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Treasure each offer!

Hello everyone!This is Tsukishima.

I heard from a registered friend that there are many women who somehow turn down offers from dating clubs.

For some reason, I hate this job.
It's a hassle because I got a lot of offers.

There are various reasons such asWhen I asked the staff of the dating club,I heard that there are many registered women who quit the club without getting an offer.

The offer I received in such a way.Isn't that precious?

Tsukishima thinks that it would be better to cherish each and every offer!

Meeting people is like a miracle no matter what the chance is


It's better to be aware that it's not something that everyone can get.

*As an aside, depending on the dating club, there are clubs that receive a lot of offers and clubs that do not.

I think it depends on the characteristics and tendencies of the club.So, if you have zero offers, we definitely recommend registering for other dating clubs!

The more you register, the more likely you are to receive an offer!

Well, let's get back to you.

This time, I heard about such a story, so I would like to talk about a man in his early 70s who was introduced to me before.

What did I think when I first received this offer?

"···Is it alright··?Are you going to the hotel? 』

(laughs) For some reason, I instantly imagined an old man like a stubborn father in the Showa era.


To be honest, this was the offer I was most worried about accepting.

Do you agree?
Can you enjoy it?

I was just worried.

The result of conflict over conflict.

When I saw my pudding head reflected in the mirror, I gave in to my desire to go to a beauty salon and decided to accept the offer.


On the day of the event, I headed to a sushi restaurant while my heart was pounding.

The man I met when I opened the door was a gentle man who looked good with gray hair.

Or rather, he's the kind of person I wish I had a grandpa like this.


After a brief self-introduction, the man said,

“I lost my wife and my children are overseas.I joined because I wanted to have dinner with someone at least once in a while.That's why I would be happy if you could treat me like a grandpa without being formal. 』

,,, Grandpa! ! !


After hearing the story, I talked a lot while being conscious of not getting tired of the other person.

I'm still with this person, but when I'm with you, I want you to have a little fun,

I'm going to meet you with a lot of material such as games that were popular at the time, songs, fashion, and (because I'm a fashionable person) recent current affairs.


That's the story, isn't it?

The fact that I met this person.It was a shock to Tsukishima.

"There are people who have registered for this purpose in the dating club. . 』


It was scales from my eyes.

To be honest, the transportation expenses received from this person are5000 Yen.

This is the lowest amount ever.

(*It seems that his legs are bad, and he was using a cane, so there is no physical relationship.)


However, Tsukishima himself was not dissatisfied at all because he had been in contact with his grandfather who passed away when he was a student.

You can't even dye it at a beauty salon for 5000 yen.

Still, still.

From this very gentleman and gentle man, Tsukishima, who was wandering around playing and working all day, felt a sense of security.

The time we spent together was very meaningful to me.


I'm pretty sure I got very little money.

But I feel that the man gave me more fruitful time than that.

I was very happy that I was able to meet a good person regardless of money, and that I was able to have a third grandpa.

I don't know where or what kind of encounter.

For example, the person who was introduced the first time may be the worst, but the second time may be a wonderful person.

There is no doubt that Tsukishima, who has repeated tragic encounters and partings, says this (laughs).

If you try to meet and talk first without judging, you may be able to build a relationship that you never imagined.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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