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How to enjoy life as a dad Vol.1


My principle is to enjoy everything

Ladies, do you enjoy your work?I don't think there are many people who can answer "YES" to this.

No, people who can answer "YES" have something they want to do, and does that become their job?Or maybe you have a different approach to work?Or is it full of daily fulfillment?I can imagine many things.

In my case, I'm changing my basic approach.

Anyway, I live every day with the slogan "enjoy", and every time I do dad activities, I always keep in mind "I'm going to have fun today".

After all, enjoying life wins, right?I think that if I am having fun, my luck will not go down, and "owners of good luck" will gather for me.

Especially when it comes to dad life.

Certainly, there are dads who say bad things, and there are also dads who are physiologically unreasonable.

But if you have a feeling of enjoying yourself, even if something bad happens at the end of the day, you can forgive yourself.

On the contrary, if I am enjoying myself all the time, my father will also be enjoying it somewhere.

I believe so and always have been.

Of course, did I not enjoy the way I enjoyed it?There was also a dad who canceled the contract in the past.

But percentage-wise, it's a very small number.

So I think my method is correct.

Human beings, no matter what kind of work you do, if you forget to enjoy it, it won't last long, and especially if it's a customer service, that boring feeling will be conveyed to the other person.

By then, it's too late.

Negative serialization begins to occur for myself.

And no matter how you deal with it, if you don't withdraw from the spot once, it won't fit.

This becomes a serious drawback for me as I grow older, and I cannot move as quickly as when I was younger.

And as a result, she becomes a useless woman no matter what she does.

In fact, I have a few friends like that around me, so it's one of the things I'm careful about, saying, ``This shouldn't happen,'' so ``I'll prevent it from happening.''

To some extent, I think self-analysis is necessary for everything.

This is important, including the analysis of yourself.

If you can't analyze daddy, you can't talk about dad life.

Analysis is a difficult way of saying it, but if you break it down more, it means understanding the other person.

Analyze yourself and understand yourself.

It also means to know one's position.

If this is missing, you will overdo it and end up with a puncture.

So how do you enjoy your work?My job is to live as a dad.

So I have my own way of enjoying it.

I would like to introduce it.

If you want to go on a trip, live as a dad in the countryside

Isn't there a surprising number of women in Tokyo who love traveling to rural areas?I don't see anyone around me who hates me that much.

Of course, I think that it depends on the other party, but isn't there a place where anyone can be the other party depending on the place?I am surprisingly

For example, USJ in Osaka.

Basically, anyone can have fun here.

Anyway, it's all about attractions, and on the contrary, I'm worried about going with my friends, so it's much easier to go with my dad.

Disneyland is similar and I can recommend it.

Honestly, for a woman living in Tokyo, these places aren't easy places to visit every week.

It's close to Disneyland, but it's surprisingly expensive.

Considering the Shinkansen fare, USJ is quite expensive.

But what about being a dad?

First, Disneyland in Urayasu.

I go every month with my dad.

That's what I'm going to do in my dad life, so it's a matter of course, but it's all free.

That's why if you ask, you can stay at a hotel near Disneyland.

Maybe it's a dream story if you like Disneyland?I am quite satisfied.

I'm grateful to my dad, but to be honest, I don't mind whoever goes with me.

It may be my personality, but basically it's a system where you can enjoy it with anyone.

Then, how about USJ from Tokyo to Osaka?

I always want to go several times each year.

In that case, I will definitely look for my dad in Osaka.

Then, all transportation expenses will be paid, and USJ is all free.

Moreover, you will receive an allowance.

Life as a dad is really wonderful, isn't it?It's my way of enjoying my dad life, but anyway, I'm going to make a dad wherever I want to go across the country.

That way, you won't have to pay anything and you'll get paid.

Do you have any other delicious jobs like this?You can also get a good allowance. (I can't do normal work anymore)

Apart from that, it's not just Disneyland and USJ.

Do you have a local dish that you want to eat?If you go through papa katsu, you can eat it all. (all free and with allowance)

I think some women go with their boyfriends because they can pay by themselves, and there are opinions that daddy life is troublesome.

But think about it?Can I go for free every month?Can my boyfriend help me?Can you ride only the attractions you like?Can you go out with women only where they want to go?If you have such a boyfriend, you are lucky.

I honestly have never seen a man like that.

I think it's because I'm a daddy that I can make it come true.

If I go with him of the same generation, I feel like I'm definitely going to have a fight.

First of all, people say things like "selfishness" and "can I go along with your selfishness?"

Certainly, the best you can say.

But this is allowed when it's a dad life.

People around me were envious when I told them that I go to USJ many times every year.

I started to say, "I wonder if I'll do my dad's life too."

Sure, I'm only talking about the good side.

But even if there is a bad side to this, can't you forgive it if the proportion of the good side is high?I feel like everything will become a joke.

Human beings think, "I don't care about painful things" when I get the best satisfaction on the spot.

I wonder if I can say that I feel like I can do my best again tomorrow.

I think that the burden rate, including the considerable amount of stress that people face every day, will change depending on how they face their work.

The reason I want to have a daddy in the countryside is because I want to enjoy my work.

Really, that's all.

Because if it's just an allowance, a Tokyo dad can earn more.

However, I think that if you create something fun at work, you can reduce your allowance a little.

This is how I approach my work and how I enjoy my work.

By all means, I would appreciate it if you could receive it as one piece of advice for women who are working as dads.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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