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Show your gratitude to your dad with a small present♪

Do you give something back to your dad who supports you?

"It's a dad activity, so it's natural to receive various things from dad!'

If you think so, please take this opportunity to change your mind.

Let's express our gratitude with a little gift to dad who always takes care of us.

XNUMX. There are many girls who think, "It's bad to keep getting them out."

In papa katsu, it is common for dads to give girls dating fees and allowances.

It is said that the total amount of one date is about 1 to 5 yen on average, and the burden on dads is considerable.

Although he doesn't ask the specific amount from his mouth, it seems that the girls are guessing that the money is being spent on the unusual date plan.

As a result, an increasing number of girls feel that their father spends a lot of money and feels bad about it.

XNUMX. Show your appreciation to your dad with a small gift

It's nice to express your gratitude to your dad who always supports you in words, but how about using a small gift to convey your gratitude?

The presents that I will introduce from now on are the ones that I, the author, actually gave to my dad and was pleased with them.

Please use it as a reference for gifts for daddy.


Drinks are said to be the most casual and thoughtful gifts.

You can't go wrong with tea or water, and it's good that the price is cheap.

I used to give coffee on drive dates.

Also from my dadShe's a smart girl!There is no doubt that you will think.


Gift your favorite brand of cigarettes to your dad who smokes.

The point here is to choose a cigarette that you usually smoke!

If you choose a brand of cigarettes that you are not used to smoking, some dads may give you a bad look.

Also"This brand may be from another dad! ?There is also a fear of unnecessary suspicion!

Please check the brand of cigarettes your dad smokes before giving him a present.

work related

Once you have a close relationship, it is also a good idea to give your dad something that he might use at work.

As an example of what is preferred as a gift, the following items are appreciated.

·fountain pen



·Necktie pin


·business card holder

Some things are expensive, so it's a good idea to choose according to your budget and your relationship with your dad.

I gave my dad a necktie.

It wasn't expensive at all, but my dad was happy to wear it! (He sent me a picture of me wearing it (laughs))

The key to choosing a gift is to choose something that matches the person's position and age.

Let's be conscious of quality gifts for dads with high social status.

If the gift is too cheap or too youthful, there is a possibility that dad won't use it!

When you get lost in choosing a present, ask the store clerk, "I want to give my boss a present...Please consult with us.

Tea fee

In Papa-katsu, it is common for dads to pay for the tea, but how about sometimes paying for them instead?

Just like a gift, it doesn't have to be expensive.

Daddy will be happy even if it's just coffee and cake.

"Thank you as always!If you add words such as ", daddy is sure to smile!

I'm sure Dad will remember it too.

XNUMX. Benefits of expressing gratitude to dad

Some girls say "I have to convey my gratitude to my dad even though I'm a dad! ?I think there are some children who think.

In fact, there are many benefits to expressing gratitude to your dad.

Easy to convey feelings

It's easy to express your gratitude to your dad when you express it in words or gifts.

Even if you usually say thank you, we recommend that you do it with a little more spirit.

lead to long-term contracts

Papa-katsu is established through a personal contract between a papa and a girl.

In other words, whether or not to continue the activity depends on the father's feelings!

As a technique to keep you ahead of other girls, it is recommended to develop a habit of expressing gratitude.

Most of the girls who are earning a good amount of money through dad activities are supported by one big and excellent dad.

It's not only more efficient but also smarter to have one good fat daddy than to have a lot of thin daddies.

I want to earn a lot of money as a dad!Girls who think that, please cherish your dad who is kind to you.

Appealing a caring girl

Expressing your gratitude will also show your dad that you are a caring girl.

Daddy is a human being too, and he'll be fed up with a girl who doesn't care.

A girl's charm is thoughtfulness!Please take this opportunity to get close to your father's feelings.

XNUMX. Giving and taking is important for dad life ♪

Papa activities are based on the premise that dads fully support them, but "Of course I need my dad to help me!If you continue to take such an attitude, it will gradually fade out.

It doesn't have to be a great gift or thank you, so get into the habit of expressing your gratitude to your dad.

Sometimes it's important to give and take!

It's a secret plan to send a continuous and good dad life, so please remember it!

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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