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For men ~ What Tsukishima thinks ~ Part 2

Hello everyone, this is Tsukishima.

Well, this time as well, I will continue to give you small things to think about for men.

As I said last time, this is what Tsukishima thinks,

I would appreciate it if you could ignore that there are children who think like this.

Please think that there are women like this.


Meeting location

"Make sure to make the meeting place here! If it's not in ○○ ward, don't meet! (Near the partner's home) Be sure to come at what time! 』

I've been told.

I think it can't be helped because there will be a position.

I will match that.But it is.I have plans too.

Only the domineering people who don't think like that will be invited the day before.

As expected, it would be troublesome if the time was also specified,

I replied that they are open at night, but I am neither a part-time worker nor a delivery person.

Why don't you think about the other person a little and move?

I'm planning to go to Yokohama, but I'm going to a hotel in Shinjuku at 17:00.

I have time to move.

I would appreciate it if you could think about it a little more.



It's about daddy's clothes on a date.

I don't think much about the other person's clothes, but there were two people who were interested.

[People wearing the same clothes as the day before]

I once dated the same person two days in a row.

(In the form of going back to each other's house at night without staying overnight.)

When I met him on the second day, I felt a little uncomfortable with the man who was wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

If you wear the same clothes for two days, your body odor will permeate your body.

Men start to show signs of aging after a certain age. (women too)

A taxi with a man wearing clothes that smell of aging that has accumulated for two days.I will never forget it.

It's very painful.

Avoid wearing the same clothes two days. .

If you are in a situation where you have to wear it, I recommend Fa*Leeds.


【Work clothes】

Couples are still good.It's perfectly fine for a couple.

However, Tsukishima thought that working clothes were a little too much for a date at Papa Katsu.

Please at least wear outerwear.and.

I think it's hard to create an atmosphere no matter how nice the atmosphere is.

Parents and children can be mistaken, and there are only disadvantages.

It may be troublesome, but only the top is fine, so if you are wearing work clothes, please change it.


I'm strict with the store clerk = I'm a solid person Appealing is uncool

There are people who call the staff and get angry just because the food comes out a little late, or they have a bad attitude towards the staff.

It's okay (laughs) I'm making it! (smile)

If you see a person complaining to the store clerk with caution, it may be a concern because he is a manager.

It's not slow in general, and it's true that you may feel slow when you're drinking, but

Even if I get mad at the people in the hall, I'm not making it, I just look at it and wonder why they get so angry.

Adult men with leeway are unconditionally cool.

A gentle man with a low waist is many times nicer and I respect him.

Being cool isn't just about being financially strong.

Tsukishima likes Papa, whom he respects as a human being.

There are many nice people like that.


The second one is next door

This is advice for the mature men.

If you decide to go to the second store, I think it would be good to choose a store where you can sit next to you.

People can speak their true feelings and chat better when they don't look into their eyes and talk.It's sweet. (psychologically)

You can also get close!

According to one theory, it is easy to negotiate. (Benefits, etc.)

If you are inexperienced and have trouble with the first date

The first is face-to-faceThe second one is the next seat (shorter time)Room in the thirdIt may be okay.



How was it?

Basically, I have a long-lasting image with my dad who thinks about women.

Not only as a man, but also as a human being, you can be recognized by such wonderful dads who are attractive.Yo, Tsukishima will do his best every day.

Next time, I will write about the same theme as this time.

I would appreciate it if you could watch it.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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