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Patience is an investment

Hello, nice to meet you.I am writing an article in the column for men山 田太郎I am
I was asked to write a book for women, so this is my first time writing.thank you.

I thought a lot about what to write, but when I saw this article ↓, I felt a lot of sympathy.
I will try to write this from my point of view as a man.

Characteristics of a woman who does not have a second time (papa life edition)

Service level and perceived value

In business, even if the service level remains the same, the perceived value of the customer declines over time.Therefore, by constantly increasing the value we provide, we will deter cancellations and lost orders, and on the contrary, we will increase the value significantly and raise the price.

As written in the above article, the same can be said for P activities, so if the value you get from women is the same, it will not be long before

"Is that enough? Let's go to another child."

, it will be
Illustrated is this?

I would like to talk about myself. So far, I have met about XNUMX women through dating clubs.

  • Women who wanted to meet again for the second time: XNUMX people
  • Female who repeats more than XNUMX times: XNUMX person

From the number of women I met, the former was XNUMX% and the latter was XNUMX%.
I don't know if this number is common.However, all of them are beautiful, stylish and lovely women, but XNUMX% of the time, after meeting them a few times, they are like, "I wonder if it's enough."

A woman who wanted to meet again for the second time

This is just my personal story, but what are the conditions that make you want to meet again for the second time?

  1. Not extremely high economic conditions
  2. Having sex and not being extremely boring
  3. I like your face and style
  4. fun to talk to

If it is the above, I would like to meet you again.

Regarding XNUMX, there is an upper limit to the budget,

  • Pay XNUMX to XNUMX people and meet multiple women
  • Give XNUMX yen to one person and meet a woman

For women who feel the value of choosing the latter, they can cut down the other two and narrow down to one, so unless the amount is extreme, economic conditions will not be a problem.

As for XNUMX, there are many people who honestly do not know the compatibility of the body with only one time.I'm hesitant to push various sexual desires on a first-time woman, and since both of us are not a little nervous, I don't particularly care unless it's a person who shows a lot of clerical or reluctant feelings.

As for XNUMX, we have seen the photos in advance, so as long as there is no gap, it will not be a problem.

Whether or not you would like to meet again is personally important to XNUMX.If you just want to have sex, there are many other options, but I dare to choose a relationship called P activity, so there is no reason to meet a second time if it is a woman who is not compatible, does not get along, or is boring to deal with.

A woman who repeats more than XNUMX times

A woman who has overcome the second time and continues to meet.As mentioned above, I have met only one woman who is motivated to repeat continuously.There is no big difference in XNUMX to XNUMX above between that woman and an unexpected woman.However, if different

There is a little bit of "happiness" every time

I feel like that's the only difference.
It's a bit abstract, so I'll give you a more concrete example.

  • Treated me to coffee at a cafe that I stopped by while shopping
  • It seems that he had plans with someone else on the day, but he said, "I want to meet Mr. Yamada, so please change the schedule."
  • Sometimes he asks me what shops I want to go to or what I want to eat, and makes arrangements for me.
  • There are times when I'm a little aggressive in bed

That's about it. ``There is a positive gap that is not the same every time,'' ``He is not the only one, but he has a take,'' and ``The feeling of enjoying each other.''Even if there is just a concern to create a little "happiness", at least I will repeat it, and the feeling of "thank you always" will grow, and I will not be reluctant to negotiate a price increase, and I will rather raise it from here. will be

Patience is an investment

It can't be helped that there aren't many women who can deal with older men with that kind of feeling, and I think that's why I've met only XNUMX% of women who repeat.

  • I stubbornly don't want to spend a dime 
  • I don't want to spend as much time as possible
  • I'm sick and can't act

It may be a good idea to put up with this area for a little while and see it as an investment that increases the repeat rate and return.

What I would like to tell you is that the effort required to produce good results (repeat and allowance amount) is not so great, and you don't have to do anything special, just a little word and ingenuity that touches the heartstrings of the other person. It depends on what I thought.It would be nice if you could find a man you'd be willing to invest in.

Hello, nice to meet you.Low to moderate economic strength.I'm in my 40s, and I'm not particularly handsome.I like to think about how to have fun with women while thinking about various things.

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