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Daddy life makes me grow 3

become mentally stronger

I had a pretty big problem in real life.

Regarding this, even in my normal private life, it has affected me in a very negative way, and it has often been quite negative.

That's the ad-hoc mental part.

I was always astonished at my mental weakness.

For example, in interviews for part-time jobs, or in situations where it's the right time, you almost always make a mistake.

Not only that, but I had difficulty even talking face-to-face with someone.

Even I was faintly aware, but it was serious.

Is it a communication disorder from around?And so on.

When that happened, I gradually became afraid to talk alone with people, and naturally I became a shy person.

When that happened, I started to avoid crowds and gradually became disgusted with myself, who tended to stay indoors.

Of course, I was like that, so I couldn't make a long-term boyfriend.

Even if you get a boyfriend on rare occasions, it's only natural to be estranged from your boyfriend because you're told that you're plain or too dark.

In such a way, it was dad life that I took a step.

When I first started, I was quite anxious and full.

But what made me think that being a dad was really nice was the behavior of the men.

eh?Do men behave like this?Even if you have a conversation or take one expression, everything is a different world.

Of course, the places we went on dates were completely different from those of our generation, and I remember that there was something about the elegance of the men's conversations.

What kind of men have I been dating?I felt like I was in a completely different world.

And while I was working as a dad, I have never been told that I am ugly by men, and if anything, I have been praised more often.

Then, I have to do something for my dad in myself.

This feeling grows stronger, and it makes me think that I should stand up for myself and do my best.

Really strange.

Therefore, I remember making efforts to change myself in various situations.

I'm sure it's because I wanted the man who became a dad to praise me more than at that time.

Appearance, for example.

Until then, if anything, there were many pants styles.

My legs weren't that thick, but I really didn't want to expose them.

That's why skirts are long.

But I thought my dad would be happy, so I changed my appearance to be as revealing as possible.

My makeup was dark, but I made an effort to make it a little lighter so that people could see my true nature.

At first, I was really embarrassed.

Did you make an effort to naturally change the way you communicate?

Before I started working as a dad, I never voluntarily sent emails, and I felt that it was impossible for me to raise the topic myself.

But do I have a problem with that too?I thought and told my dad by e-mail even if it was a silly topic.

But you know.

I wasn't the only one who changed.

Before I changed myself, I consulted with my dad about various things.

Then you can do what you want without having any doubts, right?If you don't like who you are now, why don't you try doing the opposite?Of course, I will support you.

That one word was my only advice.

Amazing, it looks simple, but it was a word that made me think a lot.

In order for me to change, my dad also bought me a lot of clothes.

That's why I paid for the beauty salon.

I still remember that I was convinced at that time that he was not just a man of words, and I am grateful.

Then, within half a year, I could see that my personality itself gradually became brighter.

First of all, the biggest improvement I noticed was that I was able to digest the jokes around me (the part that I couldn't take as a joke before) as real jokes.

Therefore, you will be able to make a smile on the spot, and the conversation will not stop and the atmosphere will not be strange.

From this alone, I can see that everything was moving positively within me.

I think the part that changed the appearance is also big.

By changing my appearance, I was able to behave brightly from the inside, and above all, I was able to take advantage of it because people around me stopped saying something about my appearance.

Of course, my dad was very happy to see me like that, and he himself took it positively.

However, there was one thing that seemed to me to be the biggest trigger for a change.

It's the presence of the father.

In my daily life, I almost never have the opportunity to talk to someone who is one or two years older than me.

However, in dad life, it's honestly obvious.

Then, when I talk with my dad on a daily basis, the content of the conversation and the way I take that conversation rises to a higher level than when I talk to people of the same age.

The so-called ability to respond as an adult is naturally acquired without knowing it.

Then you can respond calmly = you will be able to say things calmly.

This is a response ability that I did not have in the past.

As a result, I was able to naturally analyze the other person's conversation, so I began to feel less of a negative burden on myself, and as a result, I realized that my mentality was gradually being strengthened.

If you become mentally strong, you will be able to think positively about everything, so no matter what negative situations come your way, you will not be discouraged.

And most importantly, as is the case with dad activities, the will to work hard towards the other party becomes stronger.

I think this is very important in everyday life.

That's exactly what I think it's over when the feeling of serving people is gone.

The reason is that if you do your best for the other person, it will come back to yourself someday.

If you treat someone rudely, the enemy will come back to you someday.

I believe this is true in any situation.

Then, I want to be as positive as possible.

I think it's natural to think so, and I think it's thanks to papa katsu that I've been able to think so.

If I hadn't started working as a dad at that time, would I have the thoughts I have now?I doubt.

In modern society, many women suffer from mental illness.

That's why there are so many around me.

I think there are people who have a hard life and do daddy activities, and there are still many people who just look at the word daddy life with white eyes.

But you know.

Like me, there must be a lot of people who have learned to enjoy their real lives after being mentally trained for the first time through Papa-katsu.I feel better lately.

Among them, I know the fun of socializing.

If there are people in the same situation as me, I would like you to do dad activities and meet a wonderful dad at a dating club.

Will it really change?I want to convey this through this column from the bottom of my heart.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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