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5 ways to become a woman you want to see again.

A popular woman becomes a successful person in Papa Katsu.

Then, what kind of person is a popular woman?

She has an outstanding style and is a super beauty that makes passers-by look back.

Even if she looks like you want to take her with you, if she's unfriendly and you can't talk to her, it's boring to be with her.

If you are looking to meet and invite someone to a dating club that emphasizes appearance, even if you are invited the first time, the situation is that it will not lead to the next time after the second or third time.

So, to receive the second invitation!I've put together 2 items that I would like to check at a minimum.

  • I can't wait for the next invitation.
  • In the first place, there is no date offer yet.
  • Should I join the dating club now?I wonder if I can do it

If you are thinking about it, please refer to it.

good talker and good listener

I think that you have to keep this in mind when you are a hot daddy girl who continues to be popular.

Try to bring up the topic from here, and sympathize with the other person's story.

Sometimes I can express my opinion in my own words.

Appropriate greetings, I know that too ~ is NG.

The impression is completely different when you can have a conversation with a real listening aura and eye contact.

Girls who can do this can be good at grasping the feelings of their opponents, not just dads.

don't forget to be grateful

Really, even the smallest things are fine.

  • "I came here for the first time."
  • "It's so delicious"
  • "I'm glad you took the trouble to come up with a plan."
  • "I would like to thank you again."
  • "Thank you very much."

A woman who can honestly say thank you is wonderful.

Don't be shy to say thank you.

If you couldn't say it directly or forgot to say it, send an email or LINE.

casual body touch

It is no good to touch it on purpose, even if it is sticky.

Tap on the shoulder, just casually.

If you touch it too much, you may think that you are used to men and that you are not wary, so please be careful.


[Makes you feel special] \_(・ω・`)

That's what it means.

be a woman with common sense

Men are also concerned about this when it comes to long-term relationships.

You fix your makeup without worrying about glances, and you suddenly act like you're the main character.

This kind of behavior irritates men.

Youth is used as a weapon, but the only good thing is youth. .

If you think about it, men just make an offer to the next woman.

It might be a different story if she had a beauty like Sa* Kiki's, but...

In order to stand out from other women, it is a weapon to have common senseIt will be.

Nice smile


Are you smiling with a natural smile?

In order to give a friendly impression, try to smile first.

Then you will make others happy,It is scientifically known that serotonin is secreted when you smileyes,

You can kill two birds with one stone because you can be healthy and have a healthy mind.

I think there are many men who are looking for healing, so please

Let's cherish our smiles.

What do you think.

Just by keeping these 5 things in mind, you will be transformed into a loved woman who is happy in body and mind and spreads a happy aura around you.

Of course I want to polish the outside, but I want to be able to be cute on the inside too.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Mirai Ueda

Fate and superstition are the type to believe.I'm Ueda, a back office who loves traveling but doesn't like adventures (^O^)

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