isn't it just the men who can't say it out of consideration?" I feel the same as saying no.

If the other man smokes cigarettes and has yellowed teeth, you can't say it without being careful, right?I feel the same way.

Furthermore, if it is Papa Katsu, we are doing business on the spot.

That's why I think it's wrong to let the other man take care of you.

I think there are many women who think that it is difficult to fix the alignment of teeth as an adult.

Certainly, even cheap correction costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the current Japanese medical care is not covered by insurance.

From my point of view, why are you living as a dad?I think.

So you should use Papa Katsu.

I feel like I should ask my dad to help me because I want to fix my teeth.

A friend of mine spent three years straightening his teeth with it.

To put it another way, you can say that you've been dating Papa for three years, and since he's healing something for you, Papa should be happy, and my friend said that, but it's normal cheering. He said he did.

If you think that the bad alignment of your teeth is "your personality", you should change it.

That's just what I think, neither men nor women in the world think so.

On the contrary, there are many patterns that are considered unpleasant.

So, this kind of maintenance is the minimum necessary for dad life.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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