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Common etiquette course that is important for women who work as dads ⑤

I will do my best to fulfill your father's wishes.

Until now, I have felt that I was living as a dad.

I realized that basically all dads have a common request.

First of all, the first thing Papa asks women to do is work at night.

Of course, the first premise is to deepen the relationship with Papa.

However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is a must visit.

After all, it's an adult love affair.

Therefore, the common point is that there is a wide range of activities.

Let's take one step here.

I have been indebted to many fathers until now.

Of course, there are various allowances given by Papa.

That's what I experienced from cheap people to expensive people.

Let me say this from the perspective of a woman.

In general, I remember that most of the men with high allowances were quite lascivious.

Even though it was lascivious, there was no play that hurt women.

However, tying up was common.

After that, I don't want you to take a shower before doing business.

To be honest, I was put off at first.

The reason is that I didn't have such an experience until I started working as a dad in my life.

So, in the beginning, I would normally say NO.

Of course, there were many dads who said it was fine.

But most of the men never met after the fourth time.

Inside, I had mixed feelings.

So I put myself on the scales.

Do you want to get an allowance and put up with a nasty play?Or do you choose a dad who has less allowance but doesn't burden yourself?I was really worried.

But you know.

I got one answer.

It means that no matter which one you take, it won't last long in the way I take things.

In that case, I decided to face it with a feeling of enjoyment, except for the abnormal play.

Then, humans are scary things, and the ability to adapt is activated.

In the beginning, I was quite reluctant to play something that I had never done before with my dad.

However, when I opened the box, I found myself enjoying myself.

It was also the moment when I really understood how important it is to have a feeling of having fun in my mindset.

In fact, after clearing this part (night life), I was able to go out with a dad who had good conditions for me.

Also, the most requested part of the dad I've dated is how often we can meet.

I was also surprised at how many dads are unexpectedly lonely when it comes to women.

In fact, I used to see my dad once a week. (That's four times a month, and there are days when we stay overnight.)

But when I could meet my dad, I had a request to meet him twice a week. (About 7-8 times a month in total.)

I was a little worried, but I felt like I was enjoying it and said OK.

Of course, I told my dad, but I also told him that I want him to watch more when he's busy.

Then, Papa immediately agreed because there are many people with a generous heart.

It's called negotiation.

By fulfilling these two points as a basic request from my dad, everything has become a plus, including an increase in my allowance for my dad.

Furthermore, I became able to continue with a wonderful daddy with good conditions for a long time.

From the beginning, I don't say no because it doesn't suit my style, but by having the feeling of having fun with my dad as much as I am receiving an allowance, as a result, I can carry it positively for women, so please make sure to ask your dad's request once. Please make one or two come true.

It's going to change dramatically in dad activities.

After that, you can grow in many ways.

The trick is to balance allowances and presents

While I am active as a dad, I believe that there must be a balance between the allowances and gifts I receive from my dad.

If this balance is disturbed, the relationship will soon end even for the most generous dad.

yes?What's going on?There must be many women who have doubts.

I'm sure many of the women who are working as dads remember it.

First, set a higher allowance.

And if there's something I want in my relationship, I'll ask Papa and get it as a separate gift.

If you can get it, you should get it.

Certainly, from a woman's point of view, it may be so.

But, have you ever had the experience of overdoing this and losing your wonderful daddy?If you don't do it well, Papa will leave for a woman with better conditions.

It's an obvious story, isn't it?

There are a lot of nice women registered in the dating club.

In the beginning, I also had the style of taking everything I could get.

And even if I met a wonderful daddy, he would leave after about three months at the longest.

Of course, it is possible that Papa no longer likes my appearance.

However, the line that Papa said at that time was a single word that the conditions did not match.

I knew it in my heart.

Surely he might have flowed to a woman with better conditions?What?

To be honest, it was frustrating, and Papa is also calculating.

That's when I realized. (By the time I realized it, it was too late.)

So I came to think that the balance between presents and allowances is quite important.

To put it simply, if you don't ask your dad for a present or something, I think you should just get the full amount of the market price.

For example, the market price for a date is about 2 to 3 each time, so I think that full price is fine. (Of course, there are ups and downs depending on the woman.)

It's a calculation of about 8 to 12 in a month. (Weekly calculation.)

However, if you assume that you will receive a present, setting it a little lower than the market price will make it easier for dad to get along. (However, since men receive presents, as a result, men are more expensive. When it comes to dating, I don't think there are many men who will make such a disgusting face.)

So to speak, do you feel a sense of value when compared to other women?That part is important.

In my case, I received about 35 yen a month from one man because I had an honest relationship. (It may be a little higher than others.)

But one day, I suddenly realized.

I think I'll make the setting a little cheaper and ask for a present.

Originally, it was reduced from 35 to 30.

Instead, I started asking for presents from time to time. (Of course, my dad said it was fine. In exchange, there was also a request for more dates.)

Then, if you think about it in a year, the total allowance was higher, and I was able to go out with my dad for a long time.

Of course, don't beg for presents every time.

It's really rare.

If you're going to receive a present, you have to put up with your allowance a little.

I think this balance is the key to staying in touch with your dad for a long time.

I want both

I know how you feel.

But that would be a one-way street for women, and there would be no benefit for men.

I want you to think about it once.

A balance between allowances and presents from dad.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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