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Contact method

Thank you for reading my column.

Universe Club South End Manager Kii Kamiya.

A farewell accompanies a meeting

Isn't there time when you want to contact your daddy who broke up?

I'm having a hard time financially since I broke up with my dad.I want to see her again.If I could go back to that timeOh my God.

(When Kamiya gets drunk, he desperately wants to contact his ex-boyfriend, but that's not the case.)

Farewell is an accompaniment to encounters.

At the Universe Club, we meet, date, and eventually part ways.

There are various ways of parting.

From today onwards, there are times when we say goodbye clearly, and then it fades out and disappears naturally.There is also a time.

And one day I will remember.

The nostalgic scent of dad at the usual intersection at dusk.Fluffy.and.

I was able to live like that because my dad was there for me.

The urge to see him grows stronger day by day as if it were the last time he remembered.

Shall I contact you?

Will you refuse me?

What should I contact you about?

It's an endless loop, and I get drunk and call. (Kamiya pattern)

And before that happens, think carefully.


It's time to contact

It seems that the possibility of reconciliation (reply) is high about 3 months after breaking up.

At that time, I will write about five important items.

  • remember why we broke up
  • Consider contact details and methods
  • Research what the other party is in right now
  • think of an excuse to meet
  • what to do when it happens again

the reason we broke up

First of all, let's find out why we broke up.

I got busy →"Have you calmed down recently?"

I broke up for my own reasons →"I'm really sorry about that time."

natural extinction →"It's been a while♪"

"What about then?"

And so on.Even my dad wants to get in touch with me in the same way.

Contact method

Here's how to contact us:

Like on SNS these days!and keep this in mind.It seems that there are also.

Direct mail is also effective.However, it can be said that it is dangerous in papa life.

Mainstream is LINE.

I've heard that some people use the trick of Facebook messaging because they don't have contact information.

Don't be verbose about what you send.

Persistent, repetitive, long, heavy, be careful.

The point is that the content is short and fun, and the content is easy for the other party to respond to.

Research what the other party is like

Let's easily research what kind of situation the opponent is now.

I would like to know as much as possible what the other person is looking for, such as looking at mutual friends and SNS.

make an excuse to meet

Then make an excuse to meet.

Shopping, consultation, meals, alcohol, recent reports, etc.

Bring as many topics as you can.

what to do when it happens again

And the most important thing when we meet.

If you can't do this, you won't be able to turn around again.

That is, Becoming a better me than when we broke up.

Be the person you want to meet again, whether it's your looks, personality, hobbies, or knowledge.

What's wrong?kana?Papa will soon find out.

Second time than first time, more fun dad life than ever before should be waiting!

Kii Kamiya


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