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A story about how I recently met a dad who was compatible with me.


Compatibility is really important

While working as a father, you meet a variety of men.

When I say various things, it includes everything from personality to job type.

Among them, "Sex compatibility with daddy" is really important.

No matter how much of a business I am as a dad, and even if I'm very serious about it, my true nature always comes out when we have sex.

I think there are probably many women who can't hide their true nature during sex. (I am one of them)

I always think that if I could hide my true nature more, I would be able to provide better service (including words and actions) even during my regular dates with my dad.

After all, if you can divide everything within the framework of work, you can concentrate on that, right? Also, if I could give it 100%, I'd be able to enjoy my private life even more than I do now, and I'd be able to think less about it. That's what I think.

In fact, the amount of thoughts I was thinking about after having sex with my dad was clearly different from before, and I also had various concerns about my dad. (For example, are there any other women under contract?)

I think that women who earn quite a lot of money as dads are in control of these aspects and are able to handle them well in their daily lives.

I think I'm good at it to some extent, but when it comes to sex, I can't help but feel emotional.

Meanwhile, there is a father who recently signed a contract.

This dad is a little unusual and different from any dad I've ever met.

What's the difference? After we met and signed a contract, we had no physical relationship for about two months.

In fact, I didn't even ask for it at all.

Honestly, considering my long career as a father, this is a pretty rare case.

Generally speaking, all dads start looking for a relationship after two encounters.

However, this father had no such concerns and always enjoyed dinner and returned home before the last train.

As a result, the more I thought about it, the more my mystery deepened, thinking to myself, ``Does he have zero desire to control himself? Or is it hard for him to have sex at his age?''

In other words, as a self-confident woman, I was a little worried.

So, should I get rid of this night activity myself? I was really worried.

But should I say it? When I brought this topic up to my dad, he gave me an unexpected response.

"It's not like I'm not interested in 〇〇-chan, is it? Actually, it's my first time to be a father, and I made a mistake in asking out a young woman at the wrong time, so I just couldn't ask her out anymore."

I couldn't help but say out loud, "Wow, she's so cute."

I'm the type of guy who is a little shy or clumsy.

At this point, I had a hunch.

“Perhaps our personalities are very compatible?”

As any woman who is a father knows, personality compatibility with her father is extremely important, isn't it? In the end, if the relationship is just about getting an allowance, it's okay, but the longer the relationship, the more time you spend together.

If that happens, I will have more things to do with my dad.

So I think the moment when you feel like ``I want to do something for my dad'' is ``love.''

However, I think that the moment when that love naturally arises has a lot to do with ``personality compatibility with the father.''

Of course, there are cases where I have a contract with a father and we continue our relationship even though our personalities are not compatible.

However, being a dad is a job that involves a lot of interaction with other people.

If possible, it would be easier for me to work if our personalities were perfectly compatible, and it goes without saying that I wouldn't have to worry about unnecessary thoughts in my daily life outside of being a dad.

So, she talks to her dad and they proceed to have sex, but she is surprised here as well.

To be honest, I have signed contracts with various men in my life as a father.

Among them, about 3% were compatible for sex.

Did I get pleasure from that 3%? If you ask me, that's not the case.

If you include pleasure, it will decrease by 1% to about 2%.

From a woman's point of view, isn't this percentage a good thing for dads? That's why many women express their frustration by drinking alcohol in private.

Well, in my case, the probability of meeting a father who is compatible with me is very low.

This dad was a perfect match.

Anyway, this dad was the type to have sex with women, so he had nothing to complain about.

From that day on, I was looking forward to meeting this dad.

Is your dad the type with a high sex drive? If you ask me, that's not the case.

However, she will do the best in sex that you feel comfortable with.

Whenever I go home with this dad, my skin looks amazing.

After all, we were so compatible that we didn't need sex in private.

I shouldn't have these kind of thoughts when I'm a dad.

After all, it will become difficult to tell, and once a woman is moved by sex, she will never be able to forget it.

Especially when it comes to the other person more than the sex.

If you're like me, and you can't hide your true nature when sex happens, you really need to be careful.

Having said that, we have been seeing each other more often than before recently.

So, while I was having dinner with my dad at a hotel, I brought up the topic of ``I'm compatible with my dad.''

My father was very happy and said, ``Shall we meet more often in the future?In return, we will increase your allowance.''

From my point of view, the allowance is enough as it is now, but if I take care of this part, I wonder if it will become a ``partition to divide it as a business relationship''? I thought.

So, I decided to accept those words from my dad.

I'm really happy that I'm a dad and our sex and personalities are compatible.

I don't have to put up with anything, and most importantly, I don't have to push myself too hard.

I would like all of you who are going to become fathers to meet a man who is compatible with you.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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