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A story about being caught by a self-proclaimed high-spec dad

This time, I will introduce the actual experience of a self-proclaimed high-spec dad who I met when using a popular dad activity app!

It happened not long after I started using the Papa-katsu app, but when I think back on it, "Why is it such a rudimentary thing...!' and I still feel frustrated.

It is also a part where girls who are new to daddy activities tend to fall into, so please refer to it.

I'm so excited about the glittering profile content!

When I started using the Papa Katsu app, IDad's Profile Information = Accurate InformationI just thought that.

Therefore, I check Dad with Dad's profile information life!

"The higher the annual income, the better!""I wonder if it's good to be a top notch company or president!”, I was judging my dad only on the surface.

I found a dad with the best specs among the dads who checked only the profile information!

Company management, annual income of 5000 million, owning a foreign car, and even a profile picture that looks good on SNS!

"This is Kita!I thought, and I liked it with a message!send.

At this time, my feeling is "Absolutely miss it!It was a strong one.

Like with message!Shortly after I sent the email, I got a reply from my dad.

I'm fist pumping in my heart.

I was happy that I was able to connect with a high-spec dad who was like a picture.

After receiving a reply, I gained confidence in myself.Don't I have what it takes to be a dad?(laughs)

Daddy life progressing at a rapid pace

The exchange of messages with my dad was more exciting than I had imagined.

about mecute!I want to support you!and said, "Is it okay to pay 30 yen per month for dates only?” and other good stories will also progress.

Talks other than the contract were also lively, and from the conversation I could tell that they are leading a high-status life.

"A man with such a high status and high specs is using the Papa Katsu App...!'

I remember feeling like I won the lottery at the time.

The story progressed in a blink of an eye, and we reached an appointment to actually meet.

"I will prepare a delicious shop for you!""I'll bring my allowance!” and the promise is complete!

As soon as I started using the Papa Katsu app, I received a good and delicious story, so in my heart I said, "Good dad got caught!Lucky♪I was grinning.

See you soon!

Finally, the day came to meet my dad.

Papa who came to the meeting place is quite casual!

Or rather, it was casual clothes of fast fashion no matter how you look at it.

The dad activity app made me say buoy, and from here I started to distrust my dad.

I headed to the restaurant that my dad had reserved, but it turned out to be a public pub!

It's not that I don't like public pubs, but I didn't know why I chose Coco for my allowance and contract meeting.

There is also the fear of being overheard by people around you, so at least a private izakaya with private rooms was good.

The main subject, the story of the contract with Papa, begins...!Just as I thought, Papa's bragging began.

At first, I was mesmerized by the glittering days, but I didn't feel the sparkle of the clothes and store choices of my dad.This daddy isn't talking! ?I came to think.

I'm the type of person who loses confidence when I start to doubt, but I'm frustrated because I can't trust my dad!

Gradually, I became unable to listen to my father honestly, and my attitude began to show on my face.

Papa, who saw it, guessed it was bad, and brought up the story of the contract.

At the message exchange stage,30 a month for dating only' said Daddy.

"It's an allowance, but is it okay if I pay it all at once at the end of the month?I said.

I understand how Dad feels, but I was also worried that he would fade out without receiving an allowance, so he said,How about 15 yen at the beginning of the month and 15 yen at the end of the month?I asked.

Then Papa said,I feel sick.don't you trust me' said.

I also withered away from the atmosphere that was the exact opposite of the goodness of the first swing.

For the time being, I told my dad that I wanted a little time to think and decided to disband.

After the dissolution, a lot of messages from daddy about boasting!

Maybe it's something that wants to keep me, but I'm starting to think I should decline.

Refusal of daddy contract

It was a face full of distrust, but "Maybe you're really rich!I couldn't let go of my expectations.

When my feelings were wavering, I found a decisive refusal point.

It was an abuse of profile pictures.

When I was looking at SNS for some reason, I saw a photo of a familiar car!

It was my dad's profile picture.

The post was from a famous celebrity, so I decided that the possibility that my dad misused it and posted it was sufficiently high!

I didn't check the other photos in detail, but this made me lose my tension and decided to refuse the contract with my dad.

When I contacted my dad about refusal, "Ugly!""Do not get carried away!' and so on.

When I calmly told him about the abuse of my profile picture, which was one of the reasons for my refusal, he stopped contacting me after that.

Dad probably wanted to make himself look bigger, so he put a lot of weight on his profile.

Be careful of the papa who is too glittery ♪

I still regret that I was dizzy with a dad who was too high-spec, partly because I wasn't used to using the dad live app.

Of course, there are real sparkling dads among them, but the number of such dads is high and there are not many of them in the first place.

I'm glad that I was able to notice this time, but I think there was a high possibility that if I had followed my dad's instructions, he would have avoided paying my allowance.

I was a little scared, but it was a good experience for my future dad activities.

Everyone, be careful of the papa who is too glittery!

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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