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Happy, Precious and Fabulous Dates

It's getting hotter and hotter,It has become such a season that makes you feel summer in the daytime.

It's still cold at night, so I'm still worried about what to wear every day.

Before the full-scale summer comes, I went for a drive to an outlet a little far away.I think it would be fun to go on a shopping date while feeling the breeze outside.You!

What do you think? ??

Hello everyone.This is Tsukishima.


This time, not only Universe Club, but also other dating clubsSomeone is registered

I would like to talk about a date with a male member registered overseas.is!


Those who do not have an offer from overseas,

I got an offer,People who refused to go on dates with foreigners because they felt a little burdensome,

People who have dated overseas people but have some regrets,

I hope that such a woman can read it.


I have never been introduced to a foreigner by Universe.so,

A date with an overseas man who was previously introduced by another dating clubI would like to write a story this time.

It was from the European direction (Japanese perfect),If I had to express my feelings in one word,

[Happy, Precious, and Fabulous! ! ]

(Tsukishima is currently in the midst of a critically acclaimed 【Kano ● Sisters Boom】.I just wanted to say Fabulous.I'm sorry (laughs)


Foreign men are gentlemen anyway!quite congenial,He praised me by arranging sweet and gentle lines that made my teeth float,When I notice it, I will pack the distance to the gun.

So to speak, yes!That wonderful movement is exactly [Erotic Gentleman] That was it!

Already, that's it.I felt like a princess during the entire date.

He opened the door for me, pulled out a chair, and entertained me.

Before I knew it, I was unconsciously smiling all the time with a natural smile.

In the appearance of a natural escort that is ingrained in the body of the ladies first,Tsukishima, who had only dated Japanese people, was thrilled from beginning to end.It was.

Anyway, be proactive and bold!He is very good at closing the distance both physically and mentally, and smart. . !

In addition, Tsukishima, who likes traveling abroad, is aware of the differences in overseas cultures,

Impressions of Japan seen by foreigners, etc.Anyway, all of the conversations were fresh, stimulating and fun.


I'm too used to being escorted,

"I had such a wonderful date, the food was delicious,The scenery is somehow beautiful, (hotel restaurant)

He's cool, he's kind, he's fun to tease and soften,cuteShould I pay this person? ? 』

That's what I thought.

I had a relationship with him for a little while,I went back to my country and the relationship ended.

if againIf we meet someday and receive a request from a foreigner, we will definitely go on a date.I want to! !


In recent years, there are times when I see news such as incidents of overseas people,

If you are a non-smoker, I would like you to think about it.


The dating club will intervene,They are people with proper status, so there is almost no possibility of doing something.I think.

However,If you have a weak will, please refrain from going to the room.is goodMaybe.

Escort, proficiency, how to close the distance, um,It was kind of nice. (smile)


Dating a guy you wouldn't normally date can be pretty exciting.Yo!

If you have a chance and receive an offer, why don't you accept it?? ?


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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