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Introducing a friend is a chance to spend money!

I'm glad that the number of people who read it has increased little by little recently..

Please read this paper column about a woman who is just an office workerIt's very rewarding!

We are always happy to read it!thank you!

Hello everyone

This is Tsukishima.


The last article for men, you got on safely!Universe Club!thank you! (smile)

I wrote something that felt like that, so I wondered if it would be impossible to post it...

I wondered if Universe Club would get mad at me soon.I wrote 

I'm glad I was able to tell you what I wanted to tell you!

I've been wondering about this for a long time!

Men, please keep this in mind!

About friend introduction

Well, this time it's about [friend introduction]!

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know about the friend introduction program that Universe Club is doing?

For those of you who don't understand, let me explain!

If you are a registered female,If you introduce Universe Club to your friends and register,

What a reward!

Did you know? ? (Once your friend registers!)


So, if you are a woman who is about to register,You who are going to register with your friend! ! !

Let's go alone! ! !

And let's have a friend go in the form of a friend introduction! (smile)

Why don't you want to get money if you can get it? ?First come first served! (smile)

(And if you go alone, you can take pictures beautifully,,! ! (According to a friend))

If you have already registered and your friend is interested in your dad life!

Let's get money by introducing pounding (laughs)

I also introduced Tsukishima and got the beauty salon fee.


So I have a few friends in Tsukishima who are doing dad activities, and this is pretty good. (Maybe it depends on the person)


This industry seems to be 

What is this shop like?

The story can be a great conversation starter when talking to daddy.

(However, talking in such a way that the person himself/herself can be understood is not allowed!) The more conversations you have, the better!absolutely!

Inferiority complex, women are strong creatures

Also, how are you doing with your friends? ?

The conversation is also frank and can be quite helpful!

I just want to warn you not to talk about money (laughs).

The inferiority complex is because women are strong creatures.

Also, since women are pretentious creatures, there is a high possibility that they will give a large amount of money. It is in

And!It is better not to mention the number of offers.

Cracks will appear.to friendship,

Underwater conflicts produce nothing.let's stop (laughs)

rich daddy's friends are also rich

Also, as a merit, there is also a botamochi-like development from the shelf!

In the past, I have formed a joint party with papa active girls.

My friend's dad is pretty rich!When I heard that story, in that flow

Isn't that rich dad's friend also rich? ? ?

As a result of forming a joint party as a topic 

There are a few kids who have a new daddy!

Isn't there such a dad life encounter? ? ?


There are absolutely benefits!

Would you like to introduce yourself? ?

Personally, it would be even more reassuring to have a comrade-in-arms friend.How is it?


Next time, let's talk about the event held by Universe Club.I think!

Also, I would appreciate it if you could watch it!



Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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