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Daddy life fashion that you can't remove ~Interview~

Daddy's clothes are very important!

nice to meet you.My name is Yui Tamura from Universe Club.
My first time as a dad!I think it's a lot of people who are in the middle of the day!So, first of all, I'd like to write a column starting with the clothes you wear when you register at the dating club (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

Here's a suggestion!ヾ( ´ー` Tamura)

Wear smart casual clothes to the interview

You don't know even if you say it in words!This is the dress code ヽ(・ω・)/♪

What is dress code?

There are two types of dress code, "formal" and "casual."

[Formal (formal)]*The most formal dress code

Clothing: Daytime → Afternoon dress 
           night → evening dress

[Semi-formal (semi-formal)]

Attire: daytime semi-afternoon 

          Cocktail dress, one-piece suit, skirt suit

A common style for guests when invited to weddings and receptions

For a wedding at a hotel, this style is recommended unless otherwise specified.


Clothing: One-piece suit Skirt suit

          One piece + feather fabric (bolero)

If you are instructed to wear plain clothes, we recommend wearing casual clothes.Recommended for casual weddings at restaurants.

[Smart Elegance]

Clothing: dress + haori (cardigan)

         Shoes can be not only pumps but also back strap type

A vow image for casual weddings and after-parties of weddings.

[casual elegance]

Attire: Dressy dress, simple jacket or cardigan

           Avoid exposing too much skin.Pumps are preferred.

More casual than smart elegance

[smart casual]

Clothing: One-piece skirt + blouse

Somewhere between casual and semi-formal

You can enjoy fashion freely, but light clothing such as denim, sneakers, and T-shirts is not allowed.

"Casual" is classified into 4 types.
'Casual elegance' and 'smart casual' are the dress codes often specified at dinners in fine restaurants and hotels! (o・ω・o)

Interview invitation email, etc.

"Look as pretty as when you go on a date. Wear something that suits you♪"


That's right,A male member likes a clean dress.

So, I will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner by borrowing the names of brands and magazines!

"The offer is determined by the photo!"

It's not an exaggeration to say that, so please refer to it by all means ♪

Tamura recommended fashion magazine

Magazine SWEET (http://tkj.jp/sweet/)

I highly recommend Tamura!
I used to wear a little extreme clothes, but since I studied at SWEET, I've become very popular with men.
It's surprisingly good, so I recommend SWEET regardless of dad activities.
(Sorry for my personally recommended magazine lol)

I have several brands...
・snidel ( http://www.snidel.com/ )
・MISCH MASCH ( http://www.mischmasch.jp/ )
・dazzlin ( http://dazzlin.jp/ )
・Apuweiser-riche ( https://ap-story.jp/apuweiser-riche/ )


The price isn't really cute, but Tamura's friend is looking for something similar to this at a cheap clothing store...!

No matter where you take me, I can't enter the store with a dress coat NG,
I love clothes like that! 
Please consider it as a reference only!You don't have to buy the same brand.

To make it easier to imagine what to wear on a date

On a different note, I
I once asked a famous restaurant, Ritz-Carlton, what kind of clothes I should wear...!
I'm ashamed to say that I've never eaten at an expensive Tamura restaurant, so I asked a professional!

"It's not that strict, so it's okay if it's not excessive exposure, denim material, sneakers, etc."

is what they said!After all, I once again thought that a smart casual dress would be best for a date...!
Our staff will be happy if you come to the interview with the above in mind so that the men who look at the photos and think about the offer can easily imagine what clothes to wear on a date (*^^*)

If you simply summarize the sentences 

! !Excessive exposure, denim material, and sneakers are strictly prohibited! !
about it !

 Next time is the first date!looking forward to! 



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