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My way of making a living as a dad

Earning money for dad activities that have been a hot topic around me lately.

To be honest, I don't want to say too much, or rather, each woman who is a dad has her own way of doing things, and I think everyone's information is a secret. (Only the sober-looking kids are quietly doing their daddy activities)

Really, dad activities are much closer now than the media around here is telling.

There, there are many women who are earning so much money that I can't even reach them.

Until recently, people used to call me Minato-ku girls, but that was a long time ago.

Now, Azabu and Nakame are popular spots among us.

After all, one of the reasons for this is the high probability of casual encounters with celebrities and rich people, and the image that there are many people living around here these days.

Actually, I live in the Minato Ward area, but I'm planning to move to that village.

Besides, until a few years ago, the overwhelming majority of dads who were introduced by dating clubs lived in the Minato Ward area.

So, if there is a daddy that I like, and if I feel like I can ask him, I aim for the chance to ask him to live in Minato Ward.

Actually, I met a dad who rented a property in Minato Ward, but the contract was canceled a little while ago.

I said goodbye

Now I pay my own rent. (Of course, with the money that Papa used.)

Honestly, it's a property that doesn't even last a month if you don't live with your dad. (too expensive)

However, now, the number of men introduced by dating clubs has increased with a high probability, and the number of men around Azabu and medium eyes has increased.

In my mind, it was one of the cities I admired, so it became a plan to move.

Well, back to the topic, how to earn money with dad life.

It will be my light business wisdom.

I will introduce it including my actual experience.

Papa, won't you invite me on a trip?I get invited to something every month by various dads.

I wonder if this is a dad life?Isn't there a daddy who invites quite a few overseas trips especially considering his age?Especially Dubai and Hawaii.

So, I think that people who actively go and people who don't go will probably separate.

Which group are you?

I definitely don't go.

I have my own reasons for that. (Of course, there are times when I can't say no.)

First of all, time is wasted.

For example, I go on a domestic trip with my dad.

In that case, there are many cases where the time spent on this trip is included in the normal monthly allowance.

Also, if you go on a trip, do you double your allowance?It's hard to say to my dad.

Besides, the time limit for this trip is quite long.

I have experienced in the past that some dads want to travel for a few days.

Quite frankly, I felt like I wasted my time.

Of course, I make an effort to take care of every dad.

However, if the detention time is long, I want an allowance that matches it.

The reason is that dad activities = business.

If it's a private boyfriend, I don't think so.

I think it's because it's a business.

On the other hand, Papa can enjoy traveling with me.

Increase your allowance during such a trip?I can't say it like I'm watering it down.

But time remains constrained.

This is quite difficult when traveling abroad.

At a minimum, they could be detained for four to seven days.

Certainly, I am fully aware of Papa's favor.

But, from the point of view of someone who has something they want to do, or someone who completely understands dad life, it's honestly painful.

The reason is that I usually take care of my daddy.

I get an allowance from my dad every month.

So how do you make daddy happy?how to please daddyI am struggling.

However, it is only part of the service in business.

But when it comes to traveling, I will be restrained almost free of charge for my dad who said so.

If you travel abroad, you may be able to go shopping and relieve stress.

However, there is no domestic travel.

In particular, there is nothing like a hot spring resort.

Depending on your dad, I'll give you an allowance, so why don't you go?Sometimes they say.

However, I don't think any of the dads I've met have brought up that topic themselves.

Papa wants to go on a trip with XNUMX-chan~wanna go?It feels like

To be honest, if I can't get a separate allowance while I'm on a trip, it would be much more beneficial for me to meet other dads and get them to buy something or receive an allowance.

Of course, there are many women who don't think of dad activities as a business.

I'm pretty straight forward.

The reason is that we can't provide the same service to all the contracted dads if we don't get it right.

I love and cherish every papa just as much as everyone else.

If you go on a trip with one dad, you will need to go with other dads.

Otherwise, I think it's not fair and you'll get jealous.

Besides, I feel that the balance between restraint time and allowance is bad.

That's why I basically refuse to travel with any dad.

There is no problem at all if it is about two days and one night in Tokyo.

However, going out to rural areas and traveling abroad is basically NG.

If I go on a trip with my dad as an exception, it means that the contract has been canceled and I am indebted to him, so if I go last.

After that, only if you give me a separate allowance in advance.

Otherwise, basically refuse.

A few years ago, I used to follow you everywhere.

After changing to this method, jealousy from other dads disappeared, and footwork became lighter.

After all, if you feel comfortable moving around in Tokyo, it will be easier for you to deal with any dad.

If you go on a trip, you will not be able to deal with other dads at all during that period, so if you go on your own logic, you will feel like you are wasting your money.

Because for me, dad activity = business.

TIME IS MONEY right?I wonder if there are people who sympathize with the same papa active woman.

If you have a child who has just started dad activities recently, please think about it.

Why are you working as a dad?The part.

Some kids may be doing it for fun, but I think the purpose is money.

Of course, there are many things to learn from Papa, and I have actually received rewards other than money.

For example, referrals, etc.

However, if you get too private, you won't be able to draw boundaries.I was tough

But once I got down to business, things started to go well for me as a dad.

So I think it's the right way to go.

In dad life, I don't want to spend only useless time that doesn't make money as much as possible.

That's my way of making money as a dad.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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