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Dating type B type

It's been a while since I started working as a dad, but I have a boyfriend and a friend.

My friend's daddy woman has a child.Even if you have a variety of backgrounds, anyone can do dad life.

Depending on the dad, I think there are dads who want to hear it and dads who don't want to hear it, so please be careful.

hello everyone.This is Tsukishima.


Today, I would like to talk about the B type as a continuation of the story about the dating type that I wrote last time.

(For dating type A type"Dating type A type"Please check )

For those who do not know before registration this time, I will explain just in case.

Women have a thing called [relationship type] that is decided when registering for the club.This [relationship type] is like showing a policy of what kind of relationship you want to have in the future.

About B type

Well, this time it's a relationship type B type.

What kind of thing is this B type,

[Only a meal for the first time.There might be a physical relationship when we meet for the second time! (almost)]

That's it.

This B type is a little scary for me personally. .It is recommended for those who are uneasy.

*This is my personal opinion.

Isn't it very safe for women to eat only for the first time?

The only thing I want you to pay attention to isEven if you are a B type, there are men who invite you.

A weak-willed child may be overwhelmed.

For women before registration, please see Tsukishima's failure story when he was dating type B (laughs)

A shocking opening!First date failure story! ! ]

The guard is a little stiff and it's fun to capture

By the way, my dad, who I'm meeting with, said

“The B-type has a slightly stronger guard than the C-type, making it worthwhile and fun to capture.I think I have a good impression that I haven't shaken off! 』

There are some men who only hate the B type.

That's why Tsukishima has different dating types depending on the club (laughs).

And for those who have just entered and are new to it, "I can't do it with this person!" ]

Nice to meet you, as long as there is a rule that the first time you are invited to dinner, you can only decline the invitation.

It's easy to refuse, saying, 'I'm a B type, so I'm sorry I only came here for a meal today.'

It is important for women to have an escape route.Really.


And it seems that the B type is much more in demand than the A type.

Because if you do your best, there may be something ahead!

Dads are watching the dating type.

I just want to start working as a dad now!I want women who think that

Choosing a relationship type of B or later means that there is a high possibility of having a physical relationship.

Let's make up our minds.

If you can't do it completely, it should be type A.


However, Tsukishima thinks that receiving an offer will allow him to gain social experience in various ways.


A relationship type that is considered important along with your face when making an offer.

About B type

How was your personal opinion?

It contains a lot of personal thoughts, so I wrote it for your reference.

A friend's relationship type B-type friend also has a much higher offer rate than A-type friends.

I just want you to noticeDads are watching the dating type.

It seems that even if you change things according to your mood, it will be seen as a lack of determination, and it will not leave a very good impression.

Please be careful.


Well, next time I think I'll write about C type and D type.

I would be happy if you could see it.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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