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Introduction to Happening Bar for Papa Active Girls

I started writing articles about happening bars in a column for men (→please use this form.), at the same time, I thought I'd try to explain the happening bar in a column for women.

What kind of place do you think Happening Bar is?

It's a place where strangers can meet and have sex without going to a hotel if they get along.

No money is exchanged.

Communication with each other is also prohibited.

It is a place where people who genuinely want to enjoy sex gather and play.

It depends on the shop, but most of them have counter seats or table seats for a small number of people.

Even if it's called a spear room, it doesn't have to be locked.

As for how to find a store, if you search the internet for "Happening Bar" and the city name, you will usually find a summary site, so you can jump to the homepage of each store from there.

However, looking at the homepage, I don't know much about the specifics.

There is only a mobile phone number and something like, "Please make a reservation for first-timers. The location is near the 〇 intersection. Please call us when you arrive at the 〇 intersection, and we will pick you up from here."

Prices range from 8 to 5 yen for single men, XNUMX yen for two couples, and XNUMX yen for single women, or even free at some places.

All-you-can-drink alcohol, so girls who like alcohol can go just for drinking purposes.

There are unspoken rules common to Happening Bars.

First of all, men shouldn't talk to women casually.

Normally, at joint parties and shared houses, men actively talk to women, right?

If you do that at a happening bar, it's absolutely useless because it arouses the fear of women.

Men are the side to be called out and the side to be chosen.

I like the extraordinary feeling of the daytime male-dominated society and the reversal of the power relationship.

Please be assured that it will never happen that you are forcibly pushed down and raped.

Even if you are a single woman or a group of women, and you go in with strange expectations, nothing will happen unless the women work on it, so you may be disappointed.

If you want to get along with the woman of a couple, first sell the man and look at his mood.

This is because there is absolutely no problem with men talking to each other and making friends.

If a single man ignores a couple man and talks to a couple woman, he will be kicked out and banned from a shop with a strict master.

That's why the men at Happening Bars are so quiet.

I'm just waiting for a woman to call me.

It's a bit of a surprise to those who didn't know.

Single men are aiming for the pleasure of being chosen.

It looks a bit like a daddy girl.

Well, even if you say so, this rule is loose and strict depending on the shop.

It's perfectly okay for a woman to talk to a man.

It's okay to invite or ask to have sex.

Surprisingly, however, this can be difficult.

Normally, women don't approach men like that, do they?

Well, take the plunge and talk to the type of guy you like.

Of course men can refuse.

However, the reason for refusal should be something like "I'm not feeling well today" or anything that would embarrass the woman.

If you say things like, "You're not my type," then expect the Master to pick you up again.

Also, once you decline an invitation from a certain woman, you cannot play with any other woman that day.

It is unacceptable for a man to say that it is OK with one woman but not with another woman.

Extremely kind to women.

It's a playground for women.

The hierarchy at the Happening Bar is female > couple > male.

There is a slang term for a man who comes alone and has never been approached by a woman, but who has never been able to join a chat among men.

It is "jizo".

Somehow you understand, don't you?

As a matter of fact, the women who come to Happening Bars are quite old.

That's why when an elderly man like me takes a young woman with me, I get a lot of attention from the men, so it's fun.

A little superiority.

However, the other day I saw something I didn't want to see so much.

No matter how you look at it, a middle-aged man who doesn't look like a daddy came with a woman about XNUMX years old as a couple, but the woman's eyes were dead.

I think I killed myself

The man was happy and smiling all the time.

However, women don't have facial expressions, and they don't see the entanglement of other men and women.

I was impressed by how human beings "kill themselves".

I'm a daddy, so it's a similar thing, but first I explain to women what the Happening Bar is about, and I only take women who are interested, and when I take them, I give them a sexy look. I will buy a fancy costume from Donki and wear it.

I will take only women who enjoy such preparations.

I never take a reluctant woman with me, so I've never seen a "killed myself" look like that.

I was kind of curious, so I called out to the man to cheer him up, and then I talked to the woman for a bit.

I was a student and only when I got a job offer, I became a happy expression.

That's why I don't think she's an expressionless woman who never smiles.

It's not a problem for outsiders, and I'm sure they're both convinced, so I'm sure I'll continue to go to happening bars, but I don't want women to make that kind of expression. thought.

Everyone, I understand the feeling of being forced to push yourself because you need money, but please say clearly that you don't like what you don't like.

If you don't tell me, I won't know either.

Well, at the Happening Bar, you will be asked to show your ID first.

It has the meaning of confirming that you are not under the age of XNUMX, but "identifying yourself" also protects yourself from exposure.

In other words, "publicly" in "public indecency" refers to "unspecified or a state that can be recognized by many people", but by checking everyone's ID card, it is possible to "identify" who is the person. By doing so, we want to make sure that it is not an “unspecified” gathering.

Happening bars have the name bar, but there are many places that do not deliver to restaurants.

This is because restaurants generally have "unspecified" people coming and going, so if you have sex there, it could be a crime of public indecency.

The logic is that it's just "specified" like-minded people, so to speak, gathering in an inner circle and having a party.

So please be sure to show your ID.

It's not meant to be abused.It is a self-defense measure of Happening Bar.

It is a summary.

XNUMX) Men should not talk to women without reason at Happening Bars.

XNUMX) Therefore, it is necessary for women to actively engage with men.

XNUMX) Men may refuse, but women must not be embarrassed.

And most importantly,
XNUMX) If your dad invites you to a happening bar, only people who are interested or curious should go.It's not a place to kill yourself.

that's all.
Just like Papa-katsu, Happening Bars should only be visited by people who enjoy them.Never overdo it.

My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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