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Common etiquette course that is important for women who work as dads ②

How to use a knife and fork is important even for Japanese people

When I'm working as a dad, I have many opportunities to go out to eat with men.

Therefore, it is natural for Japanese people to be able to hold chopsticks.

It is men over 40 years old who show the understanding.

So-called common sense.

But that's not all.

In modern Japan, foreign food cultures can be seen everywhere.

In this day and age, you have to hold a knife and fork just like chopsticks.

eh?Isn't it okay to use the things that are normally provided?There are surprisingly many women who think so.

Especially the younger generation.

Should I say lack of awareness?

Most men who become dads are well-bred.

So, things like table manners are basically ingrained. (All the dads I've met have been perfect.)

First, simply how to hold a knife and fork.

This is basically a knife in the dominant hand and a fork in the opposite. (I'm right-handed, so the knife is in my right hand.)

Hold the knife firmly with your index finger and hold it lightly from above.

Hold the fork in a similar way.

In terms of manners, even if you make a mistake, you should not hold it as if you were holding it. (feeling like goo)

Originally, it is a culture that does not exist in Japan, so if you eat foreign food in Japan, men will be surprised to see such manners when eating foreign food.

The reason is because I know how you grew up. (Later, respect for overseas food culture is also included.)

Of course, men who have become dads don't judge all women who can't do it.

However, it is certain that it is information to know one woman.

The way you put your knife and fork after you finish eating also differs from country to country.

Of course, you can also use cutlery to sign the end of your meal.

And when eating in a course, the knife and fork are used in order from the outside where they are set.

Up to this point, the manners are common sense from the papa, and you can think of it as a baby learning to crawl.

If there are people who don't know at all, please remember.

And I want you to get the minimum knowledge that doesn't make men uncomfortable.

If you can do this perfectly, your dad will surely judge you as a classy woman.

I didn't know it at first either, but just remembering it changed my impression of the other person.

I grew up in a place where my father and mother were strong.

He said.

Once you learn it, it's easy, and if you look at someone who can't do it, you'll be able to see the other person from the father's point of view. (I was ashamed of myself for not being able to do it.)

In addition, the range of dishes to go to eat also increases.

When I remember, I do my best.

Eat as neatly as possible

What I want to tell you here is not to say eat everything.

First of all, aren't there a lot of women who spill a lot of stuff on their lunch mats when they're eating with men?For example sources. (I was the same.)

very rude.

I always felt

If you look at the lunch mats of people who have grown up to some extent, there is no food left.

So-called, after eating it is very beautiful.

Why are you so different from me?she felt.

So why is this situation happening?What's the difference between me and my dad?I tested it myself.

Then I realized two things.

First of all, when there is something in the mouth, do not speak.

Be sure to talk after the object is gone from your mouth.

And the other is that when there is food on a large plate (such as when sharing), I always bring the small plate closer and serve the food.

I almost never talk while eating.

However, I didn't do the act of bringing the second small plate to the platter.

First, I reflected on myself for dropping food there.

Certainly, in terms of manners, it's common sense to bring small plates to the platter.

Just by fixing this, the ranchomat became quite dirty.

Besides, when I was careful not to drop the food while eating, I felt that the way I ate was naturally beautiful.

For example, avoid making noise by hitting a knife or fork against a plate.

As expected, some crumbs such as bread fell off, but other than that, I was able to fix it.

In the beginning it was really rough.

However, when I finished eating, I felt proud that my lunch mat was clean. (The restaurant you ate at should also like it.)

Of course, there is no special praise from Papa for this so far.

However, these parts are often seen by people, so women who are dads should be careful.

Later, as an addendum to this, there are quite a few times when I'm talked to while I'm eating.

There are ways to deceive them.

1. When you eat and put things in your mouth, make a habit of eating less than usual. (Especially when you're seeing Daddy.)

2. Cover your mouth with your hand to make it as invisible as possible to the other man. (At this time, never forget to smile. It can be quite deceiving.)

3. Lightly sprinkle water and pour it in.

Maybe it's time?

Surprisingly, there are many patterns of talking to the waitress rather than talking to Papa.

However, there are quite a few people who can do well in any situation.

That's what I wanted to be, and I'm deeply aware that it's important to keep your dignity as a way to not miss a nice man in your life as a dad.

The reason is that the difference between the man who became my father and the environment in which I grew up was too great.

If one of them doesn't come to a compromise, the balance will naturally collapse, and it won't last long.

Actually, I was.

In that case, I thought that it would be reasonable for me to adjust to some extent if they were receiving financial support in the form of an allowance, so I learned a little.

Thanks to that, I was able to maintain a long relationship with my dad.

I am confident that it has had some effect.

By all means, I want you to think that you have been deceived and wear it.

Men should be able to see this as a notch higher.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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