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Shortcut to Ageman

Hello!It's a leaf.

Officially, she is a high-income Arafo girl who sprinkles negative ions and is full of erotic things in her head every day.

Well, this is my 20th column.

This year was a treasure trove of material, but next year I would like to write more bomb-throwing momentum, so please bear with me.

It is sudden…

What can I say, I'm a so-called"Ageman".

Companies where every man you date, without exception, have been promoted or run have grown significantly.

"Since I met you, my work has been going really well."I have a lot of pluses because I'm happy to be happy!

The other day, I received Tifa's accessories as a thank you gift for a large contract.

In dating clubs, there are many men who have an “ageman consciousness” for the women they are with.

Many business owners and athletes also like ``fortune-telling'' and ``fortune-telling''.

I love it too.

What you need to learn your own tricks

"I want to see you again soon."

"For some reason, I feel motivated after meeting you."

"Give me power"

And so on, the charm of Ageman girls is immeasurable.

There is a good chance that you can become an ageman girl without having sex.

"I want to have sex again"

What seems to be a slightly different nuance.

In the case of I,Focus on making men feel good anywayI'm going to have a date with you.

In short, it really makes you feel good from the core.

Both mind and body.

I can't help but feel better about myself!

Men's time other than dating with us women is largely divided into home and work.

Of course they are both tired.

What can heal is the time of dating and the emails and lines from women who enter at the right time in between.

Let's think about the real pleasure of being a woman as a woman!

Soothe your tired heart from work


In short, there are many types of healing.

What is a man's healing potion?

, I always think.

・Send e-mails and lines at the timing that men like, which you have researched in advance.

・Praise each phrase

・Thoroughly go out with hobbies such as golf, karaoke, and bars

・Be a thorough listener

・Don't talk too much, don't talk too much

・All things modestly

・Boldly only when drinking alcohol

・Empathize and respond to any topic

And so on, this is all too obvious content, but there are still more to write.

How many women are aware of this?

I always try my best to do all of the above.

Basically, I think I have no choice.

that's what i think"Woman's Position in the Dating Club"Because I think

Make yourself more confident as a man

Not all men are confident.

Even people who are confident in various genres as a whole always have parts where they are not so confident.

I have the absolute confidence to raise that weakness that I don't have much confidence in.

That is Ageman!

A person becomes invincible when the weak part takes a leap.

Confidence that is boosted from the inside is always visible on the outside.

When you feel confident and your heart is on fire and you get flaring up, men's hormones will be activated.

When that happens, your hair and skin will be shiny, and your eyes will be strong.

For some reason, your posture will improve and you will look cool.

Then your work will go well and your life will start to sparkle.

Of course, there are many men who are already in the dating club, but they should be more attractive.

(Occasionally, I see a man who is tired at the question box... Hmm, it's a waste!)

What happens when men become more confident?

Isn't that the part that affects us the most?

Ageman definition

The Ageman-sans that I think of always have the power to push men up from below.

I think it's a push force, not a pull force.

Never let the woman stand out and make the man stand firm.

It is not the beauty of dressing up, but the charm that springs from within that attracts the viewer.

This is the charm of the original Ageman woman!

I still don't get here.

But I'm giving up.

If you're going to say it forcibly, can I give you a petit?

If I'm a petite ageman like this, what will happen to the real ageman!

I like the blogs of moms in Ginza and read them often.

This is because I feel that all the relationships between people are packed here.

There are so many moms in Ginza that I follow on Instagram.

It may be more than the women who work in Ginza.

I've lived in a world I had no connection with, so I find the world of Ginza very interesting.

In a sense, Ginza may have a lot of ageman.

I would like to hear the truth from the men.

I'm going to take a survey next time for the men around me!

It was an around for leaf that I wanted to go from petit ageman to full-fledged ageman.

Thank you for reading this time.

*Even if you get scolded, I'm always happy to hear your comments.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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