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A love game named Papa-katsu


Sprinkle negative ions on the surface,But in fact, in my head is Lief, an Arafo girl full of eroticism every day.


I feel that summer is already in its second half,Only me?

On my way home late at night feeling tipsy,The moment a refreshingly colored wind blew in front of me,I suddenly feel the end of summer.

The change of seasons, the transition of plants, the scenery representing spring, summer, autumn and winter...

Being sensitive to various things,It's an around-for-leaf that makes you feel a little grown-up.


Papa-katsu is a love game.It should be...

My father activity started with the feeling that it was a love game.

Being “boyfriend-like” or “giving me learning and growth”existing men.

There are many wonderful men in the dating club.

However, I forgot the feeling that this is a pseudo-love game,I feel like I'm on the verge of becoming serious just onceThere was a time when


It was the other man himself who put a stop to it.

"Oh no. I'm serious."

I think that's how I felt.

"It's going to be troublesome!"When.


Around the third time, I was told that the date was cancelled.

If you depend on kindness, you lose sight of the essence

I'm excited for the date that was decided quite a while agoThen, as the day approached again, I checked the date and said, "I have a business trip on that day..."



If you get a job for a certain day, that is

"Sorry, I got a job"

It will be.

It's ridiculous that I was the only one dancing and looking forward to the date too much.It was a moment when I became angry and began to cool down.

I was so miserable that I was preparing a present,Sadness was welling up.

There was also a lot of emptiness.


However, I am a person who is convenient,The moment I realized that I wasn't feeling for myself,It doesn't sparkle.

My performance is excellent only here!

Pretty high spec!


For men, the dating club is definitely a pseudo-romance and a game sensation.

I was about to get serious,Actually, I may have been the one who violated manners.

The man I almost got serious about is really nice,Exquisite balance of S and M even in bed.

Because my favorite sex style was perfect,The thing itself that seems to get addicted to it.

Even if I remember nowIf I wanted to continue for a long time, I should have pushed harder.

I should have stayed still until I was invited.

Women around the age of XNUMX who can't stand it and can't read the atmosphere are the worst.

A pseudo-romance is a pseudo-romance.

You should never get too involved.


The man is probably

"It looks like you're serious about coming, so it's troublesome, so goodbye."

I should have wanted to say

there,Now that I think about it, I'm fine with telling him that I'll be back in touch because he's on a business trip.I wonder if it was a cup of kindness.

Filtered by kindness,It loses its true meaning.

I owe it to his kindness, or should I say it's because of his kindness,I had lost sight of the essence.

For a moment, I was really on a business trip.she believed.

It is also possible to receive straight ○

The men are also honest and tatemae ・Enjoying this game while skillfully controlling truth and liesmust.

Sometimes you don't even know what's real anymore.

I have too.


For example, is the current me the real me?

What number is Leaf-chan today? 


But also recentlyFrom the sense of a game, an encounter that is a little more serious has come..

Of course, we met through a dating club,Maybe he's a man with expectations close to the feelings I had when I first registered.Is it?Those who feel like.

After saying "Let's go to various places together", "Well then,When shall we do it? "and,I'm looking forward to meeting you when you quickly decide on a specific location and date.I feel like I'm going to have a good time and sincerity.

I am surprisingly honest, pure and straight.

Therefore, I am confident that I can go on a date with a good feeling.

But I ended upI think he's the type who wants to have fun between being serious and playing games.

It's boring if it ends just like a game.

However, it's kind of scary to seriously become a boyfriend.

So enjoy the gap.

on second thoughts,I thought that there are only men with the same stance in this dating club.I have something to think about.



Between calm and passion..


It's completely different from the content of the movie, and the word "Between calmness and passion", but...


Between calm and passion,I also remember Sayonaraitsuka.

Both are adult movies.

I remember seeing it when I was younger,I feel like I didn't really understand the meaning of being a big hit.

various experiences,Now that I am an adult who can understand emotions other than emotions,You can really feel the depth of the movie.


Like such a deep movie,A heartrending sweet love that can't be forgotten even after the passage of time,It would be great if it could be done in this love game called Papa Katsu.


I wanted to see Yutaka Takenouchi & Miporin for the first time in a while,It was around XNUMX-leaf.

I'd like to see it again this summer.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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