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Daddy life makes me grow 2

Before I started working as a dad, I honestly didn't care about the other person. 
That's why it's good to be yourself?I had a strong idea. 
For example, if you say a person who always says NO when their schedule doesn't match, that's it. 
Why do I have to matchI always wondered. 
It's impossible if you don't fit in with the schedule. 
But in the end, it wasn't enough. 
When this escalates with age, it becomes a terrible thing. 
For example, if you can't make an appointment with the other party because the schedule doesn't match up in advance, let's give 100 steps. 
However, if you become too free, you will start to feel OK even if you cancel at the last minute. 
If it's more convenient for you to make an appointment later, or if it looks fun, give priority to that. 
He was the kind of person who wouldn't mind doing things that he didn't want done to him. 
That's why the friends I always have around me are similar friends. 
Since I have the personality to say that, the following things happen as a matter of course. 
 - I can't get my partner to keep my promises. 
 ・I don't know if the schedule with the other party will become a reality until the day. 
 ・All the people around me are flirtatious. 
 ・Trying to get everything done with just glue. 
Even if I looked at myself objectively, it was a level that I thought was terrible. 
It's what you call a child. 
In the first place, I can't keep my promises properly, so I can't say it strongly to the other party, and naturally I can't keep my promises from the other party. 
A matter of course. 
And because I don't think about things from the other person's point of view, I can't stand it when I break my promise. 
too selfish. 
I still think 
So does the schedule. 
I canceled too much at the last minute, everyone around me was in a resignation mode, and I couldn't trust the other person because I was surrounded by people with similar feelings. 
Before I knew it, there were only flirtatious people around me. 
So, in the end, it was an environment where we couldn't have a serious conversation. 
Now I can clearly say that I was a so-called social misfit in everything. 
But after I met my dad for the first time, I knew everything. 
In the first place, my dad is considerably older than me. 
At that point, it makes sense to be concerned. 
From the beginning, I was trying to do that, and I wondered if I could satisfy my dad.I was full of anxiety. 
Up until that point, things were going well. 
However, as I think everyone has already understood, it is useless to suddenly push yourself to do something you have not mastered. 
Even if you know, you can't act. 
Time is loose and late, and I can't get ready and go out in time for my appointment with my dad. 
Because I never thought about keeping time. 
The same goes for my schedule with my dad. 
I didn't make enough effort to match myself, and there were many times when I couldn't make plans. 
And I was told by my dad many times to terminate the contract. 
Of course, what am I missing?I knew it, and I was starting to understand that if I didn't fix it, I wouldn't be able to live as a dad. 
Honestly, daddy life may not be suitable for me?There was a time when I wanted to run away. 
But at that time, I was introduced to a wonderful dad at a dating club. 
That papa didn't get angry at all about my looseness, and just smiled and overlooked it. 
To be honest, my heart ached. 
So, if you tell your daddy your true feelings, even if you feel pain in your heart, you think it's progress, right?He said. 
Heartache = to say that you have compassion, right?He also said. 
It was a moment when I really felt from the bottom of my heart that I had done something so embarrassing at that time. 
Looking back on it now, it's kind of embarrassing. 
So, I wrote in a notebook what I didn't like about being beaten by the other party, and made an effort to fix it from scratch. 
Even if it's the time I promised with my dad. 
An hour ago, I prepared to arrive, and on the contrary, I brought a present to make my dad happy, and I started thinking about various things. 
When I did that, before I knew it, my loose habits and the habit of saying only my own requests disappeared naturally. 
Because.When I made a habit of making my partner happy, it was the exact opposite of what I was not good at, so my dad was happy = I was able to learn the basics. 
It took me about three months to get there. 
I am still grateful to my dad for watching over me so patiently. 
If I hadn't been working as a dad, I would have grown old without even having this kind of compassion. 
It's terrifying to think about even now. 
And as I treated my dad more and more with compassion, I was able to build a wonderful relationship with my regular private friends. 
The friends around me have also changed. 
Until now, it may be so far if I say that I am a similar friend. 
The appropriate relationship that I said was completely gone. 
On the contrary, I became able to make friends around me who can keep their promises, and I no longer have to worry about not knowing the schedule until the day of the event. 
Did I become a socially fit person a little?That's what I thought at the time. 
If there is a child in the same environment as my past, I want you to do dad activities. 
You will be able to have a heart of compassion that is one level higher than you can learn if you are the same generation. 
Besides, it seems to me now that compassion is always an essential element for women. 
After all, do you think that happiness comes to people who have no compassion? 
I am a good example. 
Never come. 
I didn't come. 
Besides, I think that the feeling of consideration for the other person will definitely return someday as an asset to yourself. 
It may not be a sure thing. 
But in the current situation, if you treat your dad with consideration, you will always get a suitable return. 
Separately, I'm not talking about the profit and loss account. 
I say it in the sense of GIVE AND TAKE. 
When you receive a favor, you return it with a favor. 
This is also something I learned when I started working as a papa, but if you have dignity, you will never repay kindness with enmity. 
I'm sure they'll return the favor in some way. 
In particular, in my experience, most men who become dads are like that. 
Maybe it's because I have some spare time. 
But wouldn't it be nice for a woman to receive your compassion straight?I was honestly happy. 
I think dad is that kind of person. 
I want children who have never been a daddy to understand this feeling and sympathize with me. 
I think that the child who is already doing dad activities has already experienced it. 
There may be some weird dads out there, but I haven't met them yet. 
Maybe I was lucky. 
But if I had to say one thing, there was also a dad who didn't even point it out to me, who wasn't considerate, so maybe that's the weird dad. 
If you take care of yourself, you can also have room in your heart, so I'm glad I was able to learn it while working as a dad. 

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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